father forgive them

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FATHER FORGIVE THEM Luke 23:34 Father forgive them. Jesus’ prayer was powerfully answered

DO YOU NEED TO BE FORGIVEN? Forgiveness comes through confession. 1 John 1:9; Isaiah 1:18; Isaiah 43:25; Isaiah 55:7; Micah 7:18–19; Psalm 103:11–12 Psalm 32:1-6 Do you need to be forgiven? It is as simple as ABC. A: ADMIT B: BELIEVE C: Cry out and CONFESS

Failing to forgive… 1. Failing to forgive kills our relationship with our heavenly Father. Matthew 6:14-15

2. Failing to forgive creates a cancer which grows. Ephesians 4:31-32

3. Failing to forgive puts us in bondage. (Matthew 18:21-35)

WHO DO YOU NEED TO FORGIVE? 1. You can forgive anyone of anything by realizing God has forgiven you of everything.


The Bitterness Test: Do you: ] 1. Default to negative thoughts about the person. ] 2. Think about the person when they are not even around. ] 3. Be upset when something good happens to them. ] 4. Wish something negative would happen to them. ] 5. Not want to even think about the person.

2. You can forgive anyone of anything by trusting God to turn it into good. Genesis 45:8 Genesis 50:1820 You can forgive anyone of anything by making the choice to forgive.

Bitterness is a choice. So is Forgiveness.