How Jesus controlled His Death and Resurrection

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How Jesus controlled His Death and Resurrection 4/11/18 Christianity is not simply about the life and teachings of its founder Jesus. Christianity is based on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. What if we’re wrong about Jesus and the resurrection? 1 Cor. 15 V13 - Jesus is rooting away in some middle-eastern grave V14 - Our faith is in vain V14 - All preaching/ teaching is worthless V15 - All who represent Christ are liars V17 - Christians who are still alive are in our sins V18 - Christians who are dead are in hell V19 - Believers should be pitied But if we are right about the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus: Four things are true: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Jesus is God He has power over life and death All that He says should be believed and obeyed I would be foolish to think my way is better than His

How Jesus sovereignly controlled His death, burial and resurrection Jesus controlled His death • •

Timing John 2:4; Mark 14:41 The inscription on the cross John 19:19-22

Jesus controlled what happened to His body •

Bones Isaiah 53:9; John 19:38-42

Jesus controlled His resurrection • • • •

Matthew 16:21 Matthew 17:22-23 Matthew 20:18-19 Matthew 26:31-32

Five theories on the resurrection 1. Wrong Tomb The problem Matt. 27 • Joseph of Arimathea had Jesus put into his family tomb • The 2 Mary’s were there when they laid him in the Tomb • The Romans stationed guards at the Tomb • The Angel Matt. 28:1-7 2. Spiritual Resurrection Only • John 28 Jesus had a physical body • The Romans or Sanhedrin could have displayed the body

3. Swoon Theory • Mark 15:44-45 spear thrust thru His heart • Wakes us and roles a 2 ton stone away from the entrance • Scares of Roman soldiers 4. Body stolen by His Disciples • Matt. 27:62-66 • Matt. 28:11-15 5. Actual physical resurrection • 1 Cor. 15:3-7

Questions: How has the resurrection changed you? How should it still be affecting you?

Why does the resurrection matter today?

What does Jesus’ control over His death, burial and resurrection say about: • • • •

Who Jesus is? How he feels about me? What type of power He has? What He is willing to endure for me?

What is the one single overwhelming sense you have after considering the resurrection?

How should this truth (Jesus rose from the grave) empower me to share now?

Death tends to be a frightening thing for many, how should the truth of the resurrection change that?