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RCC Pilotage Foundation

Norway 3rd Edition 2016 ISBN 978 184623 699 0

Supplement No.1 March 2018

Caution Whilst the RCC Pilotage Foundation, the author and the publishers have used reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this book, it contains selected information and thus is not definitive. It does not contain all known information on the subject in hand and should not be relied upon alone for navigational use: it should only be used in conjunction with official hydrographical data. This is particularly relevant to the plans, which should not be used for navigation. The RCC Pilotage Foundation, the author and the publishers believe that the information which they have included is a useful aid to prudent navigation, but the safety of a vessel depends, ultimately, on the judgment of the skipper, who should access all information, published or unpublished. The information provided in this book may be out of date and may be changed or updated without notice. The RCC Pilotage Foundation cannot accept liability for any error, omission or failure to update such information. To the extent permitted by law, the RCC Pilotage Foundation, the author and the publishers do not accept liability for any loss and/or damage, howsoever caused, that may arise from reliance on information contained in these pages. This supplement contains amendments and corrections sent in by a number of cruising yachtsmen and women, in addition to those culled from official sources such as Notices to Mariners. Positions and waypoints All positions and waypoints are to datum WGS84. They are included to help locating place, features and transits. Do not rely on them alone for safe navigation. Bearings and lights Any bearings are given in degrees True and from seaward. The characteristics of lights may be changed during the lifetime of this book and they should be checked against the latest edition of the UK Admiralty List of Lights. Note Where lights have been modified in the text do please remember to alter them on the appropriate plan(s). This supplement is cumulative and the latest information is marked in blue.

Page vi

Acknowledgments Ben Agrell, Jonno Barrett, Chris Brown, Ben Brown, Tom Cunliffe, Andrew & Janice Fennymore-White, Mike Jaques, Julian Mustoe, John Sadd, Richard Waite, Clive Woodman, James Yarrow


The place and the people Page 2

International borders Border shared with Sweden 1,630km (1,010 miles) Border shared with Finland 736km (457 miles) Page 3

Geography and scenery LH, 5th line: Approximately half of Norway (not counting Svalbard in the High Arctic) is north of the Arctic Circle (not two thirds). Page 11

Drink and Opening hours Vinmonopol opening hours are usually MondayWednesday 1000–1700, Thursday-Friday 1000–1800, Saturday 1000–1500. To find local stores and check times, go to (Norwegian only). Click ‘BUTIKKER’, then ‘Finn mitt nærmeste Vinmonopol (find my nearest liquor store) or ‘Postnumer eller sted (postcode or place), enter the town name to open a map, then click on the marker for opening times. Page 13

Sail and ski There has been a major increase in sail-ski, with both Norwegian-registered and foreign charter yachts.

Norway Supplement no.1


Cruising in Norway

II OSLO FJORD: Swedish border to Larvik

Page 17

Page 42

Approaches From west Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic From the W coast (not cost) of Sweden. Page 18

Air travel Moss Rygge airport has closed. Ryanair has flights to Oslo’s main airport, Gardemoen, as well as to the secondary Oslo airport Sandefjord Torp. Norwegian Air has flights between Oslo and Longyearbyen. Page 20

Hvaler Letter K, Singløy, in the top box should read J. Page 42

Kjøkøysund short cut There is a useful but intricate fair weather short cut from the bottom of the Østerelva down Kjøkøysund (28m bridge) between Kjøkøya and Kråkerøy. The short cut continues SW with close attention to the chart keeping N of the 10m bridge between Kjøkøya and smaller linked islands, S of Arishholmen (leading lights on Kjøkøya), then ENE into the open water of Lera S of the Vesterelva.

Bottled gas Only propane is available, so it is necessary to convert from butane to propane, or to carry sufficient supplies of butane (eg Camping Gaz). Suppliers of propane will not usually even partially refill butane cylinders with propane. Spares and repairs Maritim Båtutstyr has chandleries in Oslo, Fredrikstad, Kristiansand, Stavanger, and Bergen.






Page 21-22


Charts and publications Reasonably priced Swedish app Per Sjön covers S Norway as well as Sweden, with good charts and basic plotter. Easily accessed with a sim-only mobile with e.g. 15Gb data allowance and no charges. Page 21

Lifeboats: Redningsselskapet (NRSS) The organization’s motto is ‘Ingen skal drukne’ (‘No one should drown’). The society’s official mascot is Elias the Little Rescue Boat, the main character of an animated series on national television, books and merchandise, used to teach children about safety at sea. The TV series has been nominated for best children’s TV series in the Emmy Awards.


Ve s

Page 38

er Øst

te re lv a

Main chart series The only charts not at 1:50,000 are 121,122 (Ytre and Indre Sognefjord: 1:75,000), 123 (Nordfjord: 1:80,000), 144 (Lopphavet: 1:100,000)



Lera F.R


Iso.R.4s Iso.G.4s

Iso.G.2s Iso.R.2s






Mini lifeboats from the TV series ‘Elias the Rescue Boat’ can be hired in some marinas. This one is in Oscarsborg.





Norway Supplement no.1


Page 43

I Urdal The position given is between Urdal and Saholmen (Sa on chart). The island E of Saholmen is Røsholm (not Risholm). There is better anchorage, with good shelter and holding, at 59º04’·7N 11º02’·6E, S of Saholmen in the pool N of Botnekilen and W of Stavsengkilen. Page 47

A Halden At junction of Ringdalsfjord and Iddefjord, approach S of Knivsøyholmen light on S tip Knivsøya. There is an 8·5m cable across the approach N of islands and it is shallow and drying between islands). For Halden, leave Brattøya, Kuskjaer and Sauøya to port, then head N along Sauøya’s E coast to sheltered guest finger pontoon berths below the town square and Fredriksten fortress (from 1641; 3 separate forts in 150 acres; major tourist attraction and event arena; lit up at night).

Fredrikstad, moored looking across to Isegran

Fredrikstad free ferry between town centre, Tollbudkaia and Gamlebyen, seen passing Isegran

B Sponvika (Sponviken) Attractive inlet, but no guest berths or anchoring options.

Gamlebyen There is no berthing at Gamlebyen, which is easily reached by the frequent free ferry from the town centre, Isegran and Tollbudkaia. Diesel from red barge on W side near top of Østerelva, S of Isegran.

C Korterødkilen Attractive bay but now built up all round. Private moorings. Fuel.

Plan: Sarpsborg should be labelled at the letter E. Sandesund is the area of Sarpsborg around its commercial harbour.

