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Designed to relieve gas pains in your laboratory, our gas tight syringes solve all sorts of problems in handling gas samples. They are 100% tested for zero leakage at seven atmospheres and yield less than 3 ul/hr leakage under partial vacuum. The leaktight construction, using Teflon* for the gasket tip and plunger coating, gives you added usefulness in handling corrosive fluids, viscous liquids, blood, and other troublesome fluids. Gastight syringes are available in a wide selection of capacities, permanent and removable needles, and accessories. Let us send you our Gas Tight Syringe Brochure. Write to: Hamilton Company, P.O. Box 307B, Whittier, California 90608. *Dupont



Repeatable Precision: Hamilton's Gas Tight Syringes

HILTON Circle No. 52 on Readers' Service Card VOL. 40, NO. 6, MAY 1968


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