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Road to Damascus The


For ChristianFamilies,Singles,& Youths

Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring Edition

APRIL, 2014

Proud Mom of kids who love God Christine Albright has to be the proudest mom in Champaign County - to have all four of her kids, (Brooke, Shelby, Cody & Tyler) ages 13 - 20 living for God. In this fast paced, techy society that we live in, and literally with all sorts of distractions and influences pulling at the attention or our youth today - these young believers have a heart to serve God & reaching

others through their individual ministries. Christine talks about how she and their dad (Jon Ohnmeiss) have played a major influence in connecting their kids to God. Their life with Christ started at a young age, years ago when they attended Southgate Baptist Church - that's the church where her kids were born and raised. Today, Christine attends Jerusalem Continues on pg. 5 (from left to right: Shelby, Cody, Christine, Brooke, and Tyler)

Caring Kitchen; Caring People

URBANA, OH - Most people who live in or around Urbana, Ohio are familiar with The Caring Kitchen. It's been serving the Champaign and adjacent counties since the early 80's - when it was started in the basement of a building in downtown Urbana, Ohio by Carl & Nedra Gordon. In those early days, the Caring Kitchen basically just fed people. Later, they would move to their current location at 300 Miami St. where their operation has grown exponentially. Today the Caring Kitchen is ran by Nedra's life long friend & Executive Director, Marilyn Cohn and Assistant Director, Dale Fitch. The Kitchen's services have now expanded to become an Emergency Shelter & the only domestic violence shelter in Champaign County. Services include food & clothing pantry & tutoring services for elementary & middle school student Monday-Thursday during the school year. In spite of all that they do for the community, today they are faced with some very real challenges. To put it in perspective, in 2012 the Caring Kitchen sheltered 167 people, 45 of which were kids Continues on pg. 3..

Inside this Edition… - The

Caring Kitchen – People Helping People – Pg. 1,3 & 4 - Heavenly Treats for the Family – Pg. 4

- The Young and the Righteous – Pg. 5 - Dinner Theater – Pg. 6

Find your next concert, bible study, church play and more in the EVENTS section on page 7.

There's never a charge to list your events: send email to [email protected]. For advertising, call 937-772-9015. In 2012 the Caring Kitchen served over 52,000 meals through their hot meal program. In the same year their Food Pantry served over 3,100 people.

The Road To Damascus Publication Serving the Christian community by collecting and sharing information and resources for spiritual growth and community development. We believe we have a responsibility to share God's love with all of mankind. We celebrate churches, organizations and individuals who are making a difference in their community through ministry and Community outreach. Phone: 937-772-9015 P.O. Box 27, Urbana, OH 43078 [email protected] Advertising makes this publication possible. We deliver this publication to your (church, business, school, ministry, bible study, etc.) where you can make it available to others. For an electronic version of the RTD Publications send email to: [email protected] with "eNewspaper" in the subject line to be added to the email distribution list. Community Involvement: The Road to Damascus is committed to it's involvement in the community and always looking for ways to partner. Contact us & let us know how we can support your community efforts. The Road to Damascus Publication provides information that is current at the time of publication. Please check with the event contact in case of changes. The inclusion of advertising is a service to our readers and is not an endorsement of products nor concurrence with advertising claims. Neither The Road to Damascus Publication nor it's owner are liable for an inaccuracies, erroneous information, or typographical errors contained in this publication. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent of the publisher.

EDITOR'S THOUGHTS... ...things that make you go hmmm! Since it's Spring time I'd like to plant a seed. In life we are taught to set goals, and we set goals for everything. We set goals around our education, finances, starting a family. eating healthy, exercising, moving up the Corporate ladder, and on and on and on. There's nothing wrong with that, these are good things to set goals around - but I do have one question, Where are our Spiritual Goals? When I became a believer years ago I started going to church regularly & doing good but I wasn't growing Spiritually. One day I decided that I no longer wanted to be weak in my Faith, I didn't want to be struggling with the same things year after year - I wanted to grow & grow closer to God. I began to set goals in my Spiritual life, to really learn God's plan for my life and what he expects from me as a believer. It was the best decision I ever made. We were chosen for a purpose. How would your life change if you set goals around your spiritual growth? How much more would you discover about His plan for your life? Hmmm!