D Fredrikstad The three opening bridges in the Vesterelva are, from W to SE: Vestebrua (‘klaffebro’: lifting railway bridge) Gangbrua (‘klaffebro’: pedestrian bascule) Vipperbro (bascule road bridge)

Page 49

Bridges over Svinesund before it becomes Ringdalsfjord on the approach to Halden. The S side of Svinesund and Ringdalsfjord is in Sweden.

Berthing Coming from the W, continue through town under all the bridges to Strandpromenade, on the N side of the junction of Vesteralva, Glomma and Østerelva: berth alongside, opposite Gamlebyen, head to current (facing NE) which can reach 3 knots down the Glomma, with fierce eddies on the corner of Isegran where the Glomma flows into the Vesterelva.

Hankø Shallow approach to Gjestehavn pontoons. Showers and toilets on the road side of restaurant building are open even when the restaurant is closed. Fuel dock with easy access and good depth at mainland marina. Yacht club on E corner of S side of Husebukta is members’ only, although foreign yachts may moor alongside or pick up club moorings; other moorings are private.

Hankø Gjestehavn from path through the woods. Fredrikstad, alongside below Strandromenade

Norway Supplement no.1


J Hankøhavn Entry subject to serious swell in onshore winds. Page 51

F Moss Rygge airport has closed. The entry to the S side of the canal is narrow and may be obscured by ships and ferries moored or manoeuvring in Verlebukta Moss harbour on the E side at the head of Verlebukta. Moor in 3·5m on the E side of the canal alongside the boarded walkway to the bridge. The railway station is just E of the canal. Oscarsborg marina, outer pontoon below red building with WC and shower

Page 53

G Dragsund, Håøya Summer pontoon at the mouth has depth for yachts.

Moss canal looking S towards ferry berth and Verlebukta

Dragsund, Håøya: summer pontoon with depth for yachts

H Bjørnebukta, Håøya A single large mooring buoy leaves inadequate swinging space.

Moss canal looking N towards low bridge

Page 52

Nærsnes 59º45’·8N 30º4’E Marina pontoon in bight on W side of Oslo Fjord, halfway between Vollen and Sandspollen. Space for visitors alongside outer pontoon. One toilet in small red building. Restoration of traditional boats in small yard from which salt used to be exported to England and Holland.

C Halangspollen Correct position for anchorage above narrows: 59º42’N 10º38’E. Marina N of Gylteholmen, just inside the E side of the entrance to the fjord. D Oscarsborg, Kaholmen Water, electricity. Toilets and showers in red building nearest outer pontoon, S of entrance. Use of shower included in berthing fee. Shower key behind low white fence in front of nearest yellow building, on the corner between the restaurant and the red shower building.

Nærsnes marina

Norway Supplement no.1


Page 56

Page 57

C Snærøykilen, Snårøya Mooring buoys leave no space to anchor.

Q Vollen The main part of the marina has a security gate to private berths (the key may be obtainable from the kiosk). Limited number of guest berths, on long inner pontoon below restaurant. Fuel dock below restaurant. Toilets and showers on end of restaurant building, opposite kiosk (ice cream, some chandlery, sailing and fishing gear).

E Sandvika 59º53'·2N 10º31'·8E The position given in the book is for the private marina at Solviksbukta on the E side of Sandviksbukta. The position above is for guest berths on the E side of the river, on the W side of a small peninsula W of Solviksbukta. Approach W of Ostøya, Borøya and Kalvøya, or N of Borøya then W of Kalvøya. Keep to E side of entry to river to avoid a large marked shallow area. 3m in the main channel. Some current down the river. Moor alongside board walk. 3m on the E side and in the middle of the river. Showers and launderette at outer end of low white building. Useful for crew changes as it is a short walk under the bridges to shops (including supermarket and vinmonopol near the station) and railway station (right after 4th bridge). Flytog airport express and local trains from main Oslo airport. New wooden sunbathing platforms, beach and swimming area to S and E of the peninsula. Pedestrian bridge (2·7m) to Kalvøya nature reserve and outdoor recreation, with marked paths, boat club, woodland, bathing beaches below rocks.

Vollen marina. Private berths to right of yacht heading for guest pontoon

R Steilene Wooden quay on the E end of Landsteilene, which is linked to Persteilene, the most southerly island. Showers and toilets on N side of Persteilene. Mooring buoys in bay with sandy beach on S side of Persteilene. Approach from N or S close to the Nesodden peninsula, or from SW between Storsteilene and Persteilene. The archipelago is now a publicly owned recreation area. Persteilene and Landsteilene were inhabited by fishermen from the mid 18th century, and in 1890 Norway’s first petroleum company was founded on Steilene. There is still a prominent disused storage tank on Storsteilene, and the long single story red building on Persteilene contains some of the old machinery and tools.

Sandvika river berths, looking up river towards town shops and station

I Hestagabukta Note spelling, as on plan (not Hestagbukta as in text, or Hestabukta, as on plan on page 57). Popular weekend and summer evening anchorage. Exposed to SW.

Nesodden Marina on Persteilene


N Leangbukta, Asker There is space and depth to anchor in good holding inshore of the marked kayak channel on the N side of the Konglungen peninsula E of the marina. Norway Supplement no.1

Persteilene from N from channel between Storsteinele and Persteilene


Page 58

F Horten Karljohansvern, Indrehavn 59º25'·45N 10º29'·15E New guest pontoons in 2017, sheltered by large vintage destroyer which is part of the maritime museum (free entry to museum and submarine, but there is a charge to visit the destroyer). Ticket machine for berthing fee. No water, power or showers in 2017, although these are planned. Toilets in museums and café during opening hours. Pleasant walk along canal to town shops and marina. Guest berths in private marina to W on S shore of Indrehavn lagoon.

Munch Museum, Åsgårdstrand, in the artist’s house Sally Lawson

Page 60

C Tønsberg Tønsberg Harbour [email protected] ) +47 33 35 45 00 The approach from the Oslo Fjord through Husøyfjord, across the wide Træla bay and through the Tønsberg canal, is marked away from, not towards, Tønsberg (red to starboard, green to port, on the way in). Horten Indrehavn: guest pontoons sheltered by museum frigate

Page 59

G Åsgårdstrand Visitors’ finger berths inside harbour wall to port of entry to N end of linked middle and S harbours. Pay at machine. Tokens for electricity and showers (with toilets, in low building next to car park barrier) from Hotel Thon. Although the outer harbour mole is new, the inner harbours date back to the town’s trading days (mid-17th to late-19th century). From the 1880s it became popular with artists, including Edvard Munch, whose small wooden house just NW of the marina is now a museum. Since 2007, Åsgårdstrand has officially been a Tourist Town, allowing shops in the oldest part above the harbour the right to stay open 7 days a week.

