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Legal Name:

Viernes Culturales/Cultural Fridays Inc



Business Phone:


Business Address:

1637 SW 8th St Miami Florida 33135

Mailing Address:

1637 SW 8th St Miami Florida 33135

Email Address:

[email protected]

Website Address:

Fictitious Names**

Not Applicable

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1. Name: VC Articles of Incorporation.jpg Type: Exemption Determination Letter Purpose of the Organization:

The mission of Viernes Culturales/Cultural Fridays is to promote cultural awareness of Miami’s Little Havana n Culturales/Cultural Fridays is a powerful venue for talented visual and performing artists to showcase their work

Purpose for which the contributions are used: Funds will be used to fund the monthly festival with musicians, poets, artists and a children's free face painting b Major Program activities:

Entertainment Security Children's booth Insurance

Is this organization authorized by any other No state to solicit contributions: Has this organization been engaged in Unlawful practices?:


Has the organization had its registration denied?:


Has the organization voluntarily entered into an assurance of No voluntary compliance(AVC) or agreement similiar to Florida Statutes?:

Have all directors, officers and trustees read and complied with Yes the conflict of interest statement for the organization?:

Fiscal year ending: Financial statement source:

Did the charitable organization or sponsor receive $25,000 or more in total revenue during the immediately preceding fiscal year?:


Are the fundraising activities of the charitable organization or sponsor carried on by any compensated volunteers, members, or officers ?:


Are any part of the assets or income of the organization or sponsor inured to the benefit of or paid to any officer or member?:


Does the charitable organization or sponsor utilize a professional fundraising consultant, professional solicitor, or commercial co-venture?:


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