Forgive Sinners

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Go Deeper Life Group Study Love Like Jesus Forgive Sinners June 3, 2018

ICE-BREAKER What is the farthest road trip you have taken? To where and how long was it?

GROUP DISCUSSION… 1. What are two or three things that keep you from forgiving someone? Are they worth it? Is it harder for you to forgive or to receive forgiveness? 2. READ JOHN 8:1-11. Put yourself in the woman’s shoes. What do you think she was feeling and thinking as this story unfolded? 3. Have you ever received unexpected forgiveness? What was that like? How did that impact the way you offered forgiveness to others? 4. Why are Christians so quick to judge other people? What are the red flags in your life that show you that you are judging others? How do you guard your heart against becoming judgmental? 5. Pastor Josh said, “Jesus put people before practices.” What does that mean? How do you put people before practices? What can you start doing to put people before practices? 6. What is one thing God is calling you to do this week to help someone who has fallen or to forgive someone who has wronged you? REMIND YOURSELF DAILY… What would happen if the Church actually began to love and forgive like Jesus? VERSE OF REFLECTION… A New Command I give you Love One Another. As I HAVE LOVED YOU so you MUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER. By THIS all men will know that you are my disciples IF YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER! – John 13:34-35


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MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMP – June 3-7 at UCYC. th MEN’S BREAKFAST – June 9 . 9:00 AM. th C56 POOL PARTY – June 9 . 5:00-8:00 PM. 19091 N Falcon Ln in Glennwilde. Cost $5. th HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER CAMP – Hume Lake. June 24th-29 .

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