Bridge openings 2018 15 April to 15 September: Daily, 0905, 1205, 1405, 1805, 2005 Saturday and Sunday: also 1605 16 September to 14 April: No bridge openings at weekends or on bank holidays Weekday openings: 0905, 1205, 1405

Tønsberg Marina Outer marina berths subject to wash. Anchor NW of marina. Full size replicas on the waterfront of the Oseberg Viking ship, plus a knarr (Viking trading ship) under construction in 2017, using only Viking ship building techniques.

Tønsberg bridge opening Åsgårdstrand guest berths on finger berths inside harbour wall

D Melsomvik 2nd line, sp.: should be Tønsbergfjord. It is possible to anchor on the N side of Trælsodden at 59º13’N 10º21’E below trees before turning into the rather industrial approach to Melsomvik. Page 61

E Langøy There is less than the charted 4m depth W of Langøy.

Norway Supplement no.1


F Engøy Small marina NW of tip of Årø, with some buoys. Anchor NE of marina in 7m. Popular with water skiers.

Malmøya 59º01'N 10º06'·3E Sheltered anchorage in a natural harbour with good views on the E side of the island. Good walks.

J Østre Bolærne Approach giving Langholmene islands (La on plan) to SW a wide berth. Only outer berths have depth for yachts. Pay mooring fee at beach restaurant. Fee does not include showers. Remains of military use (gun emplacements, radar on ridge at S end above woods).

Malmøya’s natural harbour Cunliffe Images

B Viksford Anchor at 59º01'·6N 10º05'·8E off Larvik Sailing Club beyond the many mooring buoys.

Østre Bolærne

Jenseskjær 59º13'N 10º32'·4E Unspoilt anchorage at N end of passage between Midtre Bolærne and Vestre Bolærne, S of Jenseskjær skerry. Good shelter except from N. Rocks with 3.2m and 4m, one rock awash inshore. Good walks on both islands.

C Larvik Neither of the two small boat marinas has visitors’ berths. It is possible to moor alongside the old wooden fishing boat quay in the centre of the harbour, near a restaurant on the quay; no facilities. Although Vadskjær Småbåthavn (at position given for Larvik) on the SE side of Tollerodden (not Tolleodden) on the NE side of the head of Larviksfjord is private, permission may be given for a short stay to visit the home of the boat builder Colin Archer.

III SOUTH NORWAY: Larvik to Tananger Page 76

H Kilsund Crowded, with café, store, ice cream sales and petrol station busy both day and evening. Inadequate swinging room. Page 79

D Mærdøy Change ‘offshore winds’ to ‘S winds’ (ie off the Mærdøy N shore). Jenseskjær Cunliffe Images

Page 83

L Vrengen Mooring buoys in former main anchorage, but sheltered anchorage still possible in fairway behind islands.

Blindleia Plan: the road bridge between Justøya and the mainland has 19m clearance (see photo in book).

Plan: Right hand M should be N, existing N should be deleted.

Page 86

Page 63

Topdalsfjord There is only one bridge (as shown on the plan). Page 87/8

Spervigbukta 59º04'N 10º13'·3E Useful anchorage 3·5M S from Sandefjord on the west side of the fjord. Pastoral scenery with holiday homes. Favour N side of entrance to avoid shallow patch to S.

Plan: the 19m bridge across a shortcut SE of Mandal, between the mainland and the island of Skjernøy, is wrongly charted as 16m on Navionics charts (2017).

Page 64

Page 94

A Stavern If the marina is full, it is possible to anchor to the S in 5m behind Vadholmen (several drying rocks charted inshore). Some scend.

Norway Supplement no.1

B Flekkefjord The bridge at the head of the harbour above the berths no longer opens, and in 2017 was being replaced by a low fixed bridge (3-4m clearance).


Page 98

Tananger Landlocked harbour There is no longer a coastal escort service for small boats. Norwegian Customs have two Stavanger officers, one at Stavanger airport and one with a Tananger port address (Mon, Wed, Fri, 0900-1200; ) +47 22 86 03 12).

IV FJORD NORWAY: Tananger to Statt Page 100

Approximate distances Flørø to Måløy 30M Florø to Stat 46M Måløy to Statt 16M Page 103

D Finnesand bukta, Klosterøy 59º06’N 5º66’E Page 105

Stavanger Plan: Bridge clearances: Buøy-Engøy 10m, Engøy-Solyst 18·6m. Page 107

Feøy James Yarrow

Page 113

Sletta N of Røvær and NW of Haugesund … Page 114

Bømlafjord Conspicuous engineering activities connected with offshore oil and gas on both sides.

L Tau, Hidlefjord (not Hidlerfjord) Fjords between islands Fistafjord (not Fistefjord)

D Notlandsvåg, Moster Fuel is not now sold on the quay, but can be bought from a petrol station 1·5km away by road.

Page 108

Page 117

E Saga, Økstrafjord The anchorage itself is not shallow (9-13m), but it is shallow with rocks under and beyond the bridge, and there is a mid-channel drying rock S of a skerry on the final approach to Saga.

M Sunndal (Sundal) It is 4 hours up the mountain track to the main glacier.

F Sandsford 65m bridge at S end Vindafjord It is 9M (not 2M) E from the crossroads with Krossfjord to the head of Vindafjord. Page 111

I Feøy Marked direct passage to Haugesund. Alongside in Sunndal, Maurangsfjord James Yarrow

Page 119

L Odda Last line Wilhelm II (not 11) Page 120

K Sovig N entrance has good depth but is narrow and tortuous. S entrance is easier and well marked. Underwater cables limit space to anchor; depths 18-20m. Small boat harbour in S of inlet. Page 122 Feøy approach James Yarrow

Norway Supplement no.1

Inner lead: Stokksund and Nyleia The last of the four bridges listed is between Spyssøy and Bomlø (not Møsterøy).


Page 123

Plan: Stokksund and Nyleia See chartlet below for clearance of the bridges at S end of Stokksund, and names of islands. The 18m clearance of the E bridge, Stord-Føyno, can only be seen when passing under the bridge as it is shown on the underside of the bridge structure. E Larsvåg, Bomlø This has been found to be full of ships, with no room for yachts.

