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Crossrail Communications Team Enterprise House 167-169 Westbourne Terrace London W2 6JX

Railway Neighbour Our ref: LTN1 13+0928

T 03457 11 41 41 2 October 2017

Dear Neighbour, Crossrail programme – Gidea Park carriage sidings planned works Network Rail is planning to undertake essential railway upgrade works on the Gidea Park carriage sidings in the vicinity of Cambridge Avenue and Amery Gardens as part of the Crossrail programme. The track and overhead lines will be upgraded to accommodate the new Elizabeth line trains. Please note the following information on planned works in your area. In order to achieve a safe working environment and minimise disruption to the operation of the railway, certain work must take place at night or during weekends. Mobile screens/barriers or enclosures will be placed around the breaking equipment and other noisy hand-held tools, where practical to do so. October 2017 to early February 2018: Working times 24-hour working between 01:00 Saturday 21 October and 04:00 Monday 23 October Ongoing October 2017 to February 2018 The compound will be in use 24 hours a day Sunday 5 Nov 2017 08:00 – 20:00hrs

Activity Renewal of 180 metres of track in the vicinity of the A127 road bridge close to Amery Gardens and Ardleigh Close

Expected impact Noise from engineering trains, including diesel locomotives, mechanical excavators and cutting equipment

Installation of 2 x new signal gantries within the carriage sidings

Creation of temporary compound on railway land between Amery Gardens and the A127 Road Bridge. The area will be used for storage and delivery of materials to track level using a crane

Materials will be delivered to the site by road via the A127 mainly at night Site lighting at night Noise from a large road crane

Shown in figure 1 overleaf Installation of new overhead line foundations at the eastern end of the sidings

Significant noise from vibrating and hammer piling equipment

Network Rail Infrastructure Limited Registered Office: Network Rail, 2nd Floor, One Eversholt Street, London, NW1 2DN Registered in England and Wales No. 2904587

Monday 30 October 2017 to Friday 10 Nov 2017

Closure of a single lane on the Upper Brentwood Road over the railway bridge. Removal and delivery of materials to east end of sidings.

Scheduled to avoid peak hours

10:00 – 15:00hrs 24-hour working, 7 days a week for ten weeks 01:00 Saturday 25 November 2017 to 04:00 Monday 5 February 2018

Single lane road closure controlled by automated traffic signals

Removal of the existing five carriage sidings Installation of four new carriage sidings on the same area of land

The majority of this work will generate an increase in noise levels. Noisy works will be undertaken during various nights of the week


Significant noise from piling

Piling: 08:00 - 20:00hrs Saturday 9 December and Sunday 10 December Figure 1 below: Location of storage compound between October 2017 and February 2018

We apologise for any disruption this work may cause and will endeavour to minimise the impact on residents and station users. Those working on site will be briefed on their obligations to work considerately. Our contractor has worked closely with London Borough of Havering to secure appropriate consents for the works to proceed. If you have any queries please email [email protected] or call our dedicated 24hour National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41. To sign-up to email updates about works in your area or to learn more about Crossrail, please visit Yours faithfully, Damien Thomas Community Relations Executive - Crossrail