January 2014

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Ministry Contacts Bookstore Jeff Baker, 614.259.5323

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Stephen Van Dop, 614.259.5303

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Dawn Stickel, 614.259.5503


Joyce Shuster, 614.259.5303

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Sarah Porto, 614.259.5409

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Valerie Middleton, 614.259.5242

Financial Ministry

Kent Irwin, 614.259.5505

FUSION: High School

Jackie Endsley, 614.259.5341

FUSION: Middle School

Jackie Endsley, 614.259.5341

Global Café

Benson Endicott, 614.259.5463

International Ministries

Macy McPeek, 614.259.5369

Joshua House

Tera Myers, 614.259.5415

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Laura Wallace, 614.259.5390

Men’s Life

Kwesi Kambon, 614.259.5237

Phase III



Sher Isaacs, 614.259.5328

Small Groups Life

Deb George, 614.259.5358

Support & Recovery

Debbie Johnson, 614.259.5289

Urban Ministry

Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441

Value Life

Diane Bauman, 614.259.5318


Tina Pinardi, 614.259.5305

Vineyard Institute

Ahdra Young, 614.259.5340


Liz Ward, 614.259.5335

Worship Arts

Danielle Evans, 614.259.5310

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Executive Asst. Shelley McWherter, 614.259.5313

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Admin. Asst. Jackie Endsley, 614.259.5341

Admin. Asst. Calah Todd, 614.259.5245

Admin. Asst. Calah Todd, 614.259.5245

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Admin. Asst. Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441

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Admin. Asst. Deb George, 614.259.5358

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4. What’s So Great About a Racially Diverse Church? by Rich Nathan

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Pastors may be reached by contacting his/her assistant at the extension given. All staff members are listed at vineyardcolumbus.org.

From the earliest days of my Christian faith, I knew that God has only one family because I read passages like this one: But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may proclaim the mighty acts of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. Once you were not people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy (1 Peter 2:9-10). All of God’s children fall into that one race – the race of those who have been adopted by God through the atoning death of Jesus Christ. But it took a couple of decades following my conversion to realize that this “one race,” “one family” diversity needed to be practically expressed and seen in every local congregation. And it took much prayer, great intentionality on the part of Vineyard Columbus’ leadership team and an extraordinary grace from the Lord to make Vineyard Columbus a multiracial church. Currently, about 14 percent of all churches in America are multiracial, defined as having at least 20 percent of the church’s members coming from racial groups different from the congregation’s majority race. Vineyard Columbus has at least 35 percent of our members who are not white Anglos, and we have attenders from over 110 different nations. So, what’s so great about a racially diverse church?

RACIALLY DIVERSE CHURCHES CHANGE THE WORLD. What kind of church does God use today to change the world? To answer that question, we must ask: What kind of church did God use at the beginning of Christian history to change the 1st century world? In Acts 13 we see that the church in Antioch,


which launched the first Christian mission, was ethnically and

in and failures are kept out, the gospel tells us that failures get in

culturally diverse (Acts 13:1-3). I find it interesting that the term

as well. The gospel is the only truly universal message. It applies to

“Christian” first began to be applied to followers of Jesus in

people who were adored by their parents and to people who were

Antioch. In other words, the church in Antioch was Christ-like

abused by their parents, bankers and the bankrupt, high school

to an unusual degree. They not only loved God; they loved other

valedictorians and high school dropouts, the able-bodied and

people unconditionally. When Jews love Gentiles and Gentiles

the disabled, doctors and patients, jailers and prisoners, blacks,

love Jews and they worship together in one integrated local

whites, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans – all are welcomed

church, it is a witness to everyone around. Observers would have

into God’s kingdom without regard to language, performance,

thought, “Obviously, Jesus is someone who breaks down dividing

race, national origin, or any other human characteristic. Nothing

walls between people.” The watching world learned that the

makes the universality of the gospel more self-evident than

Christian God was not just a tribal, or ethnic or national God. The

when someone walks into an obviously diverse church.

Christian God was Lord of all people!

Racial diversity is something we celebrate at Vineyard Columbus.


Every church ought to aspire to be at least as diverse as its

The church today is called to be a pointer to the coming kingdom.

surrounding community and to be intentional about breaking

When people step into a local church, they ought to experience

down dividing walls between races. All God’s children belong

something of the world to come. Why do we pray for the sick?

to one race – the race of those who have been adopted by God

Because in the coming kingdom, people will enjoy perfect health.

through the atoning death of Jesus Christ.

Why do we feed the hungry, comfort the grieving, reconcile broken marriages and deliver people from the power of the devil? It is because these are all pointers to the coming kingdom.

Parts of this article have been excerpted from Both-And: Living

The book of Revelation tells us that when the kingdom comes in

the Christ-Centered Life in an Either-Or World, by Rich Nathan and

its fullness, it is not going to look like an all-White church, or an

Insoo Kim (InterVarsity Press, 2013).

all-Black church. The coming kingdom is going to be thoroughly multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural.

A RACIALLY DIVERSE CHURCH LIFTS UP THE GOSPEL. Many people think that the gospel message is a narrow message inasmuch as people are saved only through Jesus Christ. But unlike every other message which tells us that the successful get

Mark Your Calendars: The Women’s Ministry of Vineyard Columbus will be hosting their annual Women’s Conference, “Father, Make Us One,” on February 27 – March 1, 2014 which will, in part, celebrate our diversity!


sermon series THE VINEYARD CORE: A Sermon Series

Saturday, January 4 – Sunday, February 2 The mission of Vineyard Columbus is for us to become “a community of passionate, mature, reproducing, Christcentered disciples . . . who transform the world by love and good deeds for the glory of God.” “The Vineyard Core” sermon series will define and refocus us on the essentials of Christcentered, kingdom discipleship: to seek His kingdom, power and glory in all things; to let Him transform our lives and our relationships; and to devote ourselves to His service in the church and His mission in the world. Together in this series, we will seek to realign our lives with all God intends for all called to be His disciples.


January 2014 • vineyardcolumbus.org

Core: Kingdom Discipleship

Thursdays, January 23 – February 20, 7-9pm A five-week class on the essentials of lifelong discipleship. This class is a priority next step if you are a new follower of Christ, new to Vineyard Columbus, or have been following Jesus for some time but need to re-establish overall rhythms of discipleship in your life. If you have attended Newcomer’s Class but have never attended CORE, then this class is for you. Taught by Andy Saperstein and other pastors, CORE will focus weekly on one central dimension of what it means to be a disciple of Christ in a Vineyard context, and help you establish strong habits of discipleship for the rest of your life. For childcare or more information, please contact Deb George, 614.259.5358 or [email protected].

Photo by Folkert Gorter

Looking for a Small Group? Check out the Small Group Finder at vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Small Group, or let an expert walk you through the process of finding a small group that’s just right for you. For more info, contact Deb George, 614.259.5358 or [email protected].

Welcome Dinner

Sunday, January 5, 1:30pm If you are new to Vineyard Columbus, please join us for a free catered meal in a casual, family-friendly environment. Register online. For more info, contact Mandi Grohoske, 614.259.5384 or [email protected].