Larsvåg, Bomlø James Yarrow

Huftarøy Langenuen

Selbjørn Tysnes La ng e

Selbjørnsfjord H Øyarsvåg a lei Ny

Fonnøy G I Teløy Engesund J Fitjar

nu e



F Hatlevik


5 Nautical Miles

Goddo D Køløstø



k Sto ksu



C Mækjevik


B Stokksund

Sagvåg Stord A Valvatnavåg 18


Føyno 6

Nautøya Øtteroya Spyssøya Børøyfjord

Norway Supplement no.1


Page 124

Tysnes-Reksteren Of the three bridges between the large E peninsula of Tysnes and the S peninsula of Reksteren, only the centre bridge has the charted 16m clearance. The W and E bridges both have less than 16m clearance. Page 126

Protective island outside inner lead It is possible to sail up Grimstadford, past the restricted area warning notices. Drange 60º12'·3N 5º21'·9E Mainland guest harbour opposite S tip of Lysøy just S of small island of Ullstøholmen.

H Hjellestad No launderette in 2017. K Holmen, Borøyna The only mooring is at the Cornelius seafood restaurant (closed on Sundays, when permission may be given to stay alongside). The three large orange mooring buoys also belong to the restaurant. Grimstadfjord 60º18'·8N 5º15'·8E Fjord S of Bergen with restricted military area on N side, and three large marinas to the S at its head. Chandlery (Maritim Bergen) and Volvo agency (Bjørdal & Madsen AS). Bus from Kviturspollen. Page 132

B Karavik, Sotra New road and housing construction on W side in 2017. Scrap iron quay to S. Depth 19m.

I Grunna Sund Depth in the pool has been found to be nearer 10m than 5m. Shop, fuel, PO nearby.

Eidespollen 60º14'·54N 5º03'·83E Anchor in 9m at head of NE arm of Pollen, leaving Toftøya and entry to Vesterpollen and Kåravik (B on plan) to port. Mooring ring.

Page 133

Plan: The letter E should be F (Husebø) and letter F should be E (Flatøyosen). O Ulvøy Short pontoon near fuel berth. Long pontoon at the hotel. The finger berths are private.

Eidespollen Ben Agrell

D Lysøyvåg, Lysøy, Lysefjord 20m cable over entry to inner pool. One visitors’ buoy (no other moorings). Ole Bull’s exotic villa was inspired by a visit to the Alhambra.

Ulvøy James Yarrow

Page 134

A Byrkenes Commercial harbour, not ideal for yachts, which may however be able to use jetties at the inner end. Nedgårdsvika 0·5M N is better for yachts. Shop half way between Byrkenes and Nedgårdsvika.

Lysøyvåg inner pool James Yarrow

Byrkenes James Yarrow

Norway Supplement no.1


Negårdsvika 60º54'N 4°49'·7E Spacious and sheltered by sea wall. Guest pontoon. 0·5M N of Byrkenes. Shop 0·5M on road to Byrkenes. I Eivindvik Sheltered bolt hole with new guest pontoon at Gulating hotel, E of main jetty. Village and whole area confusingly called Gulen. Marked walking trails. Ancient stone cross.

E Osland 60°04'·2N 5º48'E Anchorage in 6-12m N of Føsund bridge (4·5m clearance).

E Fretheim Wooden jetty with room for one yacht. 2·5m. Electricity, water. Good walks towards main waterfall. Wild raspberries.

F Vik New breakwater giving shelter from N, with inner finger berths for guests. Fuel. Steep uphill walk overlooking town. Raspberries. Photo captioned Aurlandsford Caption should be: Nærøyfjord near junction with Aurlandsfjord looking SW on the way to Gudvangen.

Eivindvik James Yarrow

Page 135

P Hestnesvåg Greater depths in main pool than shown on some electronic charts. Inner pools with 7m and 6m charted depths. Approach to Vik, Sognefjord James Yarrow

Hestnesvåg James Yarrow

Page 136

Plan: Sognefjord is wrongly named Sognesfjord.

Aurlandsfjord, looking south James Yarrow

Page 137

H Bakka, Nærøyfjord Could be useful if there is nowhere to stay in Gudvangen.

C Fuglesetfjord This should be split into two entries: Bjørdal 61º04'·6N 5º49'·8E E side of fjord. The old pier is rusty but with car tyre fenders. Berth alongside avoiding fuel berth, which now has a long hose.

Bakka, Nærøyfjord James Yarrow

Bjørdal, Fuglesetfjord James Yarrow

Norway Supplement no.1


I Gudvangen Tourist transit centre with transfers from ferries to busses. There may be space in the small boat finger pontoons. New small pontoon is reserved for ferries. Restaurant pontoon is private. No fuel berth but nearby garage will fill cans. Busy kayaking centre, according to which the usual tidal range is less than 1m. K Flåm, Aurlandsfjord Long breakwater pontoon for guests at the Flåm Marina Apartments, but no visitors’ quays SW and E of the ferry quay.

Flåm, from above head of fjord James Yarrow

Flåm, yacht and cruise ship quays James Yarrow

L Aurlandsvangen Now no yacht pontoon. Exposed wooden jetty at back of hotel. Small boat harbour unlikely to have adequate space or depth for yachts. M Lærdal The pontoon near the ferry berth is close to the road. Shallow entrance to the marina in inner harbour, which is only suitable for small or shallow draught boats. The 24·51 km Lærdal to Aurland tunnel is reputedly the world’s longest road tunnel.

B Kaupanger Attractive large pool off main fjord. Deep water guest pontoon between Sognefjord museum and ferry terminal. Electricity, water. Open to S and swell from main fjord. Berths with better shelter may be available in S winds in the private marina on the SW side near the entrance; phone for fuel. Shop 1M on the road towards Sogndal. The stave church has been in continuous use since the mid12th century. Recent archeological research dates the present church to c.1150. The altar, font and pulpit are 17th century. Reconstructions in 1862 were reversed in 1959-60, restoring it to its 17th century look.

Kaupanger guest pontoon James Yarrow

Kaupanger stave church James Yarrow

D Slindaviki Now no fuel except in cans from garage. E Fjærland: rename Mundal, Fjærland The whole area is called Fjærland. The village and book town of Mundal is the main centre, with guest berths at the Hotel Mundal. Short stay only at the outer T-section of pontoon; electricity, water. Guest harbour wooden jetties are exposed. Better shelter in Kvamsøy. Fuel by arrangement.

