First year Accounting and Finance

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Undergraduate Pathway (Stage 1)

First year Accounting and Finance Duration: 1 semester

Intakes: January, June & September

The Lord Ashcroft International Business School (LAIBS) at Anglia Ruskin University is one of the largest business schools in the East of England. The award-winning business school in Chelmsford and Cambridge offers the most advanced learning technologies and an opportunity to forge close links with the business community. All the business courses have been structured to develop your creativity, enterprise and problem-solving abilities as part of a wide range of relevant work skills, making you attractive to potential employers in an increasingly competitive, international environment. This foundation course has been designed for students who would wish to study one of the following Anglia Ruskin University degree courses:  BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance, Location: Cambridge (stages 1 & 2), Chelmsford (stages 3 & 4) On completion of the foundation course (Stage 1) you will progress to First year (Stage 2) of your chosen course.

Academic Information Where your main course begins with stage 1 at CRIC you will do the following modules over two semesters: BC1002: INTERACTIVELEARNING SKILLS AND COMMUNICATION IV Module: Develop a range of academic and communicative skills necessary for successful study at undergraduate level.

Assessment: [Research Project: 30% | Listening Assessment: 10% | Oral Presentation: 20% | Closed Book Examination: 30% | Weekly PDP Submission: 10% ]

Credits: [15 ] Contact hours per week: [4] BC1020: Global Business Environment Introduces students to the dominant environmental factors that determine the constraints and the opportunities that confront international business.

Assessment: [Group Debate: 20% | Research Blog: 20% | Essay: 60%] Contact hours per week: [8]

Credits: [30]

BC1012: INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE Module: The module aims to give students a sound grasp of the basics of financial reporting (context, purposes, regulatory framework). Credits: [15]

Assessment: [Coursework 75% - Examination 25%] Contact hours per week: [3 Hours]

BC1016: ECONOMICS FOR MANAGER Module: This module is an introductory economics course designed for students with either no background in economics or those with A-level/Higher/High School diploma in economics

Assessment: [Coursework 70% - Examination 30%] Contact hours per week: [3 Hours]

Credits: [15]

BC1018: INTRODUCTION TO ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT Module: This module aims to increase your ability to analyse the human side of management and diagnose problems affecting performance and organisational effectiveness.

Assessment: [Coursework 75% - Examination 25%] Contact hours per week: [2 Hours]

Credits: [15]

BC1019: BUSINESS ANALYTICS Module: The aim of this module is to build and developed students¿ understanding and application of mathematics and statistics, appropriate for business disciplines at the undergraduate level. The module begins by reviewing various techniques for collecting and presenting data.

Assessment: [Coursework 50% - Examination 50%]

Contact hours per week: [2 Hours]

Credits: [15]

BC1017: PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Module: The module instils in students an understanding of how marketing operates as a key functional area within business and how it critically interacts with other areas such as accountancy, human resource management and business management.

Assessment: [Coursework 100%] Contact hours per week: [2 Hours]

Credits: [15]

You will be required to pass all modules (120 credits) in order to successfully complete the foundation course.