how do i become a member?

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HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER? Part of being a Christian means being a part of a church family. That’s why every believer who calls College Park Church their home church should become a member. Committing to a local church through membership: • Is an expression of belonging to the body of Christ • Enables you to live out God’s commands of how to live with fellow believers • Puts you in a position to be able to submit to God-given church leaders • And provides you with access to live out various opportunities at the church

So how do I become a member at College Park Church?

Your first step is to attend DISCOVER College Park There, you’ll meet our Lead Pastor, get to know about the church, and discover what your next steps are. After DISCOVER, we’ll show you how you can get connected at College Park and, if you choose, how to pursue membership. Whether you’ve been at College Park for a while or are a new guest, DISCOVER College Park is the best first step. For more information about DISCOVER College Park, go to

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