Newcomer’s Class

Sunday, January 12, 2:30-6pm Taught by Senior Pastor Rich Nathan Meet pastors and learn more about the history and beliefs of Vineyard Columbus. This class is required for membership. No pre-registration is necessary, unless you need childcare (available for ages 1 and older). Register for free childcare online. Next Class: Sunday, March 16


C.S. Lewis Book Club

1st Mondays, 7pm For anyone who loves the writings of C.S. Lewis or wants to become more familiar with this masterful writer of Christian apologetics. We’ll begin with “The Great Divorce”–Lewis’ brilliant work in which he imagines what the afterlife might be like. For more information, contact Nancy Feick, feina_nf@ hotmail.com.

Jeremiah 30:2 Writer’s Group

2nd & 4th Mondays, 6:30-8pm This group will provide support, encouragement, inspiration and critique for writers. Come prepared to write, share and be a part of a community of writers who love the Lord. For more info, contact Jacqui Lewis-Lyons, 614.260.6637.

VC Francine Rivers Book Club

This women’s book club will focus on novels written by Francine Rivers. For more information, contact Jaimi Knisley, [email protected].

fusion: high school & middle school

FUSION: Middle School Ministry

Saturdays, 6pm & Sundays, 9am & 11:30am Come meet God through a relevant message, passionate worship and connecting with other students! We meet in the Community Center Dance Room during the main services.

joshua house The Service

Sundays, 6pm Joshua House is a community of people seeking to know God better. We gather together weekly for a service geared toward people in and around their 20s–young working adults, students, married couples, families and single people. Our style is informal, our message is relevant and our worship is modern. To learn more, check out joshuahouse.org.

JH Welcome Dinner

Sunday, January 26, after the JH service This is a great way to meet some of the JH leaders and get connected. For more info, contact Rudy Alexeeff, 614.259.5397.

Campus Opportunities

We have ministries at OSU, Columbus State, Capital University, CCAD and Otterbein. Contact Jess Gatton, 614.259.5288.

marriage & family life Chosen4Love

3rd Thursdays, 6:45-8:30pm, Vineyard Community Center Chosen4Love is a community of families with a passion for adoption and foster care. We serve as a resource for adoptive families and for people considering becoming foster or adoptive parents. We meet monthly (with childcare) for fellowship, sharing, prayer and periodic guest speakers. For more info, please contact Julie Pierce, 614.781.0392 or [email protected], or Peggy Steinbower, 614.890.4799 or [email protected].

Home School Network

We are a Yahoo! Group network designed to support homeschoolers. We offer information, moms’ prayer nights, social times for moms and their children and many other opportunities to connect. For more information, please contact Bethany DeCrane, 614.891.4002 or [email protected].

FUSION: High School Ministry

Saturdays, 6pm & Sundays, 11:30am Come meet God through a relevant message, passionate worship and connecting with other students! We meet on the second floor of the Ministry Center.

to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]



2nd Mondays, January 13, 7-9pm Ever wonder what a handful of people can do with a heart for orphans and a “yes” to God? Come hear how a group of adoptive parents came together to help save the life of one tiny boy in China and have since changed the lives of thousands of children through Love Without Boundaries Foundation. If you have a heart for orphans, please join us as we pray, identify God’s call on our lives, encourage and equip one another to do more. No registration is necessary. For more info, contact Christy Gammon, 614.259.5508 or [email protected], or follow us on Facebook (More4Orphans).

phase iii Phase III

A Ministry of time and talent for the third phase of life 1st Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am, Vineyard Community Center This ministry provides a place for retirees, those of retirement age, or those approaching retirement to connect, grow, serve, and lead in the Kingdom. Each meeting includes worship, a devotional, guest speakers and general discussion. Small groups break out for discussion and prayer to end the meeting. Special interest groups are encouraged to form within the larger group to bring those with similar interests together. For more info, contact Joanie Taddeo, [email protected].


Girlfriendz Night: “Making 2014 Count”

Friday, January 10, 7:30-9pm If you want more Christian girlfriends who listen, inspire and support you, join Sher, Singles Ministry Coordinator, as we connect and plan more girlfriend activities, groups and events. Snacks provided. Please register online.

Singles Movie Night: “Mr. Holland’s Opus”

Friday, January 31, 7:15pm A music composer takes a teaching job while, in his spare time, he strives to achieve his true goal. He discovers ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’ and as the years unfold the joy of sharing his contagious passion for music with his students becomes his new definition of success. Join us as we watch this inspiring movie and discuss it afterwards. Snacks provided. For more info, contact Urko Wood, [email protected].

Singles Book Club

1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 7pm, not meeting January 1 Please join us as we explore amazing books. In January we will be reading “Outlaw” by Ted Dekker and in February, “1 Step Away” by Eric Wilson. For more info, contact Karen Marshall, [email protected].


January 2014 • vineyardcolumbus.org

Free Social Friday Dance Classes

1st & 3rd Fridays, through May, 7:30-10pm These free dance classes are followed by practicing to music and socializing. Adult singles and married couples are welcome. No partner is necessary. Not a dancer? Come hang out and make new friends. No childcare is provided. Dress is casual. For more info, contact Debbi Brannon, [email protected].

Transforming Hearts Lunch Group

Every other Sunday, Raisin Rack, 2545 West Schrock Road Please join us after the 9am service to connect, grow and discuss the amazing morning messages. For more info, contact Mitzi Smith, 614.440.7691 or [email protected].

support & recovery Celebrate Recovery

Fridays, 7pm A Christ-centered recovery fellowship for those desiring to heal from any hurts, habits or hang-ups. This is a safe place to share pain, struggles, victories and hope with others focused on Christ-centered recovery. Meetings include worship, teaching, sharing and fellowship. Come experience God’s loving power to transform! No childcare available. For more info, contact Debbie Johnson, 614.259.5289 or support.recovery@ vineyardcolumbus.org.


VineyardKids Family Service Night

Friday, January 24, 7-8pm Bring the entire family for a night of worship, a family-friendly message, communion and prayer. No childcare, registration or sign-up needed.


Connect with us on Facebook. Find us by searching “Vineyard Columbus Women’s Ministry.”

Lil’ Tots Open Gym

Wednesdays, 10am-12pm, through May 28, not meeting January 1 Meet in the Community Center Gym for tons of fun. This free, open gym is designed for children ages 5 and under to promote social and gross motor development. Adults must accompany and supervise their children. For more info, contact Amanda Nash, [email protected].

Mom’s Refresh

Last Fridays, 9:30-11am Moms of young children gather to get refreshed in God. We have a time of worship, a short devotional and ministry time to help us recognize God in this crazy stage of life. We provide childcare at $3/child or $5/family for children ages 1-5 who are registered. Afterwards, we bring lunches and eat together with our kids from 11am-12pm. To register for childcare or for more info, contact Kayla Price, [email protected].

Soul Provider

A place to connect with God & other moms who are single “He restores my soul.” Psalm 23 2nd Fridays, starting January 10, 6:30pm “Soul Provider” will start up in 2014 with a new focus and new leadership! Please join us with your children for dinner, special kids’ programming and a time for spiritual encouragement and renewal with other moms who are single. Whether you were part of “Single Moms’ Connection” in the past or have never been to any Vineyard Columbus event for single moms, we invite you to Soul Provider. To register for dinner and childcare, please contact Carrie Lucas, 614.259.5345 or [email protected].

to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]



Thursdays, January 9-March 6, 6:30-8:30pm Is there more to life than meets the eye? At Alpha, you’ll join people from all backgrounds, religions and viewpoints to investigate questions about the existence of God, the afterlife, the claims of Jesus and more. It’s a place where you can get beyond religion and find a life-changing relationship with God, while forming long-lasting friendships with others on your journey. Dinner is free and so is childcare. Walk-ins welcome through January 23. To register or for more info, go to vineyardcolumbus.org/alpha or contact Jessica Schultek, 614.259.5235 or [email protected].

