june summer program newsletter

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Welcome to summer at Day One Christian Academy! We had a blessed school year and are looking forward to a spectacular summer season! We are going to have lots of Summer Fun! There are going to be many engaging activities that alternate themes each week. Themes for June will include Camping/Hiking, Space, God’s Servants, and Beach/Ocean week. We are blessed to have many volunteers this month coming to Day One. They will be teaching the children about many topics relating to our themes! Some Gloria Dei pastors are coming to share with the children about their adventures with hiking and fishing! Mrs. Money is going to teach an enrichment lesson and our Gloria Dei church staff will be doing special presentations. The children will also get to become astronauts during our in-house field trip with NASA!

IMPORTANT DATES 4-8 – Water Discovery Week 5 – Mrs. Money Deer Presentation 11 & 14 – Water Discovery (Puppies, Giraffes & Lions) 13 – Pastor Brian Presentation 15 – In House Field Trip – NASA 17 – Father’s Day 18 & 22 – Water Discover (Tigers, Cardinals, & Hummingbirds) 19 – Mrs. Kat Presentation 20 – Mrs. Erica Presentation 21 – Pastor Dan Presentation 26 – Ms. Andee Presentation

FIRST LOOK Basic Truth: God Made Me. God Loves me. Key Question: What tells you which way to go? Bottom Line: The Bible tells me which way to go. Memory Verse: Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow. Psalm 25:4

WATER DISCOVERY!!!! We will have Water Discovery Week during June 4-8. A schedule will be posted in your child’s classroom for their specific days. The children will also have Water discovery on June 11 and 14 for the Puppy, Giraffe, and Lion classes and June 18 and 22 for the Tiger, Cardinal, and Hummingbird classes. On their water discovery days, please bring your child to school dressed to play in the water and get messy. They need an extra pair of clothes and towel. Please make sure all your child’s belongings are labeled. Please apply sunscreen and bug spray to your child prior to coming to school. In His Name, The Summer Program Team