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Joshua Look what God has worked thru to get here: 1)Calling Abraham – not even a Jew – Patriarchs 2)Jacob’s 12 sons as tribes 3)Saving them thru the famine – building into a people 4)Freeing them from Egypt 5)Walking out the 40 years in the wilderness 6)Burying Moses their leader & prophet

Joshua General outline: Chapters 1-6 = Taking Jericho Chapters 7-12 = Taking the rest of the Land Chapters 13-21 = Allocating the Land to the Tribes Chapters 22-24 = Joshua’s farewell, death, & burial

Joshua Chapter 24:15 “But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” What Joshua figured out was God…God accomplished what we will read in Joshua, not Israel! 1)God picked Joshua to lead these people 2)God brought them across the Jordan river 3)God fought for Israel against the Canaanite Kings and armies 4)God allotted the Land to each tribe

This book is about GOD!

Joshua A bit about the Land: 1)Cat & Mouse 2)150 miles North to South 50 miles East/West 3)Ironworking enters W. Asia 4)Two main Highways International (Mesopotamia to Egypt) (Via Maris) King’s Highway

Joshua Joshua 1:1-5: 1)Appointing a New Leader

Joshua Joshua 1:1-5 : 2)“Go and I will…” “Proceed…” and “Be strong” Overshadowed by 6 statements by God: 1)“I have given” 2)“as I promised” 3)“Shall BE your territory” 4)“No one shall BE ABLE to stand against you” 5)“I WILL BE with you” 6)“I WILL NOT fail or forsake you”

Joshua Joshua 1:1-5: 3)Geography

Joshua Joshua 1:1-5: 4)Epic moment    

After 400 years as slaves in Egypt After freeing them from Egypt After forging them at Sinai and giving Torah Working thru their sin after 40 years

Joshua Joshua 1:6-9: “Be strong and courageous”

Joshua Joshua 1:6-9: Can glean several things from this: 1)This isn’t going to be easy 2)It won’t always make sense 3)It isn’t going to be instantaneous 4)“You”

Joshua Joshua 1:6-9: So what then is the “CALL”? 1)Read it 2)Tell it 3)Meditate on it 4)Pull it up in your mind/heart constantly What God is LIKE, what God has DONE, WHO HE IS!

Joshua Joshua 1:10-18 - Closing thoughts 1)The Land is a gift! 2)God’s gift still requires participation 3)“Pass through…” 4)“Rest” 5)No one is an Island