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Headquarters North Ohio Office Toledo 1142 Corporate Drive, Suite D Holland, OH 43528 Phone: (419) 720-5095 Fax: (419) 720-5089


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South Ohio Office Dayton 93 W. Franklin Street, Suite 101 Centerville, OH 45459 Phone (937) 260-4567 Fax: (937) 281-1472 Email: [email protected]


This company can take a customer’s part, product or idea and make it a reality. From

print to paint and everything in between. This manufacturing facility has approximately 25,000 sq. ft. dedicated to its machining operation and approximately the same dedicated to its fabrication operaiton.

Capabilities Machining: Capability to machine nearly any size, shape, or material whether it is a large production run or a one-time specialty part. Machining facility contains a full steel processing center and is equipped with modern CNC equipment. Some routine machining includes such diverse materials as: Cast Stainless, Aluminum, Waspalay, UHMW Plastic, PVC, etc. Size capabilities can range from 5,000 lb. Waspalay dies to ½” plastic pieces. Maximum O.D. turndown is 52”. Fabrication: 13 Five Ton Cranes, 45 Welding stations, and ample floor space, allow it to build small or large projects from start to finish. Can build simple structures such as liquid tight tanks and shaft assemblies to complex conveyor systems and the assembly of robotic-controlled systems for the automotive industry.

Great Opportunity This company has a current customer base generating annual revenues in the $2-$3M range and its extensive well maintained equipment (originally purchased at over $3M and currently appraised at $1.4M) along with its well-maintained facility must be viewed. This solid foundation provides a great opportunity for new ownership to develop and pursue a marketing plan that will expand the existing base and grow the business. If you have an interest in further exploring this opportunity, please contact me by phone or email. The signing of a Confidentiality Agreement will be required. Respectfully,

John Naayers John A. Naayers, Esq. President /tt

Asking Prices: Business: $1.5M Building: $2M or Lease With Option to Purchase