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Guest Registration Form (Photocopy as needed) This form is for Guests only. Guests are non-voting attendees such as licensed clergy, clergy spouses, exhibitors, and curious spectators. Do not use this form if you are Parochial Clergy, Non-Parochial Clergy, Lay Delegate, Retired Assigned Clergy, or Retired Non-Assigned Clergy. Guests are not allowed on the floor of convention. There is a separate section where guests will be seated. Guests will check-in at the “Guest Table” during Registration. See note below for an exception for licensed clergy. Please send this completed form and a check payable to Episcopal Diocese of Dallas (note “Convention Guest” on the memo line) by Friday, October 28, 2017 to: The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas Attn: CONVENTION REGISTRATION 1630 N. Garrett Avenue Dallas, TX 75206 Lunch on Saturday is included in the price listed below. Guests must pre-register using this form in order to be served lunch. (A lunch ticket cannot be purchased on the day of convention.)

Number of guests _____ Guest

x $50.00/person

= $ _________

_____ Spouse of Active or Retired Clergyperson

x $25.00/person

= $ _________

_____ Licensed Clergy

x $50.00/person

= $ _________

Total enclosed (checks only)

= $ _________


If you are a licensed clergy on staff at a parish and would like to be seated on the floor of convention with your parish delegation, please check here to obtain the Bishop’s permission.

Name (continue names on back of page or on separate page, if necessary) Name on badge (please print) Home church or organization Name on badge (please print) Home church or organization


1630 N. Garrett Avenue X Dallas, Texas 75206 X 214-826-8310