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Joshua Curry


I am a licensed Realtor® in Virginia focusing on Hampton Roads. As a Hampton Roads native for over 20 years, my knowledge of the area’s geography and opportunities can assist you with all of your Residential Real Estate endeavors. I can provide you with exceptional service with a focus on communication, hard work, dedication, and above all else, honesty. I am a member in good standing with the following organizations: •• Hampton Roads Realtors Association (HRRA) •• Virginia Realtors (VR) •• National Association of Realtors (NAR) •• Real Estate Information Network (REIN)

Joshua Curry Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

When Listing with me—It’s All About You! As a REALTOR® who focuses on serving the real estate needs of home sellers in Hampton Roads, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and reach out to you to see if you have any real estate needs at this time. Should you choose to work with me, I will work tirelessly to ensure you are connected with the best real estate opportunities this area has to offer. My services include: •• Real estate sales •• Real estate purchases •• Local market reports •• Local market expertise and guidance •• Real estate professional referrals(for those moving to another state) With the guide, you will find: •• Detailed information about my services. •• Rose and Womble’s commitment to you. •• Preparations and Considerations for selling. •• A marketing strategy that will be customized for you. •• Valuable Facts on what works in selling homes. •• An overview of the entire Real Estate process. •• Questions to ask each REALTOR you consider to be your listing agent. I hope you use it as a reference, and feel free to contact me regarding any of this material or any questions you may have.

Joshua Curry Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

About Rose & Womble Realty’s Company History On June 1, 1998 with both companies at their peaks, Rose & Krueth Realty Corporation and Womble Realty merged to create Hampton Roads #1 Real Estate Resource. Rose & Womble Realty Company was the culmination of a vision that the principals had been working toward for over a year. Today this locally owned and operated company boasts over 600 sales associates serving the area from 9 resale offices. The New Homes Division markets over fifty-five new home communities from the Peninsula to North Carolina. Our Property Management Division manages over 1,400 rentals and the company boasts an award-winning Relocation Division. The Family of Companies includes Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Advance Title & Abstract, Inc., Residential DataBank, Land Planning Solutions, and Real Referrals, Inc. Real Trends Magazine recently ranked Rose & Womble Realty Company in its top 100 in the nation - placing Rose & Womble in the top 1% of firms. A big part of Rose & Womble Realty’s success is the manner in which the company gives back to the community. Rose & Womble CARES is a company supported campaign of community service. Contributions of time, funds and goods have been donated to numerous local organizations including the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Suffolk Tornado Relief, Friends of the Elderly, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and special military homeowner support programs, in appreciation of their service to our country. Rose & Womble Realty Company has over 70 years of combined experience in the local real estate market. The principals are committed to employing cutting-edge technology to benefit our sales associates and customers, But we are also committed to teaching, nurturing and coaching with a warm personal touch - to foster growth and success in the marketplace. Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

My Pledge of Service.... I will strive to obtain the maximum market value in the least possible time at a minimum of inconvenience to you. I am committed to the highest standards of professionalism, customer concern and service. I pledge the following:

To prepare you and your property for the sale, I will: ••Determine the most likely selling price based on current market values.

••Explain your showing options.

••Estimate your selling costs. ••Discuss selling points and possible improvements to enhance the value of your home.

To attract buyers for your property, I will: ••Communicate your listing to all 600+ Rose and

••Place a distinctive Rose and Womble Realty “For

••Provide a detailed listing sheet to prospective

••Arrange for a planned preview by offices in our

••Ensure complete exposure through the Real Estate

••Expose your property to potential buyers through

Womble sales associates. buyers and agents.

Information Network (REIN) and our national real estate partner websites.

Sale” sign on your property.

company as well as other cooperating brokers. our proven Rose and Womble marketing programs.

To conclude the sale with buyers, I will: ••Bring qualified buyers. ••Show your property effectively. ••Present and thoroughly explain all written offers.

••Negotiate the transaction. ••Finalize the sale contract. ••To follow through after the sale, we will:

••Follow up on buyer’s financing. ••See that all the contingencies in the sales contract are met.

