God, Whom We Serve

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God, Whom We Serve Acts 27:9-44 “God to whom I belong” To whom I belong speaks of ownership: A purchased possession, that is who we are, we have been bought with a price: Acts 20:28 Eph 1:13-14 So whatever prison of Sin, Sickness, Addiction, tormnet, confusion, depression, fear that is holding you, you have been released from. Titus 2:13-14 Rev 5:9 by Your blood Heb 9:14-15 NLT this is why Paul spoke with confidence, His conscience was cleansed from dead works. In that ownership or with that ownership comes: 1. Protection, God sent and angel to protect and reassure Paul. a. His angels have charge over you (psm91:11) 2. Answers Pauls prayers: a. God's ears are open to the cries of his children (1jn4:6, psm4:3) 3. Brings peace and comfort 4. Please take note that in the middle of a tempestuous situation, on the job, in your home... people who belong to God, people who server God bring peace, stability wisdom, comfort, Leadershiop 5. Ownership provides freedom for me knowing that 'I do not have to figue this out'. God is there to take the pressure off me in this sutuation and He will work everything out... God is in control Whom I Serve: Like a waiter? Acts 27:23 The greek word that is used in this verse is 'Latreuo' which means to work to serve or worship. It primarily means 'one's extreme devotion and service to something or someone he worships. The Word that is equal in the OT was the word that was used to describe the priesthood. Let's look at someone in the NT Acts 9:10 So what does it look like in our lives?