Kids Ministry Media Policy

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Kids Ministry Media Policy

Purpose Our desire is to keep kids as safe as possible. We uphold the integrity of security and safety within all secured spaces by protecting kids from unauthorized published media gathered from Kid-O-Deo and Elevate environments.

Media Policy The only people authorized to take or publish photos and videos in kids’ ministry environments are Eagle Brook staff, unless permission otherwise is granted. Permission from Eagle Brook staff is required for anyone who wants to take or publish photos or videos of the Kid-O-Deo or Elevate environments. Permission is submitted through a written request. Without permission, you may take photos or videos however, all media published must NOT display: • •

Recognizable faces Identifying information, such as the child’s name

With permission, the following guidelines must be used. Eagle Brook staff will determine dates that where photos or videos will be taken in Kids Ministry. On those dates parents are notified of the special photo day by using the “We are Taking Photos” sign at each check-in station. Parents will have the option to designate their child as an individual who should not be photographed or filmed, by notifying a Kids staff person. The child will be given a purple lanyard to wear to indicate that they have opted out. We will take great steps to ensure their child is protected from media being captured that day.

Updated: 9/8/2017