••Confirm the closing. ••Retain an electronic file on the entire transaction.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

How I Sell Your Property I Must Show It To Sell It! You need to provide easy access to the property and you should make the property available for showing at all reasonable requested times. The following considerations should be discussed: •Security • Systems •Children • and pets •Cooperating • with unexpected showings •The • “By Appointment Only” requirement Accessibility begins with proper advance planning and ends with flexibility!

Safety And Security

•Let • Professionals investigate the buyers and show your property. •Our • agents won’t let a stranger in their cars without having them checked and approved. Why would you let a stranger in your house by yourself? •A • Real Estate Professional will accompany every buyer to your property.

Open House

•An • “Open House” encourages prospects to see your property. •This • personal introduction to your home can often change a casual prospect into “the” buyer for your home. •A • “drive-by” prospect may not call for a private showing, but would take advantage of the comfortable atmosphere offered through an “Open House”.

My “Buyer Bank” How it works for you…


•Daily • deposits of prospective buyers from our prospecting efforts • • is the most heavily trafficked local real estate website. •All • Rose and Womble listings are automatically sent to the top national real estate websites. •The • most active listings in the Hampton Roads market means more sign calls.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

How I Sell Your Property Matching buyers with our listing inventory I will promote the sale of your property at our regular Wednesday sales meetings. In turn, other agents in my office and company will put their “Buyer Banks” to work for you. These “Buyer Banks” are another reason why we consistently outperform the competition!

Let’s Talk

Communication makes the sale progress smoothly.

What you can do:

•Obtain • business cards from all agents showing the property and notify me. •Inform • me when any brochures or cards are depleted. •Speak • with me about any concerns. •Notify • me immediately of any circumstances such as liens, law suits, refinances, changes in marital status or any other life changes that have occurred subsequent to the ratification of the listing. •Keep • me informed of any financial problems that might adversely affect the property. •Inform • me of all physical changes to the property such as those made by you, the weather or environment. Refrain from negotiating without me! I work for you! Continuous cooperation is vital to our success.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Week By Week Marketing Plan 1 Week before listing thru Listing day -

•Professional • Photography, Property Brochure and Fliers. •Place • listing in MLS with the maximum number of pictures,

Week 1 •Upload • listing to premier, affiliate and personal websites. (Trulia, Zillow,,, Facebook etc.)

•Place • a temporary sign and call Ms. Utility to mark for permanent sign and order the permanent sign to be placed.

•Promote • listing in weekly office sales meeting to utilize the buyer bank of 80+ agents

Week 2

•Contact • any agents who have had buyers in the last 6 months in surrounding areas to notify them of a Just Listed property. •Tour • competition in surrounding areas including For Sale by Owners •Upload • additional information to •Add • Brochures and sign riders to permanent sign •Schedule • open house •Mail • and email blast my buyer bank and sphere of influence

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Week By Week Marketing Plan •Prepare • for open house by distributing invitations to neighbors. (40+) •Place • signs to advertise the open house and distributing fliers.

Week 3

•Place • an open house ad on MLS, premier, and affiliate websites. •Preview • anyone else in the community having an open house. •HOLD • OPEN HOUSE

•Follow • up with leads generated from open house. •Review • feedback from office tour and open houses by addressing any concerns and highlighting the positives.

Week 4

•Review • online activity. •Research • any new or changed listings in community to determine how to remain competitive. •Update • all websites and fliers with any changes that need to be made.

Week 5

•Prepare • for closing and get list of referrals from seller •OR • Start Marketing Plan OVER.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Let’s Get Buyers Excited About Your Home! My marketing is designed to show buyers what makes your home special.  

What would you tell a potential buyer makes your home a special place to live? Why did you decide to buy this home yourself?  Was it the schools, amenities, location? What are the things your family has enjoyed most about the neighborhood? What features of your home might a buyer overlook if they saw the home quickly? Why will it be hard to leave your home?

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

What Your Home is... and is not...worth. Market Value of Your Home is NOT:

1. What you have in it. 2. What you need out of it. 3. What you want. 4. What it appraised for. 5. What you heard your neighbor’s house sold for. 6. What the tax office says it’s worth. 7. How much it is insured for. 8. Based on memories and treasures. 9. Based on prices of homes where you are moving.

