Is The Bible True?

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A. The Bible is inspirited because of its unique 1. It was considered so important it was the

2. It cannot be boring if it is the bestseller ever year since 3. It cannot be outdated if it inspires

in print each year

B. The Bible is inspired because it is accurate and consistent 1. It is



Luke 2:1-4


2. The Bible is



Isaiah 40:22 & Hebrews 11:12

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C. The Bible is inspired because it does not fit any pattern of myths 1. Myths reflect the


, and

of certain people

2. In all cases myths defy chronology, they are without specific

Luke 1:5

3. Myths defy topography, they are without definite 4.

Myths are never completed at generation Luke 1:1-4

5. Myths never produce

Luke 2:4 telling and certainly not in the like the life of Jesus

D. The Bible is uncorrupted because it was transferred accurately

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1. We do not have just one copy someone could have corrupted thus corrupting 2. Because of so many copies it is easy to understand the truth when an error does actually show up 3. Jesus (proved to be God) has authenticated God’s word Matthew 5:17-18

E. The Bible is inspired because it sets the standard and measures up to it 1. The Bible declares it is the Word of God (Authoritative in all matters) Mk. 1:22 2. The Bible declares it is

Ps. 19:7

3. The Bible declares it is 100% accurate in 4. The Bible declares it is 5. The Bible declares it is not

Deut. 18: 20-22 Rom. 7:12 Rev. 22:18,19

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