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LEGAL NOTICE SOLE SOURCE ADVERTISEMENT The Washington State Office of Financial Management/Office of Chief Information Officer contemplates awarding a sole source contract to NOREX for a 12 month period to provide peer-to-peer networking and collaboration. OCIO wants to subscribe to a peer-to-peer networking and collaboration service with independent IT decision-makers and project leaders throughout North America and provide membership access for all OCIO customer organizations. Empowering IT employees and getting them the tools and resources needed to help them be successful is part of our strategic objectives. NOREX is a known & trusted collaboration network familiar to many Washington State agencies. Several agencies have used the service during a trial membership period. There are several agencies currently individual members NOREX and other agencies thinking about joining because they see the value. NOREX provides several valuable services including a clearinghouse of internal IT documentation; the ability to collaborate online with peers from other states and the private sector; a personal assistant to network the State IT members to other companies/government entities across the US and Canada; and professionally moderated local networking platforms. NOREX currently has over 1,100 member companies including approximately 300 government entities and 800 private sector companies that participate in the NOREX collaborative effort.

The contract will be issued on or about June 21, 2013. . Offerors who believe they have the same qualifications and capabilities as NOREX are required to submit capability statements detailing their ability to meet the state’s requirements within five (5) business days of this announcement. In the absence of other qualified sources, it is the state’s intent to make a sole source award of the contract. For more information, contact: Bonnie Lindstrom, OFM Contracts Coordinator PO Box 43113, Olympia, WA 98504 E-mail: [email protected]