Are You a New Follower of Jesus?

We would love to help you get started in your journey. For more info, please contact Sue Burkett, 614.259.5379.

Baptism Classes

Saturdays, January 11 & 18, after 6pm service Sundays, January 12 & 19, after 9am & 11:30am services In order to participate in baptism you must attend one of the required classes listed above. More info on baptism may be found online or at the Info Counter in the Lobby.

Baptism Celebrations

Saturday, February 1, 6pm, Cooper Road Campus Sunday, February 2, 11:30am, Cooper Road Campus

Colossians & Philemon

Wednesdays, starting January 29, 7-8:30 pm, Pastor John Cook and Vineyard Columbus member Rick Morris (M. Div. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) team-teach Paul’s letters to the Colossians and Philemon. Each class stands alone; no need to attend every session. This class includes both teaching and interactive discussion. Classes will meet weekly through early March. No childcare is provided.

Exploring the Old Testament Wisdom Literature

Mondays, January 6 & January 13, 7-8:30pm Sam Fung teaches an introductory free class on Old Testament wisdom literature, including Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and other “wisdom” books. This interactive class includes teaching and discussion. Sam Fung is a Vineyard Columbus member with extensive experience teaching Old Testament wisdom books. No childcare is provided.

1 & 2 Timothy and Titus

Monday evenings or Tuesday mornings Mondays, starting January 27, 7-8:30pm Tuesdays, starting January 28, 10:15-11:45am Pastor John Cook teaches verse-by-verse through Paul’s three pastoral epistles with in-depth insight into his teaching and how to apply God’s Word to our lives. Detailed notes handed out. Each class stands alone; no need to attend every session. Classes are 90 minutes in lecture format. No childcare is provided.


Dig into the Word

Learn how to use four basic Bible study tools Saturdays, January 18 & 25, after the services Sundays, January 19 & 26, after the services This is a hands-on class where you will learn how to use the NIV Compact Nave’s Topical Bible, NIV Compact Concordance, NIV Compact Dictionary of the Bible and NIV Compact Bible Commentary together in 20 minutes. You will receive a free copy of NIV Compact Nave’s Topical Bible for attending.

empowered life

For more info about Empowered Life events, contact Valerie Middleton, 614.259.5242.

Open Prayer for Healing Sessions

Saturday, January 11 & 25, 9-11am Thursday, January 30, 7-9pm Open to anyone needing physical, emotional or deliverance healing prayer.


Formerly Holy Spirit Empowerment Night Friday, January 17, 7:30pm Encounter is an opportunity to engage the Holy Spirit through worship, the arts and spiritual gifts, encounter His presence and experience His power. All are welcome. No childcare is provided.

Healing 1: Intro to Healing Prayer

Saturday, February 15, 9am-2pm An overview of the healing ministry of Jesus, as well as Vineyard’s beliefs regarding prayer ministry and the Kingdom of God. This class is mandatory for anyone who wishes to be a part of the Prayer Ministry Team at VC. Please register online.

Small Group Leaders

Would you like someone to visit your small group to teach on hearing God, healing or other Empowered Life subjects? Contact Valerie Middleton, 614.259.5242 to find out more about our small group visitation teams.


January 2014 • vineyardcolumbus.org

Financial ministry

For more info about Financial Ministry events, contact Kent Irwin, 614.259.5505 or [email protected].

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

Classes: Tuesdays, February 4-April 1, 7-8:45pm Free Preview & Orientation: Tuesday, January 28, 7-8pm This nine-week comprehensive series on managing your personal finances is designed to teach how to gain control of your money, beat debt and build wealth. Cost is $95 per person or couple (married or engaged). Childcare (ages 3-9) is available. Pre-registration is not required, but is recommended. Register online at vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Dave Ramsey. More info is available online and at the free preview meeting.

Designing Your Legacy: Estate Planning Workshop

Saturday, February 15, 9:30am Learn how to pass on your values, not just your valuables. Learn from experts how to establish your own living trust, as well as other important issues and documents. Learn from experts, no pressure, no commitments, no cost. Pre-registration is not required, but is recommended. Register online at vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Estate Planning Workshop.

Perspectives 2014

Wednesdays, January 8-April 23, 6:30-9:30pm, at Xenos The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course offers a unique chance to focus on what the great commission is, and how it is directly relevant to your own intimacy with Jesus Christ who is your Lord and Savior. This is a 16-week course will be offered at Xenos Christian Fellowship (1340 Community Park Drive, Columbus 43229). Cost is $250. Registration and more info is available at perspectives.org.

marriage & family life

How2Become1 Premarital & Stepfamily Classes

Saturdays, January 4-February 8, 10am-12pm Open to all committed dating and engaged couples and those remarrying and/or creating a stepfamily. Learn how to have the kind of marriage God intended. Required for those getting married at Vineyard Columbus. Open to all. Cost is $10 per person. Register online. For more info, contact Mindy Layman, 614.259.5365 or [email protected].

God Wants to Restore Your Marriage– Begin Again Weekend

Saturday, February 22, 9-11:30am Free hands-on class to learn how to design and follow a budget, accelerate debt reduction, as well as receive a D. Ramsey Financial Peace University refresher and learn spiritual aspects of stewardship. Homework and pre-registration is required. Please bring a laptop to the class, if you have one. Register online at vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Budget Workshop.

Friday, January 10, 6:45-10pm Saturday, January 11, 8am-1pm Follow-up classes: Fridays, January 17-February 21, 6-9:30pm Interview & Application Deadline: Monday, December 30 A marriage restoration weekend with a six-week follow-up led by coach couples. Please attend Journey to Oneness as a prerequisite class. Application and interview process required. Applications are available online or by contacting Laura Wallace, [email protected].

Welcoming the Stranger

180–Men’s Sexual Wholeness

Budget Workshop

international ministries

men’s life

Monday, January 13, 10am-9pm & Tuesday, January 14, 9am-5pm Join us for a two-day conference that will offer practical training and opportunities to exchange ideas on loving and reaching those from other nations whom God is bringing to our communities. You don’t have to go overseas to do missions. The nations are right here at our doorstep. Let’s learn together how we can do missions in our own city. To register, visit vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Welcoming the Stranger.

Mondays, 7pm, not meeting January 20 Helping men recover from sexual sin and return to God. This ongoing recovery group is open to all men and meets weekly throughout the year. This group helps men live lives of purity in spite of years of sexual addictions as well as those struggling with sexual temptation. Includes worship, teaching, small group accountability, mentoring and prayer. For more info, contact John Doyel, 740.649.6050 or [email protected].

40-Hour Immigration Law Training

Monday-Friday, January 13-17, 9am-5pm World Relief and Vineyard Columbus are offering a week-long course on the basics of immigration law for those who are interested in serving immigrants specifically with their legal immigration needs. For more info, contact Janara Walker, janara. [email protected], or visit vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Immigration Training. to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]



DivorceCare for Women

Saturday, March 29, 9am-3:30pm Join us to find hope for a new, present or future relationship. Living Single enables you to take healthy steps toward all types of relationships. The DVD Series will be facilitated by Earl Fisher, Ph. D., [email protected]. Adults in the community welcome. This event is free, however workbooks will be available for $10 at the door. We will take a collection and order pizza or you may provide your own lunch. Please register online.


