How do I get involved? - British Canoeing

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The journey through the programme... 1. We have identified a need for more volunteers to support our paddlesport activities. 2. We would like a volunteer to help run an identified session/activity. 3. We would like more support to grow membership & support our new members. 4. We want to recognise and support our volunteers and ensure that when they are asked to step up to support our paddlesport activity, it is done safely and is endorsed by British Canoeing.

If the above statements relate to your organisation, here are the steps you need to take to start using the Paddlesport Activity Assistant Endorsement... Look on your home nation's website for more information:  

Read the 'Organisation Checklist' and make sure you have everything in place to adopt the endorsement.

Once you have read the info, submit your 'Organisation Registration Form' & £50 registration fee to your home nation and identify your 2 main Coordinators.

Your Coordinators will undergo training, arranged by your home nation by one of their assigned trainers.

Training will be completed & signed off by the Coordinators & their organisation. Action logs will be kept on record and PAAs will be submitted to their home nation using the 'endorsement form' for certification.

Specific roles needed to support your paddlesport activity can be identified. Volunteers can then be identified or express their interest.

 The Coordinators will use role mapping and the 7 criteria to fill their Paddlesport Activity Assistant's Action Log, highlighting the training needed for each volunteer in their specific roles.