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Legacy is a hands-on, fully integrated and exciting internship program at the best children’s wear wholesaler in the world, Haddad Brands! Legacy members participate in a number of different programs and events to enhance their knowledge of the industry. Each participant has a dedicated and trained Mentor that provides weekly To Do lists to ensure that participants are included in team meetings and are assigned tasks that are real work. They also provide individualized weekly feedback to ensure growth and success! Legacy participants sit in on the Speaker Series where they meet top executives, learn about their careers and roles, and have the opportunity to ask questions. They go on a field trip to see a world class distribution center, and, most importantly, Legacy participants spend at least 20 hours during the program working on a project that will help the department or the company. At the end of the program the Legacy team presents their projects to a panel of judges where one talented Legend will win a $1,000.00 scholarship! Haddad Brands holds the global licenses for Nike, Jordan, Converse, Levi’s, and Hurley children’s wear. Our interns work with the most iconic American brands! The Legacy program is 8 weeks over the summer. It is FULL TIME and it is PAID! Legacy is for college credit and open to rising Juniors and Seniors. The work environment is entrepreneurial, fast paced and FUN!

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