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NEW PRODUCTS LC newsletter. Rainin Dynamax Re­ view, Vol. 2, No. 1, includes articles on evaluation of a new cyanopropyl bond­ ed phase and HPLC control and data analysis with the Apple Macintosh. 12 pp. Rainin Instrument Co. 418 TLC. Brochure describes the TLC Scanner II, designed for both TLC and electrophoresis applications. The in­ strument features absorption and fluo­ rescence scanning, with scan speeds of 0.1-20 mm/s. 16 pp. Camag 419 ELISA. Brochure discusses the Biomek ELISA automated laboratory workstation, intended for infectious disease testing and routine ELISA work. The workstation performs posi­ tive sample identification, sample preparation, reagent addition, and plate washing and reading. Beckman 420 Model 880 sulfur analyzer measures percent level of total sulfur in samples such as crude oil, coal, soil, and plant tissue. The system is based on oxidative combustion with nondispersive IR detec­ tion. Tracor Atlas 401

Prep LC. ScaleUp contains informa­ tion on new annular expansion column technology and the use of acid and base mobile-phase modifiers in normalphase preparative LC. 6 pp. Separa­ tions Technology 421

Iodide. Application note discusses the determination of iodide in brine using ion exchange and amperometric detec­ tion. Areas of application include pho­ tography, mining, and pharmaceuti­ cals. Dionex 422

Catalogs Chemicals. Catalog includes amino acid derivatives; complex carbohy­ drates; and rare organic and natural products, including flavonoids, anthocyanidins, and coumarins. 164 pp. Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp. 430 Polymers. Catalog includes analytical polymer standards, inhibitor removers, ion-exchange resins, monomers, poly­ mers, and plasticizers. A list of techni­ cal publications is also included. 68 pp. Scientific Polymer Products 424 GC. Catalog features products for cap­ illary GC, including columns, adapters, syringes, septa, and gas purifiers. Anal­ yses of acids, air, water, flavors, fra­ grances, PCBs, and petroleum prod­ ucts are discussed. 70 pp. Supelco 425

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