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I Am That Man – I Am That Man, WE Are That Church Weekend Discussion Questions February 8/9, 2014 Community: 1. What was your favorite moment from the I am that Man series? Core: 1. When you hear that God trusts you with things like your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, your children, or your own life—what does that make you think? 2. Jim said that this series could be summed up with two words: Responsibility and Accountability. How would you define responsibility? Accountability? How do those words relate to each other? 3. Today Jesus is going to talk about accountability. Read Matthew 12:33-34. What does Jesus mean by “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”? 4. Now read Matthew 12:35-36. What does it mean to “stay dressed for action”? How can you apply that in your day-to-day life? 5. Read verses 37-40. How does it look for us to be “ready…for the Son of Man” to come? 6. Finish up with verses 43-46, and then compare them with Matthew 25:29-30. What is the major point of those verses? 7. What do you think it means for a person to be “faithful”? 8. What do you think it means for a church to be “faithful”? 9. Jim said, “If Jesus loves someone, and entrusted them to you to care for them…and you aren’t doing it and refuse to take care of them…if He is a loving God, He should take them away from you and find love and care for them from someone else who actually will.” Do you agree or disagree? Why? 10. When have you experienced God taking something away from you when you weren’t being faithful with it? Have you come to see that was ultimately God showing love for you and the people around you? How? 11. Read Matthew 12:48. How do you think this applies to flatirons as a church? Challenge: 1. Have everyone in the group say something about the West Campus that they want to remember to pray for. 2. Take some time to pray for the West Campus Launch as a group.