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I CAN’T FORGIVE THAT Life Group Agenda for September 4th - September 10th, 2016 OUTWARD ​(10 minutes) - Welcome everyone. This is a time for us to focus inward on our relationships with one another. ​Share the Goals and ONE Guideline at this time. Ice-Breaker -​ Go around the group and let everyone answer the following question: 1. If you could have one superpower what would it be and why? UPWARD (10-15 minutes) - This is a time for us to focus upward on our relationship with the Lord. Prepare a creative ​worship time that can be enjoyed by children, teens and adults. You will release the children to Kids’ Slot time after the worship. IDEA: Click ​here for a suggested worship song to go with today’s Life Group agenda. The​ song is ​Forgiven by Sanctus Real. Enjoy! INWARD​ ​ ​(30 Minutes) - ​Read Acts 7:54-60 2. Who were the main characters in this story and what were their roles? 3. How did Stephen respond to his persecution which led to his eventual death? 4. In every other vision of Heaven, Jesus ​ is always ​seated at the right hand of the throne of God, why do you think that Stephen​ saw Jesus ​standing up in his vision of Heaven in verse 55? 5. Since Stephen was “full of the Holy Spirit” he was able to forgive the crowd and ask for God to have mercy on them, how do we as followers of Christ become full of the Holy Spirit? 6. How do you normally respond when being accused of wrongdoing? Does your reaction change if the accusation is unwarranted instead of having some merit? 7. How are you at forgiving, is it something that comes easily, or something that you need to work on? 8. Read Matthew 6;14-15 Why should followers of Christ forgive others? What are some other reasons we should forgive others? 9. What will it take for you to become “UNSTUCK” from unforgiveness so that you can be used mightily by the Lord?

FORWARD ​ ​(25 Minutes) BREAKOUT LEADERS: Remember that the BREAKOUT is intended to cultivate transparency, accountability, and relationships that can later serve as a pathway for ongoing equipping and discipleship. ​Identify and recruit prospective leaders in advance. You should consult the ​Goals and Guidelines For Breakout Leaders to help you identify, as well as, prepare future BREAKOUT and multiplication Leaders. Break into smaller, like-gendered groups of 3-4. Address the following questions: ● What is one significant truth that you learned or were reminded of from the discussion? ● ​ Who do you need to forgive to get ​Unstuck and move past the hurts in your life? ● How can we help support you, encourage you, or hold you accountable in that area? ● How can we pray for each other? CLOSING ​(5 minutes) ● Plan your NEXT Life Group Fellowship! What can you do as a Life Group to have fun, grow together and learn from each other? Where would you like to go? ● Fall Spiritual Growth Emphasis is COMING!! This month (September 18th), we are really excited about what GREAT things God will do during this time. The title is ​Overcomers and walk us through being victorious in Christ! ● This month is #ServeSeptember! Join other Life Groups and volunteer with the flood victims of Southeast Louisiana at a disaster relief supply center or gutting out a home. Contact Geri at ​[email protected] for more details on how you and your Life Group can get involved.