Living Single Seminar

You can find a complete list of our Support & Recovery groups online at bit.ly/vcsmallgroupfinder or by visiting the Small Groups Counter in the Lobby.

Tuesdays, January 7-February 25, 7-9pm This is an eight-week closed support group offering hope, healing, encouragement and accountability for women who want to be more hungry for God and less dependent on food (compulsive or emotional eating) or dieting (obsession with weight or exercise) to meet emotional needs. Meetings will include a short teaching, group discussion and prayer. There is no cost, but space is limited so preregistration is requested. For more info, contact Meg Kuta, [email protected].

Balanced Living Series: Living Free

Integrity for Women

support & recovery

Free Series Sponsored by Support and Recovery Tuesdays, January 7-28, 7-9pm Balanced is: 1. The ability to overcome instability. 2. Keeping everything in good proportion. 3. Mental steadiness and emotional stability. 4. Habit of calm behavior and judgment. 5. Taking everything into account. Do you need to improve your balance? Join us as we kick off this annual series with the topic of FREEDOM— from fear (January 7), from anger (January 14), from addiction (January 21) and from shame (January 28). For more info, contact Debbie Johnson, 614.259.5289 or debra.johnson@ vineyardcolumbus.org.

Caring for Loved Ones–Caregiver Support

Mondays, 7pm, not meeting January 20 If you provide long-term or short- term care, or if you are caring for a terminally ill loved one, you’re invited to join this support group. This co-ed caregiver’s group will provide understanding and a non-judgmental environment to help you as you care for your loved one. Each meeting includes teaching, personal sharing and ministry time. For more information, contact Debbie Johnson, 614.529.5289 or debra. [email protected].

Culture Shock USA

Fridays, January 10-February 28, 7:30-9:30pm Discussion and support for individuals and families new to the USA or recently returned from living abroad. Together we will learn how to process and adjust to the many life changes we are experiencing. Each meeting introduces a new relevant topic, discussion, practical help and prayer. Space is limited. To register, contact Janara Walker, janara.walker@ vineyardcolumbus.org.


Tuesdays, starting January 14, 7pm DivorceCare is a caring group of women who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. This group is closed after the third week. For more info, contact Merry Neff, 614.804.7426.

January 2014 • vineyardcolumbus.org

This group is for women who desire healing for sexual brokenness while finding freedom from addiction, shame and rejection. This group is cyclical and no new participants after the first class. Pre-registration is required. For more info, please email integrity.women@ hotmail.com.

Love to Stay

Thursdays, starting February 13, 7-9pm “Falling in love is easy, but staying in love takes courage, hard work, and lots of grace.” This class, based on the work by Adam Hamilton, is for couples of all ages who are interested in strengthening their healthy marriages. Participants will complete assigned reading and homework prior to each meeting. Group meetings will include a short video presentation, group discussion, personal sharing and prayer. Cost of book is $15. For more info, contact Debbie Johnson, 614.259.5289 or [email protected].

Loving Someone with Mental Illness

1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7-9pm Support group for families and friends of people with mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, borderline personality disorder, etc.). Each meeting includes a short teaching and plenty of time for discussion and prayer. For more info, contact Jane Flewellen, jflewellen@columbus. rr.com or Karen Twinem, [email protected].

Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

Thursdays, January 16-March 6, 7-9pm This eight-week co-ed class will provide biblical wisdom and hope for those struggling with depression and anxiety. Each class includes a time of teaching, sharing, homework and prayer. Pre-registration required by first class. To register or for more info, contact Toni King, [email protected].

Understanding Anger & Conflict

Wednesdays, starting January 8, 7-9pm These eight to 10-week co-ed classes are open to all and can be joined at any time. There is no cost and no registration. For more information, contact the Support & Recovery team, 614.259.5289 or [email protected].

vineyardkids AWANA

Discipling for Kids in 1st–5th Grade Tuesdays, January 7-May 27, 7-8:30pm Awana will help to shape values, build character and provide the tools needed for students to develop a strong moral foundation through: Biblical teaching, Scripture memorization, building relationships with leaders and peers and by HAVING FUN! Cost is $25/child and includes a T-shirt and workbooks. Register and pay online with a credit card at vineyardcolumbus. org, keyword AWANA, or sign-up and pay by cash or check at the VineyardKids or Kidz Quest counter during the weekend services. For more info, contact Ryan Hatfield, 740.404.2517 or [email protected].

Baby Dedication Classes

Saturdays, February 1 & 8, 7:45pm Sundays, February 2 & 9, 1:15pm Application deadline: Sunday, February 9 Attendance is required on a one-time basis. Please bring your completed application to the class. These are available online and at the Info Counter. Baby Dedication: Saturday, February 22, 6pm & Sunday, February 23, 11:30am

Kidz Quest Winter Camp: “Got Friends?”

Friday-Saturday, February 7 & 8, Delaware, OH Overnight camp for 2nd-5th grade students at the Greenwood Lake Camp in Delaware. Sign-up online or at the VineyardKids or Kidz Quest Counter during the weekend services. Cost is $50 per child. Registration closes on January 12.

Kidz Worship Training Club

Kidz & FUSION Middle School Worship Training Club Saturdays, February 15-March 15, 3-5pm For kids in 3rd-8th grade who would like to learn more about worship and participate in leading worship for Early Childhood, Kidz Quest, Club 4:12 and FUSION Middle School. We are offering training for voice, drama, motion leading/ dance, media arts (running sound and the computer), visual art (painting and drawing as worship), set design, puppets and djembe/percussion. For those who are currently taking private lessons, we offer training in guitar, keyboard and drums. Cost is $10. Space is limited. Register at the Kidz Welcome Counter or online at vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Kidz Worship Training. For more info, email Lilia Morales, lilia.morales@ vineyardcolumbus.org.


Hearts Restored Support Groups 10-Week Hearts Restored Group Mondays, 7-9pm, for 10 weeks When women experience sexual betrayal in marriage, they are in crisis and need understanding and encouragement. This 10week group is designed to be a safe place for betrayed women to find the support they need. Closed after the first week. For information on the next session or to register in advance, contact [email protected]. Ongoing Hearts Restored Group 2nd & 4th Mondays, 7-9pm This ongoing group is open to anyone who feels they need help. At each meeting, there will be a short teaching, but the main focus will be on sharing and prayer. No registration is necessary. For more information, please contact Janet or LeAnne, [email protected].

other opportunities Deaf, Deaf World

Saturday, February 22, 10am-2pm A free missions adventure for everyone to have a non-speaking experience designed to develop sensitivity to and increase awareness of communication methods of deaf and hard of hearing people. For more info, contact Deb Petermann, 614.259.5257 or Marsha Moore Deaf Services, 614.841.1991 (V/TTY).

to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]


If you are not sure where you want to serve, or want to explore other opportunities, please contact Diane Bauman, 614.259.5318 or [email protected]. You can also find a complete list of our Serve & Lead opportunities at vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Serve and Lead.