Page 138

A Lustrafjord, Ornes This should be Ornes (Urnes), Lustrafjord. The old timber jetty next to the ferry berth is now marked ‘Private’. Although there is a charted anchorage near the ferry berth, the depth is shown as 17m and it is close to a rock awash. The old stave church can best be visited by ferry from Solvorn town quay. E Solvorn, Lustrafjord 61º18'N 7º15'E Small guest jetty with room for one yacht S of ferry terminal; 2m. Open to E. Private notice on ferry quay. (See also 2nd paragraph of entry for Lustrafjord, Ornes.) Norway Supplement no.1

Mundal, Fjærland James Yarrow


F Balestrand

H Solnes, Steinsundøy The bridge to the N is 12m (not 15m). I Buskøyvåg, Buskøy This can no longer be called ‘active’. No shop, water, fuel, repairs. Page 141

Plan: J Hardbakke and K Djupevåg

Balestrand James Yarrow

G Kvamsøy The sunken barge has been filled with concrete to create the quay. Page 139

Hardbakke is 0·5M NE of the 15m bridge (not S as incorrectly shown on plan). The fairway is narrow, and can be busy with passenger ferries. It is also the local ambulance boat base. Substantial public wooden quay E of small boat marina, which has room for boats to 13m LOA. Djupevåg is 0·75M N of Hardbakke, 1·1M N of the 15m bridge over Indre Steinsund. Delete F on Steinsundøy on plan (correctly placed F is on Færoy N or Lagøyfjord).

Plan: Sognefjord is wrongly named Sognesfjord. Vadheimsfjord is wrongly named. It is the next fjord W. H (Vadheim) is at the head of the fjord. The fjord wrongly named Vadheimsford is Høyangsfjord. Høyanger, Høyangsfjord 61º12'·75N 6º04'·5E Town at the head of steep sided fjord. One yacht space on small old pontoon inside breakwater to little harbour on E side. Exposed to S. Shops, bank. Industrial area W of town. 1,286 stairs up 311m to hydrostation (2,500 steps the long way). Hardbakke, from end of visitors’ pontoon looking E. Berthing also possible on quay with green motor yacht John Sadd

N Lifjord The 23m cable shown on older charts over the main entrance, through Listraum, has been removed. A stream of 5 knots has been experienced in the Listraum, with strong eddies in the narrows at the N end. There is a 12m cable over the Risnesstraum entrance N of Risnesøy.

Høyanger pontoon James Yarrow

J Lavik Plan: The J for Lavik should be 5M SW of its position on the plan. Lavik is now an expanded ferry port, with nowhere to anchor or moor. L Floholm (Tjuvungane) The anchorage is deeper (c.10m) than stated. The ferry port Rijsdalvik can be seen across the bay. It is 2M on foot or 1M by dinghy from Floholm to Rijsdalvik and the ferry to Flåm.

Listraum entry to Lifjord: tidal eddies James Yarrow

Ornes Photo: This is not Ornes in the Lustrafjord, but Ørnes 25M S of Bodø at 66º52'N 13º42'·1E. There is no sheltered harbour at Ornes in the Lustrafjord, and nowhere for a yacht to tie up or anchor. Page 140

G Kastevåg, Ospa Tortuous entry among rocks. The anchorage is slightly NW of charted position. Depth deeper (8m) than charted 5m. Mooring bolts. Slack water in Listraum James Yarrow

Norway Supplement no.1


Page 142

A Nikøy, Bulandet It is also possible to approach from the SE through Hovdesund. Bicycle hire.

Southern approach to Bulandet, from Buefjord; Alden on right, Værøy on left James Yarrow

B Kvernhusvåg, Værøya Café/pub.

Korssund from above James Yarrow

Hamnen, Værøy, Værlandet 61º19'N 4º43'·95E Sheltered and deep harbour on NW corner of Værøy, facing Alden, closer to the mainland and easier to reach than Bulandet. Long wooden quay, good facilities, bicycle hire. Restaurant. Repair facilities.

Korssund: Viking stone cross James Yarrow

Page 144 Hamnen, Værøy, looking across to Alden. James Yarrow

Page 143

J Følsund Entry from W is marked red to starboard, green to port. Continue through the inlet past the anchorage to the guest harbour at Korssund. Korssund 61º15'·3N 4º59'·2EFrom the Folsund anchorage, continue

between Lammetu and Luteland then turn S between Luteland and the mainland along a narrow marked passage to Korssund’s sheltered guest harbour. The final turn is tight but well marked. Marina just N of 8m bridge. A 14m cable shown on older charts has been removed. Deep water pontoons, power, water, shop, fuel. The huge ancient cross beside the bridge is said to have been raised by Olav Haraldsson (Saint Olav) in thanks to God for opening a narrow short-cut channel through the mountains (not accessible for yachts).

A Espeset, Askrova Exposed and uncomfortable in winds S through W to N. Page 145

L Indre Hovdevågen, Hovden Plan: Letter L on plan Svanøy to Frøysjøen should be SW of K, on SE side of isthmus. Page 146

Oldersund The 18m bridge across Oldersund is at 61º46'·7N 4º54'·2E, off the E point of Frøya. Page 148

Stattlandet (Statt) Work on the long-planned tunnel big enough to take ships through rather than round Statt is scheduled to start in 2018. The lifeboat escort service for small boats round Statt has been discontinued. Honningsvåg, Stattvågen More details on page 151 in V.1 (not V1.1).

Korssund, last tight turn in entry channel James Yarrow

Norway Supplement no.1


V THE WAY NORTH: Statt to Trondheim

Page 152

B Fosnavåg, Bergsøy Guest facilities have been expanded. Space for visiting yachts on the quay to starboard on entering. New hotel.

Page 150

Page 153

Approximate distances Kristiansund-Trondheim 88M

Statt to Ålesund: middle route The navigation line on the plan between Bergsøy and Leinøy, N of Gurskøy, should pass N (not S) of the islets S of Leinøy, under a 35m bridge between the most E islet, Blankholmen, and Leinøy. There is a 4·5m bridge linking Gurskøy and the largest of the small islands, Nautøya, which is linked to Blankholmen by causeway.

Page 151

C Bringsinghaug, Kvamsøy Inadequate swinging room for anchoring, which could obstruct traffic to the small boat marina. Ferry service to mainland, Voksa (linked to Sandsøy by causeway) and Larsnes (SW Gurskøya). The small boat escort service has been discontinued.

See below for plan amendment for pages 153-155. Page 154

D Sandshamn, Sandøy The small boat escort service which started S round Statt from Sandshamn has been discontinued. Ferry service from mainland to Voksa (linked to Sandsøy by causeway), Kvamsøy and Larsnes (SW Gurskøya). In 2017 the Rosenland Marina and restaurant were closed, but the marina facilities (electricity, free showers, launderette) were still operational. Well stocked food shop 100m.

