February 11, 2018

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February 11, 2018 FULLERTON FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 114 N. Pomona Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832 714-871-4115, [email protected], www.ffumc.net Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

ORDER OF SERVICE LAST SUNDAY AFTER THE EPIPHANY The green altar cloths indicate that we have entered “Ordinary time” in the season after the Epiphany. The twelfth day of Christmas, January 6th, is the Epiphany of our Lord, it celebrates the “aha” of God’s revelation in Jesus and the arrival of the Wise Men and their gifts. The scriptures throughout these weeks shine with the radiance of Christmas as Jesus is revealed and shows us The Way. *Indicates: Please stand if you are able.

GATHERING AND PRAISE__________________________ Prelude

“Chacone in D Minor” Louis Couperin


“Rejoice, the Lord Is King” Stan Pethel

Anna Reiley, Organ Aldersgate Chorale

Welcome and Greeting *Passing the Peace of Christ *Opening Chorus

“I’m Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing”

*Call to Worship God is all around. God’s love deep within.

Thad and Ann Sandford, Liturgists

Love in acts of sharing. Love in quiet listening. Love is all around. God’s love deep within. A friend to hold us when sadness comes, a friend to rejoice with us when joy arrives.

Love is all around. God’s love deep within. Stronger than death, Setting loose a song of joy. *Hymn

“Jesus, Joy of Our Desiring”

UM Hymnal 644

*Opening Prayer Loving God, give us open hearts, as open and eager as a child’s. Give us open ears, that we may hear your words fresh and wild, comforting and challenging us. Give us open hands, ready to receive a blessing and willing to offer gentle care. Loving God, show us the depths of your grace in these precious moments and in your holy Word. Amen *Gloria Patri Time with Children

A TIME OF PRAYER____________________________________ Recognition of Golden Weds Kendall and Helen “Sandy” (Anderson) Neisess Lucas and Joyce (Manickam) Samuel Lloyd and Virginia (Taylor) White Bob and Janice (Smith) Ballard Floyd and Maxine (Socha) Allen Harold and Jeon Aline (Scott) Schultz Dale and Colleen (Painter) Bartley Gerald and Marylou (Ukena) Miller Fred and Marilyn (Myers) Smith Robert and Barbara (Rilea) Hemmerling Harold and Annabel (Bartlett) Unland Richard and Connie (Nee Turner) Pilling David and Nancy “Nan” (Baechlin) Reger James and Linda (Huff) Crippen Larry and Sally (Shimizu) Iboshi John and Pam (Williams) Taylor David and Diane (Washburn) Walther Richard and Janice (shaar) Mullard David and Candace (Kerr) Eaton George and Carolyn (Tilley) Walter

December 6, 1947 September 5, 1949 August 3, 1952 February 14, 1953 July 8, 1955 December 10, 1955 August 17, 1957 March 29, 1958 June 21, 1958 June 19, 1960 February 5, 1961 August 9, 1962 June 8, 1963 June 30, 1963 November 23, 1963 April 30, 1965 June 12 1965 July 23, 1965 November 12, 1965 July 3, 1966

David and Joan (Hartman) Mears Richard and Carol Sue “Kitty” (Heim) Quackenbush Steven and Susan (Saul) Dutcher David and Kathleen (Haines) Norris Thad and Eleanor Ann (Wells) Sandford


November 26, 1966 July 15, 1967 August 12, 1967 November 17, 1967 September 8, 1968

“Joy In The Morning” Natalie Sleeth

Prayers of the People The Lord’s Prayer

PROCLAMATION OF THE WORD___________________________ Prayer of Illumination Come, Holy Spirit, Fill our minds with your truth, Fill our hearts with your love, In the name of God, Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. Amen Scripture

Matthew 16:13-26, Romans 1:14-32

Response This is the Good News of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Thanks be to God! Message

“How to Know God Loves You”

Pastor Paula Ferris

RESPONSE TO THE WORD________________________________ Time of Offering Offertory

“People Need the Lord”

*Doxology *Prayer of Dedication

DISMISSAL WITH BLESSING_______________________________ *Hymn

“The Gift of Love”

*Benediction *Postlude.

“Voluntary VIII” unknown

UM Hymnal 408

Pastor: Rev. Paula Ferris Liturgists: Thad and Ann Sandford Music Director: Russell Wilson Organist: Anna Reiley Acolyte: Morgan Caley Sound Technician: Brandon Scrivner Video Technician: Mike Bankhead Usher Team: Tammy Scrivner, Gaylen Roe, Nancy Strasser and Chris Pavik

The altar flowers this morning are presented by Bob and Jan Ballard In celebration of their 65th wedding anniversary.