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Bible Study Guide Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018

Go Sermon Text:​ Matthew 28:16-20 Study Texts:​ Romans 10:9-17 Sermon Recap​: In Matthew 28, we find the last earthly words of Jesus to His disciples and ultimately to the newly established Church. The disciples have seen Jesus beaten, crucified, buried and now stand with Him in His resurrected glory. As He is preparing to ascend back into Heaven, Jesus reminds His disciples of Who He is, of what they possess in Him, and of the mission to which He has called them. His ​Great Commission​ to the disciples was to go into all the world preaching the gospel, baptizing new Christians, teaching and discipling the Church and establishing His glory around the world, all with the confidence that He in Whom all power resides was with them. The same call continues to go out to the Church today. We bear the responsibility that Jesus gave to that group of disciples on the mountain, and by His Spirit, gives to us today: The Church of Christ ​goes​ with the gospel to all people(s). Sermon Connection:​ Matthew 28:16-20 is one of the most well-known biblical texts, especially among evangelical Christians. The command to ​go​ with the gospel is not a new development in the biblical story but is a reflection of the missionary heart of God that has always existed. In Romans 10, we find Paul instructing the Christians in Rome to go with the gospel to those who do not know. He reminds them and reminds us that the gospel is a message that must be heard and responded to, and this demands that we go with the gospel.

Lesson Plan Lesson Goal: ​To understand the command to ​go with the gospel​ as the primary work of Christ’s Church. Lesson Points: Point 1: The Process of Salvation ​(vv. 9-11) Point 2: Salvation is Open to All ​(vv. 12-13) Point 3: The Need to Go with the Gospel ​(vv. 14-17) The Context: ​At this point in the letter to the Roman Church, Paul is explaining how the gospel is not confined to the Jews, but that Christ came for all people. In chapter 9, Paul overviews how God has dealt with the Jews and how God has sovereign purpose with them. 1

But the mission of God extends far beyond the Jewish people to include the whole world, and because the mission is vastly more expansive, the Church must go with the gospel. Point 1- The Process of Salvation​ ​ (vv. 9-11) ● What two steps does Paul identify in verse 9 concerning salvation? Can either be missing from a true confession? ● What does it mean to ​confess​ Christ with our mouths? ● What does it mean to “believe in our hearts”? ● What does v. 11 mean in saying, “​Everyone who believes in Him will not be put to shame”? ​ Point 2 - Salvation is Open to All​ (vv. 12-13) ● To whom is the gospel available? Why is this so important for us to remember? ● How does this reality propel us to gospel mission in every area of life? Point 3 - The Need to Go with the Gospel ​(vv. 14-17) ● What is the point that v. 14 is driving home for the Church? ● What kind of work does v. 15 demand of the Church? ● What aspect of salvation is highlighted in v. 16? What is the connection with v. 10? ● To what action(s) does v. 17 call the Church? The Big Picture In his helpful book, ​Missions, How the Local Church Goes Global​, Andy Johnson writes these words, “The Bible tells us how the mission [of God] will go forward: through prayerful dependence, gospel proclamation, biblical discipling, and church planting.”1 This is Paul’s heart in Romans 10. The gospel is the only hope for the salvation of mankind. Paul reminds us that, apart from true belief in the gospel of God, evidenced in true confession, there is no hope for salvation from sin. But, Paul goes further and calls us to reckon with the fact that, unless we go with this gospel to the people of the world, they will never hear, never believe and thus, never confess. God has appointed us, His Church, to take up this gospel and go into all the world with His power, His presence, and His commission. Application Questions ● How am I daily ​going​ with the gospel in my life? ● How am/can I lead my family in ​going​ with the gospel? ● How is our growth group ​going​ with the gospel? ● What are ways our growth group can ​go​ with the gospel locally? ● What are ways our growth group can ​go​ with the gospel globally?


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