Routes into Green Corridor shortcut: from W It is possible to approach from the W either side of the archipelago SW of Bergsøy (Flævær, Sandøya, Husholmen, Torvholmen, Kvalen) into Herøyhunden, then N of the next archipelago (Herøya, Nautøya and unnamed islands to the N, N of Blankholmen (35m bridge). There is no passage S of or between these islnds, which are linked by causeways with a 4·5m bridge to Herøy. See note above and plan amendment for pages 153-155.















r afjo Su l

Lt Tr FI.G


Br 24



Br 17 Rimøy Nerlandsøy Fosnavåg





E Ulsteinvik


Br 20 20 Husholmen


F 35






Herøy Herøya



Blank Holmen

Br 20

rt Va

een Gr ridor r Co


rd fjo ls a d


rd Sandsfjo


Br16 Gurskøy


Eika Leikanger

efjord Rovd


fj o rd

o afj


Mainland Mainland

Norway Supplement no.1


ld Vo

Ha l





10 Nautical Miles


H Raudøya, Vartdalsfjord Large visitors’ mooring buoy. Page 156

D Øye, Norangsfjord New service building with toilets, showers, launderette. Honesty box.

G Molde Reknes: City guest harbour Warps from large cruise ships have been known to block the entry to the guest harbour.

Page 158

A Ålesund Memorial sculpture above the harbour commemorating 320 Norwegians who lost their lives attempting to escape from the Germans during the war, and over 3000 who escaped to join Norwegian forces in exile, mainly in small fishing boats to Shetland. B Norevika A rock mole has replaced the large concrete outer pontoon. Pontoons in the marina are now the only mooring option. Molde guest harbour John Sadd

Ålesund Jonno Barrett

Cruise ship blocking entry to Molde guest harbour John Sadd

Page 161

N Svinøya, Frænfjord Visitors’ buoy with deck-level pick-up in SW corner; free for one night stay, max.10 tons. There is still room to anchor in shelter with good holding in sticky mud. Page 162

Ålesund, Shetland Bus memorial Ben Agrell

Page 160

C Hellandshamn Limited swinging room, and difficult to find less than 10m depth. Årsund, Brattvåg småbåtforening 62º36'·5N 6º26'·6E Sheltered marina with two 15m guest pontoons, a mile from Årsund (small shopping centre), on W side of top of Samfjord. Depth 3m. Electricity, water. E Midsund, Oterøy The marina has been enlarged. Launderette, showers, WC. WiFi.

Norway Supplement no.1

E Hamnevågen, Sandøya Guest berth on outermost finger pontoon in small boat harbour can accommodate length 42ft, beam 12’6”; depth 2·6m. Also smooth boarded quay, depth unknown. Electricity, water, showers, launderette. G Nordre Bjørnsund No shop in 2017. Page 163

J Bud There is now no coastal escort service. Page 168

Kristiansund Plan: the bridge between Kjerkeland and Innland is 38m (not 32m). Page 172

C Storøy/ Solskjeløya E Limited swinging room. Better in Solskjelsvågen, bay to S.


E Solskjelsvågen, Solskjeløy 63º14'·6N 8º11'·5E Anchor in 5m E of underwater cable. Good holding in silt/sand. Better anchoring depth and swinging room than the Støyøya/Solskjeløy anchorage to the NW. Page 176

A Skansen, Trondheim The W entrance to Skansen is easier and deeper than the E entrance. Guest pontoon at W end runs E/W. Card access to showers includes free use of launderette. 40 min bus service to airport from central station, which is 0·5M from Skansen guest harbour. Combined taxi/bus service 250NOK in 2017 () +47 93 00 73 73).

VI ACROSS THE ARCTIC CIRCLE: Trondheim to Bodø Page 182

G Lysøysund The only fuel available is diesel. No bank, PO, shop.

Page 186

E Vingsand If rental fishing boats leave no room on the visitors’ pontoon, berth alongside wooden fendered quay at the entrance to the harbour. Exposed NW through N to E. F Sætervågen Electricity supply box on visitors’ pontoon. I Vollbukta 64º25'·8N 10º34'·4E Anchor in sheltered bay S of Småvær peninsula, E side of top of Bølefjord. 6m, sand. Page 189

H Rørvik Vinmonopol. Page 190

F Skeishamna, Leka Visitors’ berths have been increased, with 40m of pontoons to moor alongside.

Page 183

B Bogøyvær The 11m power cable level with the S end of the pontoon has been removed. C Måøya Pontoons may be crowded with fishing boats with no room for visitors. Page 185

F Langstranda 15m hammerhead, with a single berth. G Stokksund (Kuringvågen) The hotel is now called Kuringen Brygge Hotel. The Aquarius restaurant is the other side of the road. No bank in 2017. H Harsvik, Stokkøya Less sheltered than nearby Langstranda or Stokksund. K Bessaker New marina 0·5M N of Bessaker harbour. The harbour itself is often crowded with fishing boats. The bank has closed. The supermarket will give cash back on some credit cards. Fuel dock.

Skeishamna, Leka, extended pontoon John Sadd

G Gutvikvågen, Austra One Visitors’ pontoon, inside mole on SE side of inlet. Water, electricity. The steep-to bottom makes anchoring difficult. Page 192

A Moyhamna, (Moihavn) sp., should be Møyhamna (in top box and text)

Møyhamna (Moihavn), with Torghatten in the background Ben Agrell Bessaker fuel dock Jonno Barrett

Norway Supplement no.1

D Brønnøysund Now three guest pontoons, all with electricity and water.


Page 194

C Igerøy, Vega Island and surrounding skerries are a World Heritage site, both for the scenery and as a reflection of the sustainable way of life of the residents who fish and collect down from eiders’ nests. First night’s mooring free in 2017. Page 195

J Kalberghaugen, Tjøtta Visitors’ pontoon second to port inside mole.

F Støtt Outer harbour The small guest harbour starboard of the entry channel on the S coast of Svenningen is called Johannesbrygge. Støtt is the smaller island between Svenningen (N) and Innerstøtt (S), the largest island of the group. The more sheltered inner harbour, with marina berths and restaurant, is between Støtt and Innerstøtt.

Page 201

N Nordfjordholman Good holding in sand. Locals claim there is never a problem with wind, even when it is blowing hard outside in the fjord. P Kleppan, Tjongsfjord Substantial quay and pontoon for Vågaholmen village shops (supermarket, hardware store) and fuel. Q Engen, Holandsfjord A new jetty has replaced the old one, c.0·2 mile W. Electricity on pontoon, water at head of pontoon. No fuel. The root end of the pontoon on the S side is reserved for tourist boats.

