Friendship Highland

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FRIENDSHIP MINISTRY Friendship is a Christian group for teens and adults with special needs. Meetings include a Bible lesson, singing, prayer time, snacks, and hands-on activities.  FAITH CHURCH 8910 GRACE STREET HIGHLAND, IN 46322

Friendship meets on the following C A L LTUESDAYS F O R E N T R at I E S7:00 pm December 5 March 20 January 16 October 17 April 17 L a b s F o u n d a t iFebruary on 6 November 7 May 1 February 20 J o i n t h e b r i g h 21 test minds in the country November May 15 6! W i n a t t h e S T E M N a t i o n a l C oMarch mpetition 3d b y A t o m i c a SOctober ponsore

up to $50,000 in scholarship money!

Contact: Amy Boshears // 708.208.2803 // [email protected]