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Freedom is a nine-week Small Group study that culminates with a two-day conference called Freedom Weekend. Freedom is designed to remove the things that hinder you from a deeper relationship with God so that you can live the life God has for you.


Check our online Small Groups directory at and click on the Group Type “Freedom” to find a list of Freedom Groups taking place this semester. WHEN AND WHERE DO FREEDOM GROUPS TAKE PLACE?

Freedom Groups take place in homes throughout our community. You can find groups meeting on different days and times throughout the week to fit your schedule. WHEN AND WHERE IS FREEDOM WEEKEND?

Freedom Weekend takes place at our Keller Campus each semester following the nine-week Small Group. Exact dates will be posted on our website at IS CHILDCARE PROVIDED AT FREEDOM WEEKEND?

Due to the length of the conference, childcare is not provided. I WANT TO PARTICIPATE, BUT I CAN’T ATTEND FREEDOM WEEKEND. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Freedom Weekend is the culmination of the Freedom experience, so if you cannot make it, we strongly recommend that you wait and go through Freedom in a future semester. I WILL BE OUT OF TOWN SOME THIS SEMESTER. CAN I STILL PARTICIPATE?

As long as you won’t be out of town for Freedom Weekend (see previous question), it is okay if you won’t be in town the entire semester. However, we do encourage you not miss more than three Small Group sessions leading up to the conference. If you anticipate missing more than three groups, it would be better for you to wait and take Freedom in the future. WHAT SORT OF TIME COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED FOR FREEDOM?

Freedom does involve more homework than the typical Small Group. The Freedom Workbook is broken into four assignments each week, which should take approximately 15-20 minutes per day to complete. To get the most out of Freedom, you should expect to spend around 1-2 hours per week on homework.


The Freedom Workbook costs $20 and can be purchased at the Info Center of our Keller Campus. One workbook per individual is required to participate. Freedom Weekend costs $60 per person, but the registration price will increase as we near the conference date, so sign up early! Registration deadlines can be found at IS FREEDOM OPEN TO EVERYONE?

Yes! As long as you are excited to grow deeper with God, and you’re ready to take on the commitment and daily assignments associated with Freedom, you are welcome to join us! HOW CAN I LEAD A FREEDOM GROUP OR SERVE AT FREEDOM WEEKEND?

The first step is to successfully complete Freedom as a participant. No one can lead without doing this first. WHO SHOULD I CONTACT IF I WANT MORE INFORMATION?

Email [email protected].