Johannesbrygge, Støtt, small marina on N shore of entry channel, S shore of Svenningen, opposite ferry terminal Ben Agrell

Page 203

K Krokholm, Sørarnøya No showers or restaurant in 2017. Page 205

C Fleinvær New ferry pontoon used by fast ferry service. Visitors’ pontoon has no electricity or water.

VII THE NORTH: Bodø to Tromsø Page 213 Engen, Holandsfjord John Sadd

Page 202

B Stranda, Bolga New 50m visitors’ pontoon to port of harbour entry. Water and electricity only ashore at root end of pontoon (2017). Exposed in E/NE winds. Fish gutting room, café with WiFi. Good walks. Ørnes 66º52'N 13º42'·1E Mainland harbour opposite the NE corner of Mesøya, wrongly shown as being in the Lustrafjord in the photo captioned Ornes on page 139.

N Helnessund, mainland New 45m concrete visitors’ pontoon with water and electricity. Boat yard and slip. Express ferry to Bodø. Ferry and other traffic makes anchoring in the sound inadvisable. S Torisneset, Mainland Sp should be Tørrisneset. Bogen 67º54'N 15º11'·5E Small mainland harbour S of and sheltered by Engeløy, on the S side of Vestfjord, E of Tørrisneset. Just E of 25m bridge linking mainland to Bogøya and Ål (then continuing in a big curve to Engeløy with only 1·3m clearance).

Bogen Jonno Barrett Ørnes Liz Redfern

Norway Supplement no.1

Y Tranøy, Mainland No water or electricity on the quay. There is now no café in the old trawler. 18

Page 218

Page 224

Stokkvika, Moskenesøy 67º53'·7N 12º51'·1E Anchorage in bay on SW coast of Moskenesøy, 4M N of Buvågen. Some shelter from outer islands.

G Ulvågen 68º16'·7N 14º55'·8E Small harbour to N of entry to fjord, N of charted anchorage; 15m pontoon with good shelter except from SE. Good walk on road N. 68º16'·6N 14º53'E

The scenic wild anchorage at the head to the W has good swinging room in 13m; in less than 13m it may be necessary to use a stern as well as a bow anchor.

SW Stokkvika, Moskenesøy Jonno Barrett

Page 219

F Moskenes No pontoon in 2017 suitable for yachts, other than for a short stop to pick up crew, and the harbour was not considered suitable for anchoring. G Reine Site of a British/Norwegian commando raid around Christmas 1941, described by David Howarth in his book The Shetland Bus. Kirkefjord (Kjerkefjord) No anchoring (underwater cables), but there are two mooring buoys, one of which held firm during a rough night with strongly gusting and changeable winds. Page 220

C Strømøy (Straumøya), Flakstadøy Good holding in 7m.

Ulvågen, Store Molle, head of short fjord Jonno Barrett

Page 230

Viking islands New bridge under construction 2017 between Grytøy and Sandsoy (F). H Harstad New wave breaker with narrow finger berths on the inner side. There is still swell from ferries and passing ships, and it is still likely to be uncomfortable in NE winds. New Trondenes Heritage Centre at Trondenes church, 3M (not 1M) N of Harstad. Page 231

D Lødingen, S Hinnøy Harbour exposed in winds from N through E to S. Visitor pontoons in the main harbour are untenable in onshore winds greater than F3-4. The marina has a hammerhead and a single pontoon with room for 3 to 4 yachts. Depths in part of the marina are less than 2m. Page 234

Q Narvik New War Museum in city centre.

Page 236

Strømøy (Straumøya) Ben Brown

D Ramberg The pontoons have been reconfigured, with a single long pontoon (water, electricity) ahead on entry, near fitness centre. Shorter wooden pontoon at N end of harbour (no power or water). Adjacent quays have wooden fenders but no power or water. Page 223

C Ørsvåg Good holding in 5m.

Norway Supplement no.1

A Grovfjord, Astafjord It is not advisable to anchor S of the peninsula, as a difference in the speed of tidal fall and the water level between the outer harbour and the inner pool causes strong eddies, especially on the ebb. Page 239

D Hamn, Bergsfjord New 50m pontoon, suitable for larger yachts. Page 244

A Town Harbour, Tromsø New pontoons, with wide finger berths, and berthing alongside. Water and electricity on pontoons. Payment meters. During March to May, many berths are occupied by ski-sail charter yachts, especially at weekends. Fuel from unmanned pontoon N of bridge on W shore; credit card to maximum 1,500NOK at automated pump. For showers, rent a room at the Ishavshotel. 19

C Eidkjosen Marina Diesel ) 47 90 01 65 71. Convenient for crew changes as it is near Tromsø airport, with good bus services. Privately owned supermarket. The Volvo agent on the other side of the bay has closed.

G Skjervøy Fast ferry to Tromsø. H Seglvik Fast ferry to Tromsø swings round inside mole. Page 258

VIII THE FAR NORTH: Tromsø to the Russian border

C Gullgruva, Isfjord E Fair weather short stay day anchorage only, to visit nearby hanging glacier.

Page 254

B Finnkroken, Grøtsund SW Private quay N of the islands at the S end of Reinøy.

F Jokelfjord village In July 2017 the yard was full of fish farm boats and equipment, with no space for visitors to moor.

Page 254

Page 267

Main and parallel routes In fresh SW winds a short uncomfortable chop builds up in the NE approach to Grøtsund. Calmer water can be found in Langsund(et) between Reinøy(a) and Ringvassøy(a). D Hansnes, Langsund 20m visitors’ berth N of pontoon reserved for ambulance boat. Depth 2m. Depths in the harbour have been found to be less than charted. No water, electricity, fuel. Local boats on finger pontoons in NW corner. The bank has closed. E Oldervik Shoal water S of the entry, formerly with a port hand marker. Enter from ESE rounding the starboard marker on the end of the mole. Page 255

G Vannvåg, Vannøy Moor alongside the substantial public wharf (former fishing wharf) on the S side (No.3 on Navionics chart); old tyre fenders, so a fender board is advised. Subject to violent squalls from surrounding mountains. Electricity from shed on wharf. Supermarket 50m. Diesel cans can be filled from pump outside the supermarket. First wharf to port of entry is for fishing boats. Small local fishing boats on pontoons in NW corner. In settled weather it might be possible to anchor between moles (outer moles shown on new charts) with a kedge to avoid swinging into the main channel. Page 256

B Nord-Lenangen Mole harbour berths may be full of local boats. The Sandneset shrimp plant wharf was still dilapidated in 2017. It is possible to anchor 1·2M S of the shrimp plant in 5-6m. Soft silt.

