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Biography: John Sheerin Director, End-of-life Tire Programs Rubber Manufacturers Association 1400 K Street, NW, Suite 900 Washington, DC 20005

Current Position Mr. Sheerin is responsible for environmental, regulatory and legislatives issues relating to end-of-life tires. He represents the industry before state legislatures, and state agencies in rulemakings. He represents the industry as their expert on end of life tire issues, and he coauthors the biennial RMA U.S. Scrap Tire Markets report. He participates in various state, trade association and standard making committees to encourage markets for end-of-life tires addressing both annual generation and abandoned piles.

Prior Experience and Education Before joining the RMA in 2014, Mr. Sheerin was the Retail Environmental Director for Bridgestone Retail Operations, responsible for all the environmental aspects of the retail company including compliance management, environmental education, property related environmental issues, waste recycling and disposal and emergency situations. Prior to that, he worked as a Professional Environmental Engineer. Mr. Sheerin holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and his master’s degree in environmental engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is also a JD graduate of the Chicago Kent School of Law.

Contact Information Telephone: (202) 682-4838 E-mail: [email protected]