Volunteer Opportunities

Below are a number of ways to serve in the Bookstore: - Edit Discover the Bible classes using a program called Wavelab. Training available. Contact Jim Beightler, 614.915.4171 or [email protected] (subject line: DTB editing). - Volunteer: - Sundays before and after Joshua House service twice amonth. - Wednesdays & Thursdays, 3-6pm - Fridays, 12-5pm Contact Jeff, 614.259.5323 or [email protected].

community center

Community Center Health Clinics Info Meeting

Wednesday, January 15, 7-8pm Vineyard Community Center may have the opportunity to collaborate with Lower Lights Christian Health Center to take the foundation and legacy of Vineyard Free Health Clinics ministry and dramatically expand its scope and influence. Please come to this Information Meeting, and bring your best questions, concerns and ideas! For more info, contact Will Shearer, [email protected] or Kerry Davis, [email protected].

Teach a Class at the Community Center

If you are a member of Vineyard Columbus and have a heart for sharing your talents with the community, consider teaching a class at Vineyard Community Center! We will soon be working on our programming for Spring and Summer, and would like to include your program. Computer training, education, dance, gymnastics, arts, sports and fitness are just some of the areas in which you can serve. We are open to new program ideas as well. For more info on how to get started, contact Kerry Davis, 614.259.5502 or [email protected].

Volunteers Needed to Welcome at VCC

Once a week, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, 5:30-7:30pm We need volunteers to greet people coming into the building, answer phones and direct people to classrooms. No experience necessary, just a desire to love and serve people! Our greatest need is during the hours of 5:30-7:30pm on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. For more info, contact Amy Francis, 614.259.5366 or [email protected].


January 2014 • vineyardcolumbus.org

global café

Global Café Volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers who are welcoming and share our desire to reach others for Christ through an enriched atmosphere of music, art and tasty cuisine. For a complete list of ways you can volunteer, visit vineyardcolumbus.org/ ministries/global-cafe/serve-lead.

international ministries VC International Teams

For more information about our teams sharing Jesus overseas, pick up a copy of Global Impact in the Lobby, or e-mail us at [email protected].

Disaster Relief Volunteers Needed

VC is forming teams to serve in disaster relief response, locally, regionally or nationally. We’re looking for men and women interested in serving in the following capacities: first response, search and rescue, shelter support, debris clean-up and construction. If you have interest in any of these areas, please contact Janara Walker, 614.259.5410 or [email protected].

International Friendships (IFI)

To serve with International Friendships (IFI), a ministry that partners with Vineyard Columbus to show hospitality and share God’s love to international students at OSU, please see the volunteer opportunities below. For more information, contact Jessica Burchett, [email protected], or Jon-David Hawks, 740.258.4042 or [email protected].

English Conversation Partner or Friendship Partner

Become a conversation partner for an international student. Meet weekly or bi-weekly to help them practice their English, learn about American culture, and more! We are also looking for individuals and families to be friendship partners. Meet with an international student or couple once a month for a meal or other activity. Invite then to join you in an activity you are already doing or plan something special to do together (Friendship Partners). For more info, visit ifipartners.org/ culture-cuisine-church-small-groups.pdf.

Meals for Friday Night Bible Studies IFI needs people to help organize, prepare and distribute food at these meetings. If you or your small group are interested in serving, contact Tiria, [email protected].


urban ministry

Random Fridays We need good organizers and communicators to help make people feel welcomed, develop strong friendships and get connected into our community through activities and events. For more info, contact Sher Isaacs, sher.isaacs@ vineyardcolumbus.org.

Barbers Needed

Girlfriendz Group Volunteers Needed

Social Fridays Dance Class Volunteers Needed

1st & 3rd Fridays, through May, 7:30-10pm If you like helping people feel welcome or know how to Cha Cha, Swing, Rumba and Waltz, join our team and be a part of one of the most fun ministries at Vineyard Columbus. For more info, contact Debbi Brannon, [email protected].

small groups

Intro to Leadership

Saturday, January 25, 9am-1pm, no registration needed If you want to become a leader in any ministry at Vineyard Columbus, start here. Learn about our history, vision and values, and qualifications for leadership. Includes a review of various opportunities for leadership in the church. For more info, contact Deb George, [email protected].

support & recovery

Become a Lay Counselor

Lay counselors are trained Vineyard Columbus members who come alongside brothers and sisters in Christ going through difficult seasons. Contact the Support & Recovery Team, 614.259.5289 or [email protected].

Become a Support & Recovery Group Leader

If you’ve benefited from support and healing during a difficult life situation, consider leading a support or recovery group. S&R groups provide an opportunity to experience love and healing alongside those with similar struggles. For more info, contact the Support & Recovery team, 614.259.5289 or [email protected].

Core Training for Support & Recovery Leaders

Saturday, February 15, 9am-3pm, pre-registration required This is required training for current and potential support group leaders, lay counselors and Celebrate Recovery leaders covering the fundamental theology, skills and character necessary to serve in the Support & Recovery Ministry. To register or for more information, contact Debbie Johnson, 614.259.5289 or [email protected].

Urban Ministry is a bridge between our church and the people of Columbus. We give food to the hungry, care for the sick and bring hope to prisoners and the homeless. For a complete list of opportunities to serve, please visit vineyardcolumbus.org or contact Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or [email protected]. We have a barbershop now at both our pantries. Licensed barbers are needed on Saturday mornings to give some time and talent to shaping up those who could benefit from a free haircut. If you’d like to volunteer, contact Rhodie.

Food Pantry Volunteers

Fruit of the Vine Food Pantry 181 East Fifth Avenue Individuals may stop by any Saturday to volunteer from 8:3011:30 am. Small groups need to be scheduled to serve at this location, so please contact Rhodie. Northside Food Pantry 4664 Cleveland Avenue Individuals and small groups can stop by any Saturday from 8:30-11:30am to volunteer. Please carpool if possible, as we have limited space available for parking. When volunteering, please plan to stay 30 minutes longer to help with clean-up at both pantries. You can also help once a month to sort food at Vineyard Columbus. More info about each pantry is online at vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Food Pantries, or request a detailed info sheet by email from Rhodie.

Community Fellowship Dinner

1st Wednesdays, 6pm; meeting January 8 due to holiday; Volunteers arrive 5:30-5:45pm, Northside Food Pantry, 4664 Cleveland Avenue Before volunteering, you must contact Lorraine Mercado to sign up, 813.507.9388 or [email protected].

Monday Night Service

Mondays, 6pm, Fifth Avenue Food Pantry, 181 East Fifth Ave Small groups can plan, prepare and serve a meal (we can provide meal ideas) as we reach out to our neighborhood friends with worship, dinner, Bible study, fellowship and prayer. For more information, contact Kelly, 614.915.2743 or [email protected].

Aunt Mary’s Wrapping Group

3rd Mondays, 6-8pm We are looking for volunteers to gift wrap books and CDs for mailing as a part of our Aunt Mary’s Story Book program which enables incarcerated moms to record themselves reading a book to their child. For more info, contact Misty Wieging at 614.537.1647 or [email protected].

to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]


Drivers Needed–Serve the Homeless Community

Prison Ministry Training–Prison Basics

Rebecca’s Place Women’s Shelter

Visiting the Elderly

We Need Five New Drivers for Sunday Drive one Sunday a month, 7:15am-12:15pm Would you have some time to bring our homeless friends to the 9am Sunday service? Pick up and drop off using our ministry van from the downtown area. Must be a Vineyard Columbus member with a good driving record. For more info, contact Buddy, 614.306.5912 or [email protected]. Small Groups Needed to Serve Find out how your small group can show the love of Jesus by preparing and serving hot meals for the women at this shelter located on the eastside near the Bexley area. Contact Jenney Rice, 614. 259.5370 or [email protected].