Events listed for FREE. To request an event form: email us at [email protected] - Email form to us by 20th of prior month short time that he's been here at the Urbana facility he's seen the number of people they deal with dramatically increase. One of the reasons for the increase is due to the large drug use in the community. Individuals recently released from jail or mental health facilities are referred to their shelter. The Caring Kitchen is a way for those residents to transition back to the community. This is very important so these individuals have a place to go so they are not forced into the same living situations that lead to the drug abuse. His hope is that we can find ways to deal with the drug issues that are so pervasive throughout both the county and the state. Continued from frontpage..

Caring Kitchen - what you may not know - compared to 2013 where they sheltered 180 people. That's approximately an 8% increase over the previous year but only a drop in the bucket compared to how their food program has grown. Through their hot meal program they serve lunch & dinner 5 days a week, people can also come and get food boxes 5 days a week and if necessary on emergency basis. In 2008 the Caring Kitchen served 17,000 meals through their hot meal program. In 2012 that

number more than tripled - serving over 52,000 meals. That's a whopping 300% increase in just 4 short years. Assistant Director Dale Fitch said that number has increased again in 2013. In the same year their food pantry served over 3100 people. Dale has been with the Caring Kitchen for about a year and a half, prior to working at the Kitchen he spent many years in Los Angeles at their largest homeless shelter housing 1,000 beds. He said in the

Dale tells us that the challenges don't stop there - with cutbacks from the State, it's getting increasingly difficult to provide the level of help that is needed. Dale says they are working through a system that is seeing decreasing funding. To top off, in the last year and a half the State has also reduced the time residents can stay at the shelter from 90 days to 30 days - and with no transitional housing in Champaign County it puts a lot of pressure on the Caring Kitchen to get people into sustainable housing in a very brief period of time. Despite the impending challenges Dale shares his love for helping people and says he couldn't imagine doing any other work. He says it's the greatest, most rewarding job in the world. He goes on to say one of the things that's working well is the way that area agencies work together - and because of those good working relationships they are able to refer people to get them into housing and jobs. The Caring Kitchen is an outreach ministry of the Champaign County Community. It's ministry is based on the Bible and motivated by the Love of God. So in spite of challenges in the economy and cuts in funding they continue to help more and more people. Because the people at the Caring Kitchen care about the people they help. We are blessed to have such an amazing group of "Caring People" serving our community. Some of the ways the Caring Kitchen receives help is through Continued on page 4.. local partnerships Caring Kitchen Clothing Pantry

Terre Haute United Methodist Church 5838 St.Rt.55 Urbana,Ohio 43078 937-788-2344 Schedule of Events for Easter Week: Maundy Thursday, April 17 @ 7pm Good Friday Eve, April 18 @7pm Easter Sunday, April 20,@ am Sunrise Service Breakfast Afterwards-Open to All Regular Schedule Sunday School @ 9:30 am Celebration Worship @ 10:30 am

List your events for FREE. Request event form: email us at [email protected] - Email form to us by 20th of prior month Pastor Michael & Mia Freeman, Jerusalem Second Baptist Church

Service Times Midweek Word Fellowship (Wed. 6:30 p.m.) Sunday School 9:30 a.m Morning Joy 10:30 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship Services 11 a.m.

Jerusalem 2nd Baptist Church (J2BC) is an ever-growing group of people who are being transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord! The church atmosphere is perfect for letting go of distractions, relaxing and listening to fresh preaching and teaching from the Word of God. We'd like you to visit and worship with us as we experience the love of God and a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ! Starting in June 2014 "Come as You Are Praise Night" 6pm Sunday

Heavenly Treats As a busy mom, I am always trying to think of new snacks for the kids. You want to give your children something that is tasty and good for them and of course something they will eat. Here is a new quick and simple treat I have found for my family.

Peanut Butter Balls 1/4 cup of wheat germ 1 1/4 cups old fashioned oats 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 cup peanut butter 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce 1/4 cup of honey 2 tsp vanilla 1/4 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips Cream together peanut butter, applesauce, honey and vanilla until well blended. Stir in wheat germ, oats and salt. Mix in chocolate chips. Place bowl in fridge for 10 minutes to let it chill. Shape in to 1 inch balls. Keep in refrigerator until ready to serve a snack. I hope you and your family enjoy this sweet treat as much as my family. I look forward to sharing with you next month my next recipe for your friends and family to enjoy.