Photo in RH column: is of a pilot boat (not a lifeboat).

IX FARTHEST NORTH: Bjørnøya, Svalbard and Jan Mayen Page 289

E Hansbukta 77º00'·1N 15º39'·6E Anchorage is in a small picturesque lagoon with good holding, off Kamkiva in the SE corner of Hansbukta, S of the E side of the glacier. Page 290

After Akseløya (6th line) insert: Strong tides run with the flood and ebb through both the S and N passages between Akseløya and the mainland. B Josephbukta, Renardbreen The pool is silting and is now shallower, particularly on the sides. Page 291

H Akseløya Strong tides run with the flood and ebb through both the S and N passages between Akseløya and the mainland. Page 293

Flintholmen, Ekmansfjord 78º37'·7N 14º33'·5E N end of Nordfjord, N of Isfjord. Good holding in 10m S of Flintholmen. Breviksøyane, Ekmansfjord 78º40'·9N 14º30'·7E The Breviksøyane are small islands in the S part of Brevika, the bay at the head of the NW arm of Ekmanfjord. Anchor E of the islands in 10m. Good holding. B Bjonahamna, Templefjord The NW side is shallower than charted. Anchor in the NE below the huts.

D Lyngseidet Harbour subject to wash from frequent passing ferries. Three yellow mooring buoys for visitors. Shops include a vinmonopol.

Petuniabukta, Billefjord E Petuniabukta 78º42'·1N 16º35'E Alternative anchorage to Pyramiden.

Page 257

Page 298

Slettnes, Akkarvika, Arnøya 70º04'N 20º29'·5E The Akkarvika bight, at the SW corner of Langfjord on the S side of Arnøya, has good shelter from most winds, but is subject to squalls from the mountains to the NW. In a fresh SW wind short confused seas build up at the entrance. Moor alongside the fishing wharf (3-4m) at Slettnes on the W shore. Shoal S of the quay. Electricity from white shed on the quay. Anchor off the quay in 10-15m. The charted fish farm was not there in 2017.

E Trinityhamna This becomes a lee shore in katabatic winds. Caution when anchoring as there is considerable kelp on the bottom. Alternative anchorage further into the fjord on the N side.

Norway Supplement no.1

Page 300

A Hamiltonbukta Uncharted rocks round the islands and cliffs. B Alicehamna Good walk across the Bruceneset peninsula.


J Mossellaguna


79°53'·053N 16°03'·6E

Note revised position to anchor in 2·3m, sand, outside the lagoon. The position given in the book is just inside the lagoon. The name of Nordenskjöld’s ship, and the winter house he named after it, is Polheim (not Polhem).

Kvitøy Lagøya 2

2 Mollbukta, Lagøya 80°19’·28N 18°36’·47E Island off NW corner of Nordaustland. Mollbukta is its most northerly cove, with 10m at the entrance. Anchor in 6m. Sand. Inner bay has less than 3m.



Large almost landlocked lagoon with strong tidal stream (to 6+ knots; slack 3hr 45min after Longyearbyen HW). Straightforward entrance, 20m wide, 25m long, 6m deep (centre 80º05'·N 18º05'·06E), clean after 2m rocks to W (S: 80º05'·1N 28º05'·06E; N: 80º05'·14N 18º04'·37E). Useful anchorage from which to walk to the science base at Kinnvika, 2km.

Wahlenbergfjord Palanderbukta

Edgeøya 20



80°21’·12N 24°26’·36E

4 Storøya, Nordaustand(et) 80º08’·5N 27º57’·13E Incompletely charted island off Kap Laura, NE corner of Nordaustland. Anchor in 6m, fine gravel, on W side of island. Shallow and uneven but clean. A forward-looking echo sounder is useful as there is no detailed chart information. Rocky reef further inshore. Refuge hut and walrus colony on N shore. NB The island is incorrectly placed on Map Media charts.




3 Glenhalvøya, Orvin Land, Nordaustland(et) Peninsula off N coast of Nordaustland. Anchor in 5m. Good holding, sand and kelp. Rough shore of rocks. No refuge hut. 20m on approach via Poortsundet, between Søre and Nordre Repøya to N.


t te re st n e KONG KARLS A iks LAND Er Abeløya k i 6 Er Von Otterøya Nordneset Kongsøya Sørportan Arnesenodden 9 Wilhelmsøya Kapp Svenskøya Altmann Spitsbergen Bastianoyane Kapp 7 Hammerfest d B Ol ga un s str Barentsøya ley ete He 20 t d n C ansu em Fre n lope Hin

80°04'·42N 18°10'·9E

Glenhalvøya Andreeneset ´ 4 Storøya Sørodden

Murchisonfjord Nordaustland


Page 301

See new plan with additional anchorages marked in numerical sequence. New anchorages are as follows: 1 Claravåg(en), Nordporten, Nordaustland(et)


20 0



Belsaren Hopen

Hopen Radio

Nautical Miles Kapp Thor

INDEX Page 315

Separate Hankø and Hankøsund (2 entries, both 49) Add Hankøhavn, 49. Page 317

5 Faksevågen, Lomfjord 79º33’·2N 17º42’·4E Bight on W side of Lomford, W side of Hinlopen Strait, E coast of Spitsbergen.

Add Moihavn (Møyhamna) 192 (add (Møyhamna) Langårsund (Kragerø) not Langårasund

6 Von Otterøya Island 79º16’·5N 19º57’·5E Unsurveyed entrance, but no hazards encountered. Narrow entrance to sheltered lagoon with good holding.

Add Møyhamna (Moihavn) 192

7 Heleysund Newtonvika (Straumslandet) 78º40’N 20º59’·9E Good holding in small bay. 8 Agardbukta, Storfjord 78º02’·4N 18º36’·1E (After C Sundbukta, Barentsøya) Anchor in middle of bay, which feels exposed and is shallow. Holding on E side near the point is on rock with kelp.

Page 318 Page 319

Add Selvågen, 124 Add Sandnesvågen, 182 Page 321

Delete Urnes 138 Page 322

Add Østøya, Oslo, 56

Kong Karls Land 9 Antarcticbukta, Kongsøya, Kong Karls Land 78°49’.64N 28°03’.65E

Anchor off the SW corner of the island in 5m, keeping the regulation 600m offshore. Gently shelving bottom. Good shelter from N and E.

Norway Supplement no.1