Prison Ministries

Bryden Place: Thursdays, 7:20-8:30pm, 1169 Bryden Road Minerva Park: 2nd Sundays, 2pm, 5460 Cleveland Avenue Sterling House: 1st & 4th Sundays, 2-4pm, 6377 Cooper Road For a service and visit with the dementia patients. Also, Forest Hills needs volunteers to lead Bible studies for residents. For more info, contact Chuck Fisher, 614.259.5403. We are always open to new ministries in other locations.

Juvenile Prison Ministry

vineyard institute (vi)

Help inmates grow into disciples of Christ. Thursdays, 7-8:30pm, Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility Mentor an incarcerated male youth twice per month. Contact Jeff Wahl, 614.579.1061 or [email protected].

Scioto Juvenile Prison Ministry Mondays, 6-7:30pm, Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility We need men with construction or handyman backgrounds to help provide basic construction training for incarcerated youth. Contact John Holt, 614.554.3797.

Women Serving Women–Prison Ministry

There are different ministry opportunities for women to serve in at the Ohio Reformatory for Women, Scioto Juvenile and Franklin Medical Center–Zone A. Lots of stuff going on! Become a part of changing lives. For more info, contact Deborah Scott, 614.259.5348 or [email protected].

Men Serving Men–Prison Ministry Franklin County Jail, Jackson Pike & Delaware County Jail We minister to men at two facilities at worship services. Volunteer with worship, prayer team or just help at the service. Delaware County Jail: 1-2 Saturdays/month, 10-11:30am Franklin County Jail: 3rd Saturdays, 8-10:30am

Jackson Pike: 3rd Saturdays, 6:45-8:45pm

Contact Scott Osborn, 740.244.6528 or [email protected]. Franklin County Jail: 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 8-10:30am Contact John, 614.578.8371 or [email protected].


Saturday, January 25, 9am-12pm If you are interested in serving in one of the prison ministries, please consider attending this class. Here you will gain basic understanding of the culture, learn the rules of the institution and how to build a bridge of friendship in this particular context. To register or for more info, contact Deborah Scott, 614.259.5348 or [email protected].

January 2014 • vineyardcolumbus.org

Vineyard Institute (VI) is the premier educational provider for the Vineyard movement, formed to develop leaders at all levels of church life through high quality theological training. Visit usa.vineyardinstitute.org to apply. For more info, contact Rob Kasper, 614.259.5314 or [email protected].


Kidz Worship Training Club

Saturdays, February 15-March 15, 2-5:15pm We are looking for gifted, energetic people to teach groups of four-ten kids (3rd-8th grade) in hip-hop dance, spoken-word, drama, piano and percussion. For more info, contact Lilia Morales, [email protected].


Women’s Ministry Leadership Training

Wednesdays, January 22-February 19, 7-9pm If you feel God is calling you to lead, or if you want to help women grow in their relationship with God, then consider going through this training. For more info, contact Connie Houchins, 614.259.5330 or [email protected].

Women’s Ministry Event Team

We’re looking for women who enjoy meeting people, serving others and offering hospitality. You can be involved in promoting the event, administration, greeting, registration, etc. We have a great time serving together and would love to have you join us! For more info, contact Liz Ward, 614.259.5335 or [email protected].

Volunteer with Lil’ Tots Open Gym

Weekend Service Media Arts Team

Human Trafficking Updates

other opportunities

Wednesdays, through May 28, not meeting January 1 Do you have a heart for young children? Every week, we have over 100 parents and young children coming to make new friends and have a good time at Open Gym. We need greeters and people to set up and tear down all our amazing toys. You can serve for two Wednesdays a month and help provide a safe, fun place for our Lil’ Tots to play. For more information, contact Amanda Nash, [email protected]. Would you like to receive email updates related to what Vineyard Columbus is doing to fight human trafficking? Contact Connie Anderson at [email protected]. Facebook users: check out the “Price of Life - Great Lakes East Region” Facebook page for regular updates on the global, national and local fight against human trafficking and ways that you can get involved.

worship arts

Choir Audition/Interest Meeting

Sunday, January 12 After Cooper Road Campus 9am & 11:30am services If you’re interested in joining our Worship Choir, you’re invited to meet with Laurie Dietsch to audition and learn about being part of this ministry. For more info, contact Danielle Evans, 614.259.5310 or [email protected].

“I’ll Bring You More Than a Song” – Matt Redman

The Worship Arts Ministry is looking for experienced musicians (all instruments and vocalists) for our Worship Teams at the Cooper Road Campus, Sawmill Campus, Lane Avenue Campus, East Campus, Joshua House, FUSION: High School and FUSION: Middle School services. If you are musically gifted, sense God’s calling and have a passion for worship, pick up a worship application at the Info Counter or contact Danielle Evans, 614.259.5310 or [email protected]. We are specifically looking for drummers, bass players, horn players (saxophone, trumpet, trombone), bi-lingual vocalists and people who play instruments specific to countries other than the United States.

Be a part of the team that supports the weekend services. We need skilled volunteers to help with live video, live graphics, lighting, camera, audio mixing and stage work during the weekend services, especially for Joshua House. Computer experience preferred for live graphics and video. Experience required for audio mixing. No experience is needed for camera, stage and lighting. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us at [email protected].

Baker’s Delight

Calling all bakers who have the heart to serve for outreach ministries and opportunities. We serve the women’s shelter, single moms, children’s volunteers, various Women’s Ministry events, Newcomer’s Class, nursing homes and many others. Great for friends, families and small groups who are looking for outreach opportunities. For more info, contact Mia Byrne, 614.751.5083 or [email protected].

Instagrammers Wanted

If you’re a photographer, or you know what makes a great Instagram photo, we could use your help bringing VC to Instagram. We’re looking for dedicated volunteers to photograph our events and groups. Send your photo samples to [email protected].

Ohio Benefit Bank Counselors Needed

Tax season is right around the corner. We need volunteers to guide clients through a user-friendly, web-based computer program in order to access public benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid, free tax filing and other programs. This program is easy and rewarding! If you are a church member and would love to serve in this way, contact Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or [email protected] (to serve at the Fifth Avenue or Northside Food Pantries), or contact Maria Broeckel, 614.259.5296 or [email protected] (to serve in the Vineyard Community Center). More info can be be found online at ohiobenefits.org.

Early Childhood Worship Ministry

Share your love for Jesus with children through music! Volunteer to lead children in worship once a month during our weekend services. Contact Myra Gaiters, 614.259.5486 or [email protected].

to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]



Maritza L. Perez felt like a gypsy for two years. At the peak of her career, an unexpected layoff left her without a home and uncertain about her future. She and her little dog traveled in her car with just some clothes and personal belongings in suitcases from 2010 to 2012. They stayed with several friends and relatives in New York and Ohio, moving when one obstacle followed another. Little did Maritza know that the Lord was preparing her for something better.

Maritza had a busy life outside of work, too. She was very involved in Hispanic affairs in the State of Ohio, which led to her involvement in politics. She traveled, was interviewed in the news and lived very comfortably. She began visiting Vineyard Columbus after more than 20 years of not attending church. It was close to her home and once she came, she was “hooked.” She even served in VineyardKids teaching 3 and 4-year-olds on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. Never did she expect a layoff to radically alter her life.