Ms. Dionna Your "Faithful" Culinarian

Caring Kitchen Clothing Pantry

..Caring Kitchen Continued from page 3.. - every week local churches come and prepare & serve meals at the Kitchen. They've also created the "Backpack" program through a partnership with Urbana City Schools & Sodexo to provide 200-300 meals to kids every weekend. Volunteers come in each week to help out with tutoring elementary & middle school students Monday -Thursday. Interns from Urbana University come and assist with Case Management to help residents transition through the Social Service system. There are many ways to get involved: The Caring Kitchen accepts food, clothing & monetary donations. They regularly need volunteers to tutor students or help prepare meals. To obtain their complete wish list and/or find out additional ways to support their mission, contact the Caring Kitchen directly at 937-653-8443 or visit them at Pat Bass, Publisher & Editor

"The Young and the Righteous" Shelby sings God's praises with her youth band at Renewed Strength Church

Proud Mom Continued from frontpage.. Second Baptist Church of Urbana and Jon and the kids attend Renewed Strength Church of Urbana, where they are all actively involved. Jon teaches children's Sunday school, and teaches at the Tri-County jail twice a week. Christine & Jon's early involvement in the church served as an example to their four children. As parents, they know they are blessed to have what we all pray for as Christians - our kids growing up serving the Lord. Their kids learned early on how to serve other by being involved in the Awana Program for kids. As teenagers and young adults they still have a servant's heart & actively involved in ministry.

Now at ages 13, 15, 18 & 20 they are all finding their individual talents & ministries. Tyler, age 20 is the oldest of the four kids. At age 18 he was part of a ministry that went to Peru for a month to do missionary work and tell others about God. It was during this trip that he would be baptized in the Amazon River. His trip allowed him to work with & minister to the locals as they worked together to build a house for future missionaries. Once the house was complete, they would then go and minister to people in the different villages in the Peru jungles - where they formed Bible studies and Bible groups. Tyler talks about this being a humbling experience for

Cody, a leader amongst his wrestling peers, offers to pray with the team after practice...

him. This trip not only changed his life, it allowed him to be part of a ministry that changed many lives in Peru. Today Tyler is very active in his church at Renewed Strength where he plays the drums as part of the adult praise team. Cody, age 18 is a Junior at Troy Christian School. As a young man living for God, he has a boldness in his heart and stands out as a spiritual leader amongst his peers. His coaches describe him as one of their more mature athletes in his spirituality. Cody loves wrestling but loves God more - his attitude is win or lose, to God be the Glory. When he's not wrestling he meets up with his old wrestling buddies from another school and holds bible study with them. His ministry has inspired some of the wrestlers & their parents to start attending church. Cody has a calling on his life and is not afraid to go out into the community in Troy and hold services and minister to all. Shelby (age15) and Brooke (age 13) are both very actively involved in their Youth Group at their church. Both of them are involved in the Continues bottom left..

Dare to Share Program. Under the supervision of their youth group they go into cities like Dayton & Columbus, knocking on doors and ministering to the community. Shelby plays in a youth band at church & loves ministering in song and music. Her little sister Brooke runs the cafe for the youth group on Wednesdays nights. Both girls extend their ministry into baby sitting & helping out with the church nursery. Every summer Shelby goes on a missions trip here in the states - last summer spending time in Tennessee & the year before in Alabama. Mom anticipates that Brooke will be starting mission work soon.

Brooke runs the Cafe at Youth Group

Christine said as a parent, watching your kids grow in the Lord, it's hard to put what you feel into words. She said "my heart is full". "You train a child up...", " a parent I feel like I did exactly what God wanted me to do". She said her and Jon both grew up in christian homes and it was important to live their life as an example so their kids would never give up on God. She encourages parents to never stop praying for your kids. Pat Bass, Publisher & Editor

