God's Table is For Everyone

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Discussion Questions Ice Breaker What do you remember about family dinners growing up? Opening Question What stood out to you from the weekend message? Was there a scripture, principle, or action step that has stuck with you?

“God’s Table is For Everyone”

Ben Davis

Acts 2:21 “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” 2 Samuel 9 We are like Mephibosheth because… 1. Life _________ __________ gone _________________ to plan. 2. People he ___________________ let him _______________. 2 Samuel 4:4 3. He was in _______________ and had no way to ___________. 4. There was a ___________ ___________ who wanted to show him _________________. 5. He was given a ________ at the ____________ ____________. Luke 22:30 “As surely as my Father has given me my kingdom, so I give you the right to eat and drink at my table in that kingdom...”

Scripture Read 2 Samuel 9 David became the king and Mephibosheth’s life changed. Growing up in a palace was replaced by living in Lo Debar, a biblical slum. In addition to losing his childhood home at the palace he became crippled in the process of fleeing. To say his life did a 180 would be an understatement. Ben gave us five points to show our lives are just like Mephibosheth’s. As we draw nearer to Christmas reflect on the similarities between us and Mephibosheth. Life had not gone according to plan. How do you respond when things you had planned don’t seem to pan out? “it’s fine to make a plan – everyone has a plan – but then you get punched in the mouth. How do you adapt when life savagely punches you in the jaw? Thinking back over your life, are there any examples when you were certain things were going to go a certain way but they turned out completely different? People he trusted let him down. Are there people in your life that you trusted to be there – and they weren’t there when you needed them? What about the other side; are there people who trusted you and you let them down? Talk about the examples and how you would handle those situations today. He was in danger and had no way to run. David told Mephibosheth “Do not be afraid.” Those are the exact same words the angel spoke to Mary in the Christmas story. The most common command in the bible is “Do not be afraid.” We become afraid in the face of danger. What was Mephibosheth afraid of? What fears are eliminated when we have placed our faith in Jesus?

There was a good king who wanted to show kindness Christmas is about God’s kindness to us; Ben referred to Christmas as a rescue mission. In your own words describe how Christmas is a rescue mission and why we need a rescuer. He was given a seat at the royal table. What does it mean to you personally to have a seat at the royal table? Read Romans 8:17 Discuss/reflect on the meaning of this verse. Conclude your time by praying about who you could invite to the table for Christmas Eve service. Pray