The True Market Value Of Your Home Is What A Buyer Is Willing To Pay! 1. Based on today’s market. 2. Based on today’s competition. 3. Based on today’s financing. 4. Based on today’s economic condition. 5. Based on the buyer’s perception of the condition. 6. Based on location. 7. Based on normal marketing time. 8. Based on showing accessibility.

Properties That Sell In Today’s Market: On A Scale Of 1-10, The “10’S” Are The Ones That Are Selling. How Can Your Property Be A “10?” 1. By improving the condition dramatically. 2. By offering good terms. 3. By improving the way the home shows. 4. By adjusting the price.

As A Seller You Control:

1. The price you ask. 2. The condition of the property. 3. Access to the property.

As a seller you do not control:

1. Market conditions. 2. The motivation of your competition. 3. Value

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Five Facts that Determine Whether Your House Sits or Sells. 1. Price Fact:

•The • best chance for selling your property is within the first 7 weeks. •Studies • show that the longer a property stays on the market, the less the seller will net so it is very important to price your property at a competitive market value at the signing of the listing agreement. •The • market is so competitive that even over pricing by a few thousand dollars could mean that your house will not sell. Your first offer is often your best offer.

2. Clean Fact:

•Most • people are turned off by even the smallest amount of uncleanliness or odor when buying a home. •If • your house is adequately clean, you will be able to sell your home faster and net hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more. •If • you are planning on moving, why not declutter now so that your house will appear larger? •Odors • must be eliminated, especially if you have dogs, cats, or young children in diapers or if you are a smoker. You may not notice the smell, but buyers do. •Showing • requests can occur with very short notice so it is best to keep your home in “show ready”condition.

3. Access & Showing Fact:

••Top selling agents will not show your home if both the key and access are not readily available. When your home is being shown, please do the following:

•Keep • all lights on and open all drapes and shutters. •Leave • soft music playing. •Take • a short walk with your children and pets. •Let • the buyer be at ease and let the agents do their job

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Five Facts that Determine Whether Your House Sits or Sells. 4. Paint and Carpet Fact:

•Paint • is your best improvement for getting a greater return on your MONEY! •A • freshly painted home smells clean and looks neat. •If • your carpet is worn, dirty, outdated, or an unusual color, you need to seriously consider replacing it. Don’t think that it is okay to give an allowance to replace the carpet. Buyers choose to buy or not to buy based upon just what you show them in your home. They don’t pay top dollar for possibilities. They simply buy elsewhere!

5. Curb Appeal

•First • impressions are everything. •Your • front yard immediately reflects the inside condition of your house to potential buyers. •Make • certain that trees and bushes are trimmed so the house can be seen from the street. •Have • the grass mowed, trimmed and edged. •Plant • flowers to give the yard some color. •Walkways • should be swept. •Clean • away debris.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Importance of Great Photos The first showing of your house typically happens online. Great photos make your listing stand out. The most important marketing investment we make is having your home sparkle for the online viewer. Great photos work 24-7 on your behalf to get buyers to your property! Staging the home and removing clutter are important aspects for good photos. From home marketed to first-time buyers to high-end properties, great pictures can help generate additional in-person showings. It is critical to take pictures, especially exterior shots, at the right time of day. We will often use pictures in our listings of local amenities and points of interest to highlight lifestyle features that can generate buyer engagement.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected] is a very active and busy website! -Over 150,000 unique users a month -Listings viewed over 200,000 times a month -Over ONE MILLION page views every month These users are ACTIVELY LOOKING for homes in Hampton Roads. Shown below are the TOP TEN SITES (by traffic) where your home will be shown to millions of online home buyers 24 hours a day. Your listing will be active on over one hundred POPULAR HOME SEARCH websites worldwide.

All listings are sent to our web partners via direct feed and are believed to be accurate and reliable. Occasionally feeds become inoperable due to changes in data field requirements. If a site listed above is not receiving Rose & Womble Realty Co. listings, please inform your sales associate.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Set Your Home Apart When Listing With Us. Every Rose & Womble listing receives a complimentary home warranty* with basic coverage. This valuable warranty is provided by our affiliated partner - First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation. Basic coverage includes the water heater, plumbing (including polybutylene piping), electrical, dishwasher, oven range and more.

Want more?