We are proud to highlight Youth in the community who have chosen Discipleship

Tyler uses the drums to praise God

ANNUAL DINNER THEATER Friday, April 25 and Saturday, April 26 Northridge United Methodist Church 4610 Derr Road Springfield, OH 45503 “And Then There Was One” by Michael Druce is a comedy/mystery with mayhem and lots of silliness. The play is a “take-off from Agatha Christie’s famous stage mystery that is all comedy, filled with hilarious sight gags and dialog. Ten people are brought together at the Reef Mansion on a tiny island. Each has received a mysterious invitation to a weekend party. The host is missing, but he has left an ominous tape that bodes evil for the guests. One by one, they die in humorous ways until only one remains. Then the murdered guests begin to reappear, having faked their own deaths.” Pre-paid Tickets Only Dinner/Play Adults—$15.00 Children (10 years and younger) - $10.00 Seating to start at 6:30 p.m. Dinner at 7:00 p.m. Menu: Choice of Meat—Festive Pork Roast or Swiss Cheese Chicken Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Green Beans, Salad, Pie and Drinks Pre-paid Play Tickets Only $10.00 each Doors to Play opens at 7:45 p.m. Tickets on sale now through April 22, 2014 NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR Call the church at 937/399-1909 Email Address: [email protected]

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APRIL 2014 Calendar of Events Saturday, April 5

Wednesday, April 9

Monday, April 7

Men's Breakfast

Life Song Women's Chronic Pain Supporting Group

8:00 a.m. * Quest Community Church, 110 South St., West Liberty

6:30 p.m. * Quest Community Church, 110 South St. West Liberty

Breakfast, prayer, devotion and fellowship time for men. Call or email Bob Hoover at 937-465-0141 or [email protected].

Held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. Call or email Shelley Kirkpatrick for more info at 937-465-0141 or [email protected].

Women's Lit & Latte Book Club 7:00 p.m. * Quest Community Church 113 South St., West Liberty The women's book club will discuss Open Heart by Harry Kraus. Call or email Kim Wall for more info at 937-465-0141 or [email protected].

Fri & Sat, April 18 & 19 Friday, April 11 Easter Sunday Breakfast 7:00 a.m. * Terre Haute United Medodist Church, 5938 State Route 55 * Urbana Easter Sunday Breakfast immediately following Easter Sunrise Services. Service & breakfast open to anyone. For more information Call 937-788-2344.

The Cross Walk Fri. April 18th, Noon - 7:00 p.m. and Sat April 19th, 10am - 8:00p.m. Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship, 4401 Allison Rd * Mechanicsburg Enjoy this indoor interactive, meditative walk with family / friends in a timeframe that's good for you. 937-834-3718, [email protected]. This event was written & developed by Christa and Andrew Wolf. -Walk ends outdoors-

Saturday, April 19 Easter Egg Hunt 10:00 a.m. * Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1013 East Lawn Av * Urbana Please contact Rev. Scott J. Anderson, Pastor with questions. Contact Phone 937-653-4110 No Charge

Fri & Sat, April 25 & 26 Sunday, April 20 Easter Sunrise Service 8:15 a.m. * North Lewisburg Park, By ball field at the end of Linn St. Contact Pastor David Warner at Fellowship Baptist Church of North Lewisburg at 937-484-5221 or 937-407-0170 for more info. No charge, no offering, just worship & rejoicing in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ for which everyone is invited and welcome. [email protected]

Annual Dinner Theater Dinner at 7:00 p.m. / Doors to Play opens at 7:45 p.m. Northridge United Methodist Church, 4610 Derr Rd * Springfield “And Then There Was One” comedy/mystery by Michael Druce. Pre-paid Tickets Only Dinner/Play - Adults $15/Children 10 & under $10. NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR. 937/399-1909; [email protected] SEE FULL AD ON PAGE 6.

He said unto them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation..."

Monday, April 28 David Barton 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. * Urbana University Gymnasium, 579 College Way, Urbana OH Expert of Historical & Constitutional Issues Gen. Admin FREE, For more info contact Kathy Woods at 937-362-2365. Call for Reserved Seating.

Mark 16:15

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Act 9:1-22

We hope The Road to Damascus Publication has inspired you. We know that God's word can bring about change in one's life. Just as Saul's life was changed on that day to Damascus, God can also turn your situation around. If you have storms in your life and you want your situation to change, allow God to calm your storm and bring peace to you the way he did for his Disciple in Matt. 8:23-27. May God bless your life richly. Pat Bass, Publisher & Editor