Maritza grew up in Hispanic East Harlem in New York City. Her parents were from Puerto Rico but had very different backgrounds. Her dad was an atheist, her mom and sister attended mass, and Maritza attended church with neighbors who became like a second family to her. At church she met and married a young man. They had a son, but the marriage ended after seven years. She went back to school and earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Bilingual Education. She then earned her master’s degree in Bilingual Special Education. She worked with kids who lived in poverty with at-risk parents and later with kids who came from wealthy homes. Eventually Maritza changed careers feeling overwhelmed by the heartache and injustice she witnessed on a regular basis. She transitioned into sales and did very well. Her career took her to higher education in Cleveland and finally to diverse marketing and programming in Columbus.

Even before her employer laid her and hundreds of coworkers off, Maritza wanted to know God better. She used to pray every day driving to work and back, “Lord, please let me feel You. Let me feel You deeper in my heart. I need You to guide me and tell me what to do. Please put the right words in my mouth, the feeling in my heart, the thoughts in my mind. But the thing I want is to feel You more than I’m feeling.”

Background photo by Folkert Gorter

January 2014 • vineyardcolumbus.org

After her layoff, Maritza put all her belongings in storage in Syracuse, New York and began moving from house to house. When she finally returned to Ohio a year later, she lived with a friend and felt the Lord drawing her. She needed Him so much more than ever before and wanted to serve Him. Maritza returned to Vineyard Columbus, surrendered her life to the Lord and began to seek friends there. She joined a small group, Cross-Eyed, which she

credits with making all the difference in her life. She told her group, “I need a job.” Because of differences with her roommate, whom she dearly loved but repeatedly declined Maritza’s invitations to church, Maritza eventually told the small group, “I just can’t live here any longer.” The small group, led by Judi Irwin and Ann Geter, prayed for and encouraged her. Gradually Maritza saw those prayers answered. She contacted a former coworker in New York for advice about returning to a company she had worked for from 1981 to 1996. He notified a colleague in Ohio who interviewed and hired Maritza. Still she needed more income to move out and have a place of her own again. Her small group continued to pray and she began to make the necessary income.

Soon after simplifying her lifestyle, the Lord spoke to her about preparing her for “something better.” After her small group talked about witnessing and each had practiced telling their faith stories, Maritza began to see the Lord use her in a new way. She made a cold call on a business, met the owners of a struggling business and ended up inviting them to Vineyard Columbus’ new Spanishspeaking service, La Viña. They loved the church and even stood to receive Christ one Sunday. Through her networking group, Maritza was able to introduce them to a financial planner who makes calls near their rural Ohio town. She felt she was just in the right place at the right time, and God had used her to bring hope and practical help to this family and their business.

Finally, in group one night, she reflected on the Lord’s kindness. “He’s answering my prayers. He got me the job, and helped me make the income to pay my expenses.” Judi and Ann agreed and helped her see how God had been listening and working on her behalf. Maritza commented, “You need to be around people that recognize the good things the Lord is doing for you and that are happy for you.” She appreciated that these friends prayed for her, putting into words things she might not have been able to say, and later applauded when the Lord answered those prayers.

Ann Geter had been praying for Maritza a week before that happened. Ann had felt the Lord say He had special things lined up for Maritza, so Ann emailed her. After helping these business

Finally Maritza traveled back to Syracuse to clear out her storage locker. Some of the items had molded and other things she realized she no longer needed. She sold a washer and dryer but gave away many other possessions, including china, crystal, linens and books. She threw out two file cabinets of memorabilia documenting her past accomplishments. Her friends in New York and small group in Ohio were stunned. She had learned to be content with a more simple life. Maritza said, “I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was just peeling away the past. Getting rid of the past. … The things that I just thought were so important to me, that I was holding on to all these years because I thought were so precious to me, didn’t mean anything. … I just felt like a weight was taken off my shoulder … That’s the past. I’m done with the past.”

owners, Maritza called Ann who kept saying, “I told you so, Maritza!” Ann and Judi have also commented to Maritza that she’s not the same person who came to their group a year earlier. They have seen the Lord transform her life and often remind her of what a changed person she is. Maritza can’t believe the way the Lord is using her now. “I’m selling. And I come across people in all walks of life, and I like it. And I find myself lately witnessing not because I’ve chosen to but because the Lord is using me whichever way He wants. And I’m here for Him.” She also admits that all the things she’s done in the past are “not as important as being here and serving the Lord. My life means so much more. … I’m a much happier person.”

To find out more about joining a small group that’s just right for you, contact Deb George, 614.259.5358 or deb.george@ vineyardcolumbus.org.


American Red Cross Blood Drive

Wednesday, January 15, 4-9pm, Cooper Road Campus Lobby To schedule an appointment, you may call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE, visit redcrossblood.org/donating-blood, or just stop by!

Aunt Mary’s Story Book Project

Monday, January 13 (instead of January 20) Women Serving Women prison ministry offers a program to incarcerated moms that enables them to record themselves reading a book to their child. We gift wrap the CD and the book to send to the children. We are now accepting donations of new gift wrapping paper, CDs (blank CD-R, preferably printables) and bubble mailing envelopes (“Airjacket” sizes 4, 5 and larger). Please contact Deborah Scott, 614.259.5348 or [email protected]

Bag Compassion/Homeless Donations

For our pantries: bar soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental picks, razors, soap, shaving cream, combs, hair brushes, shampoo, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, laundry soap and deodorant. We would also love clean new/used blankets, men’s only T-shirts, jeans and large socks for our homeless outreach. Please mark and place donations in the Urban Ministry bins located near the church entrances.

Haiti Orphanage Donations

Help us support our partnership with Eyes Wide Open Int’l. by donating new items for children (ages 2-18). Flip flops, packages of underwear, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and girls’ hair bands are needed. For more information, contact Sher Isaacs, [email protected] or drop off donations in a bag or box clearly marked “Singles/Haiti.”

Maize Road Elementary Needs

As a community partner since 2008, we know many children are raised by under-employed or unemployed single moms. Please bless those in need by donating new or gently used outerwear, hats, gloves and scarves in youth sizes S-XL. Please drop off donations marked “Singles/Maize.”

Planned Giving

If you would like to discuss estate planning, contact Kent Irwin, 614.259.5505 or [email protected].


January 2014 • vineyardcolumbus.org

Value Life Donations

We desperately need pack-n-plays, diapers, Similac brand formulas (mainly Similac Advance) and 0-3 months onesies and sleepers. We also need infant car seats, winter crib blankets, receiving blankets, baby wash, bottles and wipes. Items can be dropped off in the Ministry Center Lobby at the Value Life donation area. Financial donations can be made by writing “Value Life” in the memo line of your check. For more information, contact Diane, 614.259.5318 or diane.bauman@ vineyardcolumbus.org.


Dating Coach Program

This free program includes 4-6 sessions with dating coaches, access to an online inventory that identifies areas of strength and desired growth in your relationship, and personalized worksheets to help enrich your relationship. For more info or to receive an application, please contact Mindy Layman at 614.259.5365 or [email protected].

Funeral Needs

If you are a member of Vineyard Columbus and in need of funeral and pastoral care services, please call 614.206.7802.

Food Pantries

Our Urban Ministry has two food pantries that serve the community of Columbus. For more info, contact Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441 or [email protected], or visit vineyardcolumbus.org, keywords Food Pantries.

