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L. J. Cline Love is assistant professor of chemistry a t Seton Hall University. After receiving her doctorate from t h e University of Illinois, U r b a n a , in 1969, she s p e n t one year working with J. D. Winefordner's group a t t h e University of Florida. Following this, she was visiting assistant professor of analytical chemis­ t r y at Michigan S t a t e University for two years and moved to her p r e s e n t posi­ tion in 1972. H e r research interests include development of molecular lumines­ cence m e t h o d s , particularly for p h a r m a c e u t i c a l applications, extension of a u t o ­ m a t e d atomic spectroscopic techniques, and surface studies in t h e area of foren­ sic art. L. A. S h a v e r obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees from N o r t h e r n Ari­ zona University a n d Arizona S t a t e University, respectively. H e is currently com­ pleting t h e program of study for a P h D degree a t Seton Hall University. He is on a leave of absence from F M C Corp., R & D , Princeton, N . J . C u r r e n t research in­ terests include fluorescence lifetime m e a s u r e m e n t s by the time correlated single p h o t o n t e c h n i q u e a n d digital c o m p u t e r d a t a reduction techniques.

If you're considering an FT NMR System, Consider JEOLs FX Series. The concept behind the de­ velopment of the FX Series is to provide one basic electronic system that gives each cus­ tomer the option of selecting a spectrometer with the best cost/performance ratio to meet his individual FT NMR require­ ments. The capabilities of this Series, with unexcelled ease13of operation, range from a routine C/'H unit up to a complete, highly sophisti­ cated multi-frequency (i.e. 19F, 31P, 15 N) research tool. This means that JEOL can provide you with a system tailored to meet your FT NMR requirements as they exist today and as they extend into the foreseeable future. In September of 1974 we intro­ duced the FX 60 with the LPCS*. This instrument, together with the more recently introduced FX 100, has enabled us to establish an enviable TRACK RECORD for re­ liability and performance. In addi­ tion, JEOL has introduced Digital Quadrature Detection (DQD) for increased performance, Digital Phase Shifters and the Dual Fre­ quency ( 1 3 0/Ή) Probe concept for 1, 5 and 10mm VT samples. These and other innovations typify JEOL's continual effort to advance the state-of-the-art per­ formance. So if you're considering the purchase of any FT NMR spec­ trometer, consider the present, consider the future," consider JEOL

""Light Pen Control System

For further information about the FX Series call or write . . .


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