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ISSP Pre-Arrival Academic Advising & Enrollment Guide (Graduate) Summer 2018


We are very excited that you will be joining us at International Student Success Program at University of Massachusetts, Boston. Please read through this guide carefully as it includes very important information about enrollment in courses for your upcoming term.

PAYMENT ▸ If you have not made your 60% payment to ISSP at UMass Boston, you will NOT be able to register for classes. Please make your payment today if you have not already done so! ▸ Methods of Payment: ▸ Online payment ▸ Cashier Check ▸ International Bank Draft ▸ Credit Card ▸ Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer ▸

Email [email protected] for questions.

▸ Visit our website for detailed payment options


Mandatory Orientation! Begins Tuesday, May 22nd (8:00am) at the UMass Boston Campus Center located at 100 Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester, MA 02125 DON’T BE LATE! This is your opportunity to meet your classmates and the ISSP staff, and learn about your new life here in Boston and at UMass, Boston. Your attendance is required.


▸ Registration for Summer 2018 semester starts on Tuesday, May 8th at 10am EST and will close on Tuesday, May 22nd at 5pm EST. ▸ It is also VERY, VERY IMPORTANT that you select your classes prior to your arrival.

PMP COURSE OFFERINGS BY MAJOR  Computer Science ▸ NAV 001 ▸ NAV 002 ▸ CS 210 ▸ MATH 470 ▸ PSEM  Management ▸ NAV 001 ▸ NAV 002 ▸ MBA 681 ▸ MBA 682 ▸ PSEM  Physics/IR/CR ▸ NAV 001 ▸ NAV 002 ▸ TBD ▸ PSEM

Please note that all first semester PMP students are required to take ISSP non-credit support courses, NAV 001 (Navigating the Graduate Student Pathway) and NAV 002 (Introduction to Graduate Research ). In addition, all PMP students will attend a weekly PMP Seminar tutorial (PSEM). This tutorial will be added to your schedule after enrollment has closed. Credit course offerings are determined by the academic department and can change at any time. If the courses you see listed here are not available in the Portal at the time of registration, do not panic! We will make sure you are taking the courses that are right for you by the time classes begin.

WHERE TO FIND COURSE DESCPRTION: ▸ Where can I find courses titles and descriptions? ▸ The ISSP Student Handbook is available here at our website at ▸ The Handbook is a resource that contains details about the Navitas at UMass Boston program, including course titles and descriptions. ▸ Please review the Student Handbook prior to Enrollment and use it as a reference when selecting classes!

PORTAL CLASS REGISTRATION ▸ Please use this link to log in and choose your classes: ▸ Your USERNAME is your 6 digit ISSP ID number (can be found on your letter of offer) ▸ Your PASSWORD is your Date of Birth in this format: dMonthyyyy! (no leading zeros) Ex: January 5, 1995 = 5January1995!

You will not be able to log into the portal until after you have paid your tuition!


PORTAL CLASS REGISTRATION ▸ Please read the Enrollment Conditions, then click “I agree”.



Enrollment main screen

• Note that some classes may not be available to you due to prerequisites, class capacities, or based on your program. • Course descriptions available in Student Handbook (Students tab – Documents) • Click on a class to see the time it is offered

• “T1” classes are for the first summer session, which runs from May 29-July 12 • “T2” classes are for the second summer session, which runs from July 17-August 23. • Some courses, such as your NAV noncredit requirements, run throughout the duration of the summer semester. • Please use the guide from slide 6 to determine which classes to choose.

PORTAL CLASS REGISTRATION ▸ Select a class time that is available. Click “Next” and then click “Enrol”


After each class is chosen, your study load will increase as your funds decrease. PMP students will need to choose 100% study load.

After you reach your correct study load, you may “Finalize Enrollment” by clicking on the green button at the bottom of the screen.

PORTAL CLASS REGISTRATION ▸ FINALIZE ENROLLMENT Remember: You must click finalize enrollment in order to register for classes!

***Please log in to your Portal account regularly to check your schedule. Your schedule may change between enrollment and the start of classes. It is your responsibility to know when your classes are.

PORTAL CLASS REGISTRATION ▸ Once you finalize your enrollment, you may view your class schedule by clicking the Timetable tab at the top of the screen. ▸ You may log into the Portal at any time to review your timetable.

IMPORTANT REMINDER!!! IMPORTANT: Changes may be made to your schedule before the start of the semester due to ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸

Changes in classroom space Occupancy limitations Changes in timetable Instructor scheduling Enrollment in the wrong class

***Please check your schedule regularly by logging into the Portal to see if any changes have been made to your schedule prior to the first day of classes. Do not rely on a photo or a print-out!

WHEN TO REGISTER ▸ REGISTRATION ▸ Registration for Spring 2018 semester starts on Tuesday, May 8th at 10am EST and will close on Tuesday, May 22nd at 5pm EST.

Don’t be late!

QUESTIONS / CONCERNS ▸ If you are having any issues, please email [email protected] ▸ For questions regarding payment, please email [email protected] Good luck, and see you soon! We are looking forward to meeting you at Orientation!