Hospital Visitation

If you are a regular attender of Vineyard Columbus and in need of visitation for short-term hospitalization, please call the hospital visitation line, 614.259.5239. If you need visitation for long-term hospitalization, rehab, nursing home or home visitation, please contact Valerie Middleton, 614.259.5242

Immigration Counseling Services

Saturdays, 10am-12pm, Community Center We provide low-cost consultations for those who need assistance with the immigration process. Our services include, but are not limited to, filing of applications for a green card, citizenship and relative petitions. No walk-ins; by appointment only. Consultations are $30. All information is confidential. For more information, please contact Kyla Snow, 614.259.5289 or [email protected]. Se habla español.

Lay Counseling

Vineyard Columbus has a team of lay counselors who desire to bring the love of Christ to those who are hurting. If you’re a member or regular attender and would like to meet with a lay counselor, please apply. Applications may be found at the Info Counter (before or after the weekend services), with our receptionists (M-F between 8:30am-5pm) or online. For more info, contact Alicia Streicher Miller, 614.259.5466 or [email protected].

Parent Coaching

Marriage & Family Life offers a coach ministry in which parent coaches encourage and equip parents to honor God and reflect His love to their children. If you are interested in being coached as a parent, please contact Carol McClure, 614.259.5393 or [email protected].

Professional Counseling Center

The Vineyard Counseling Center’s clinically-trained counselors offer a biblically-based approach to help people achieve wholeness in all aspects of their lives. We also have male and female Graduate Candidate Interns, $15/session, with experience in seeing children, teens, adults and married couples. For more information or to make an appointment, call 614.259.5409.

The Ohio Benefit Bank

The Ohio Benefit Bank assists moderate to low income families apply for over 20 public benefits, such as food stamps, Medicaid and HEAP. Veterans can get assistance in accessing records and applying for educational benefits too. Call the OBB hotline, 614.259.5352, for an appointment at the Vineyard Community Center. OBB assistance at our Fifth Avenue or Northside Food Pantries is available Saturdays from 8-11am. Call 614.259.5441 for an appointment.

Medical Clinic – Cooper Road: 1st & 3rd Tuesday evenings. Walk in, first come, first served. We can see 10-20 patients (dependent upon staffing). Sign-in begins at 5:30pm; line forms earlier. We provide diagnosis and treatment of illnesses only. Basic work physicals available by calling 614.259.5428 prior to coming to the clinic. No lab tests, injections or X-rays.

Dental Clinic –

Fifth Avenue: Thursday evenings. For residents of all zip codes. Walk in, first come, first served (usually the first four people are seen). Sign-up posted by 7am Thursday. Must return no later than 5:30pm to be seen. We provide dental exams, X-rays, fillings and extractions. No wisdom teeth, bridgework, orthodontics or dentures.

Dental Clinic –

Cooper Road: By appointment only. We provide dental exams, fillings, extractions and cleanings. No wisdom teeth, bridgework, orthodontics or dentures. Call Fridays, 9-9:45am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428.

Vision Clinic – Fifth Avenue & Cooper Road: By appointment

only. We offer eye exams and vouchers for free glasses to those who qualify. Call Fridays, 10-10:30am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428.

Chiropractic Clinic –

Cooper Road: By appointment only. We provide evaluation and short-term care for those with pain involving the head, neck, back or joints. No X-rays. No ongoing care. Call Fridays, 10-10:30am to schedule appointments, 614.259.5428.

medical needs

Free Medical, Chiropractic, Dental & Vision Clinics

Vineyard Free Health Clinics: 6000 Cooper Road, Westerville & Fifth Avenue Clinic, 171 East 5th Avenue, Columbus We provide free medical, chiropractic, dental and vision care to patients who have no Medicare, Medicaid or health insurance and incomes below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. For more information, call 614.259.5428. Si usted sólo habla español, puede comunicarse con la clínica latina al 614.293.9906.

Medical Clinic –

Fifth Avenue: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Wednesday evenings. Walk in, first come, first served. We can see 10-12 patients (dependent upon staffing). Sign-in begins at 5:30pm; line forms earlier. We provide diagnosis and treatment of illnesses only. No lab tests, injections, physicals or X-rays.

to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]






ministries HS • fusion: high school IFI • international friendship JH • joshua house M & FL • marriage & family life MS • fusion: middle school S & R • support & recovery

Exploring the Old Testament Wisdom Literature 7pm

Welcome Dinner 1:30pm

VK • vineyardkids

AWANA 7pm Balanced Living Series 7pm

VI • vineyard institute WM • women’s ministry UM • urban ministry





a.s. • after the service(s) Grp. • group Mtg. • meeting Sem. • seminar Trng. • training

Newcomer’s Class 2:30pm Baptism Classes a.s. Choir Audition/Interest Meeting a.s.

40 Hour Immigration Law Training 9am

40 Hour Immigration Law Training 9am

Welcoming the Stranger 10am

Welcoming the Stranger 9am

Exploring the Old Testament Wisdom Literature 7pm


Baptism Classes a.s.

More4Orphans 7pm

AWANA 7pm Balanced Living Series 7pm


Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Building Closed

Dig into the Word a.s.

19 Dig into the Word a.s.


AWANA 7pm Balanced Living Series 7pm

20 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus 7pm

JH Welcome Dinner after JH service

21 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus 10:15am AWANA 7pm Balanced Living Series 7pm







Singles Book Club 7pm

saturday How2Become1 10am

Celebrate Recovery 7pm Free Social Friday Dance Classes 7:30pm


Understanding Anger & Conflict 7pm


Alpha 6:30pm


Soul Provider 6:30pm

Begin Again Weekend 8am

Begin Again Weekend 6:45pm

Open Prayer for Healing Session 9am

Celebrate Recovery 7pm

How2Become1 10am

Culture Shock USA 7:30pm Girlfriendz Night 7:30pm


9 40 Hour Immigration Law Training 9am

40 Hour Immigration Law Training 9am

Blood Drive 4pm

Alpha 6:30pm

Celebrate Recovery 7pm

Singles Book Club 7pm Understanding Anger & Conflict 7pm

Overcoming Depression & Anxiety 7pm


Understanding Anger & Conflict 7pm Women’s Ministry Leadership Training 7pm


Baptism Class a.s.


40 Hour Immigration Law Training 9am Community Center Health Clinics Info Meeting 7pm


Culture Shock USA 7:30pm

11 How2Become1 10am Baptism Class a.s. Dig into the Word a.s.

Encounter 7:30pm Free Social Friday Dance Classes 7:30pm



Alpha 6:30pm

Celebrate Recovery 7pm

Intro to Leadership 9am

Core: Kingdom Discipleship 7pm

VineyardKids Family Service Night 7pm

Open Prayer for Healing Session 9am

Overcoming Depression & Anxiety 7pm

Culture Shock USA 7:30pm

Prison Ministry Training 9am How2Become1 10am




Colossians & Philemon 7pm

Alpha 6:30pm

Moms Refresh 9:30am

Understanding Anger & Conflict 7pm

Core: Kingdom Discipleship 7pm

Celebrate Recovery 7pm

Women’s Ministry Leadership Training 7pm

Open Prayer for Healing 7pm


Dig into the Word a.s.


Singles Movie Night 7:15pm Culture Shock USA 7:30pm

Overcoming Depression & Anxiety 7pm



January 2014

to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]


to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]


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to contact vc staff, call 614.890.0000, by last name, or e-mail using [email protected]