•A • First Class Upgrade covers both buyer/seller: $99 to cover getting permits and more. •HVAC • Upgrade: Only $60 to add HVAC coverage. •Leverage • the warranty with buyers by offering the warranty in listing to the buyer at closing as a marketing tool so that HVAC covered during home inspection as well.

Ask me for details.

Blair Hoskins 757-335-1664 email: [email protected] *See contract for details.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

The Real Estate Process

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group®

A Letter To Home Sellers Serving You Is My Highest Mission I would like to introduce myself as the trusted mortgage banker for Joshua Curry with Rose & Womble Realty. We work as a team in helping families achieve the American dream of homeownership. I have worked with many real estate agents throughout my career, and I can say that Joshua’s vast experience has given him excellent negotiation skills. He works to ensure that you get the most for your home in today’s market. Part of my commitment to our team is to provide support in the marketing and selling of your home. We have put together several programs that go above and beyond the traditional mortgage lender’s role. We market your listing with property flyers and set up a Mr. Lister website that is unique to your property. The website includes text messaging with call-capture so that anyone can get information on the property by texting your property ID to our system. Your custom interactive website can inspire prospective buyers with a virtual tour and property details. Check out our sample website at http://sampleboulevard. I’ve been with Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group® since 1997. We are licensed in many states, so if you are moving out of the area and would like to discuss mortgage options, please do not hesitate to give me a call. It’s recommended to obtain a loan approval before the sale of your current home.


Randy DeMille

Randy DeMille Sr. Mortgage Banker NMLS #112145, Licensed in VA, NC, FL 600 Lynnhaven Parkway, #100, Virginia Beach, VA. 23452 757-222-4904 [email protected]

Revised Aug 08, 2017

If you have a brokerage relationship with another agency, this is not intended as a solicitation. This communication is provided to you for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon by you. Featured real estate company is not a mortgage lender and so you should contact Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. directly to learn more about its mortgage products and your eligibility for such products. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All loans subject to income verification, credit approval and property appraisal. Not a commitment to lend. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, L.L.C. NMLS #72043 ( is an Equal Opportunity Lender. Located at 596 Lynnhaven Parkway Suite 200 Virginia Beach, VA 23452.

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Questions for Sellers to Ask Agents: 1. Do you have a written 30-60-90 day marketing plan? 2. Are you a full time agent? 3. Are you a full-service company? 4. How many websites are you going to advertise my house on? 5. How many days a week is your office open and staffed with an agent on duty? 6. What is your company’s ranking in Hampton Roads? 7. Will I be dealing with you or a team member? 8. Does your company have an in-house mortgage, title, and escrow company? 9. How many offices do you have in Hampton Roads? 10. What is your company’s exposure in the At Home section of the Virginian-Pilot? 11. Are you a discount broker? And if yes, what services will be sacrificed for a reduced commission? 12. Are you a REALTOR® or a real estate agent? 13. Do you provide a “complete” net sheet showing my true bottom line? 14. Does your company have live “Duty Agents” handling inquires on listings 7 days a week? 15. What kind of “For Sale” sign do you provide? 16. Do you have a “Buyer Bank”? 17. What protective language do you add to the sales contract? 18. Does your company offer Home Warranty Programs and Security Systems? 19. Do you provide Virtual Tours? 20. Do you provide color highlight sheets/ brochures and financing possibility sheets for potential buyers? 21. Do you meet the Appraiser, Home Inspector, Termite Inspector, and attend the closing? 22. Do you provide a pre-termite and moisture inspection at no cost to me during the first week of the listings? 23. Do you attend the “Walk Through” inspection? 24. Do you have a national relocation program that provides a pool of incoming buyers to the area and assists with out-of-town relocation? 25. Does your company have weekly sales meetings with updates on the current market conditions and changes? 26. How and with what regularity will you stay in communication with us? 27. Do you provide feedback from every showing and open house? 28. Does your company take office tours? 29. Do you provide a written and detailed Pricing Analysis? 30. Is your Managing Broker available 7 days a week should we have any questions or concerns? 31. Does your company provide continuing Training and Education for their agents? 32. Do you provide an easy-out agreement?

Compliments of Joshua Curry, REALTOR ® • 757-754-4632 [email protected]

Joshua Curry