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What can you do with a PEM-90? • Chiral Measurements (circular dichroism, optical rotation, Raman optical activity) • Polymer Investigations (linear dichroism, rheological studies) • Surface Studies (reflectance difference spectroscopy, ellipsometry) • Chopping, 20 to 200 kHz


PEM-90 Photoelastic Modulators provide: • state-of-the-art polarization modulation » computer monitor and control (RS232C and IEEE-488) • large aperture (15 to 50 mm) • wide spectral bandwidth (vacuum-UV to mid-IR) • wide acceptance angle (+/- 20") • excellent modulation purity • high sensitivity (10 6 ) Whatever your application, we can provide a solution customized to your requirements.

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440 A · ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, VOL. 65, NO. 9, MAY 1, 1993

Volume 32 (1993) Printed


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