Lesson 5

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Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 1

Large Group Uncharted Series at a Glance for Elevate About this Series: Jesus gave his followers a daunting mission: to tell people about him from one end of the earth to the other. This series, we’ll join Jesus’ followers in the book of Acts as they visit distant countries, cross wastelands, and discover that following God may take you off the edge of the map.

Memory Verse: Acts 1:8- “You will be my witnesses from one end of the earth to the other.”

Weekly Overview: Lesson:


Big Idea:

Lesson 1: April 7/8

Evangelism Peter: John 21; Acts 2

My story can show others who Jesus is.

Lesson 2: April 14/15

Giving Peter and John: Acts 3:1-10; 4:32-37

Giving what I have can make a difference.

Lesson 3: April 21/22

Prayer Peter: Acts 12

The time I spend with God matters.

Lesson 4: April 28/29

Community Saul’s Conversion: Acts 9

I can choose who guides my life.

Lesson 5: May 5/6

Service and Hospitality Lydia: Acts 16:11-15

When I welcome others, it makes a difference.

Lesson 6: May 12/13

Knowing God John Mark: Acts 13, 2 Timothy 4:11

Knowing God can change my life.

Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 2

Uncharted Series at a Glance for Elevate (continued) Lesson 1: Evangelism Jesus gave his followers a mission: to tell others the story of what he did. Jesus died and came back to life to show his love for every person on earth, and he wants everyone to know about it. When we tell someone about Jesus, we’re helping fulfill that amazing mission, and giving them the chance to follow God! Like Peter, we can tell others about Jesus, simply by sharing the story of how he changed our lives! Our stories can show others who Jesus is. Lesson 2: Giving When we think of giving, we usually think of money. Even if we have no money, however, we still have a lot to give. Peter and John didn’t have a cent to give when a man who couldn’t walk asked them for money, but they ended up giving him something much more valuable. Just like Peter, you have something incredible to give, something that can have a huge impact on someone else. Lesson 3: Prayer Do our prayers make a difference? The people in the first church weren’t sure all the time either. In fact, when God miraculously answered one of their prayers, they didn’t believe it at first! Prayer helped Peter out of a dangerous place, and still makes a difference today, because every one of your prayers matters to God. Lesson 4: Community Whether you’ve been following Jesus for years or just started this week, God has a huge adventure in store for you. Like any journey, the people you follow make a big difference. After Saul met Jesus in an incredible way, the first place God sent him was to a mentor, someone who could help him follow God. The people we choose to guide us can lead us further from God or closer to him. Like Saul, we need to choose our community well. Lesson 5: Service and Hospitality Lydia followed Jesus, but she wasn’t a pastor, a worship leader, or a teacher. She was a businesswoman who used her gifts and abilities to serve others and do great things for God in a way you may not expect. This week we’ll find out how her hospitality made a difference then, and how welcoming others can have a huge impact today. Lesson 6: Knowing God John Mark (known just as Mark) is only mentioned a couple times in the Bible, but his story is a big part of it. His first trip with Paul was a disaster, so much so that Paul refused to accept Mark's help later on. Mark would go on, however, to be one of the first people to write down the full story of Jesus, and have a great relationship with Paul. Join us this week to find out how knowing God changed Mark's life, and can still change ours today! Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 3

Uncharted Lesson Outline for Elevate Lesson 5: Service and Hospitality Lesson Segment

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Engage Opening Song (2:00) Welcome (1:00) Question of the Day (2:00) Group Activity (10:00) Worship: Movin Me (5:00)

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Involve Media: Part 1 (4:00) Lesson Intro (1:00) Group Time (15:00)


Challenge Memory Verse Challenge (2:00) Media: Part 2 (8:00) Application (5:00) Worship: God Made a Way (4:00) Wrap Up (1:00)

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Tech Notes Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 4

Opening Song


(Roll when directed) Elevate Opener

Welcome to Elevate! Find a place to sit, but while you do, shout out your favorite milkshake flavor! (Auto advance) Elevate Slide and Underscore



It is so awesome to be here with all of you. My name is ___________. I love ____________ milkshakes. We have so much awesome stuff coming up today. There’s something for everyone, whether you like music, games, or hearing great stories, we’re going to get to do all of that. Before we get started, make sure you know which team you are on! You can find out by checking out the flags we have set up around the room. The flag with your grade written on it is your team color.

Question of the Day


Let’s kick things off with a question of the day! Question of the Day Video

(Auto Advance) QOTD Slide: If you invented a new toy, what would it do?

If you invented a new toy, what would it do? Turn to someone nearby you, and talk about what toys you both would like to invent! Do This: Emcee as the kids are sharing their answers. Encourage them to share with the people around them, and encourage any kid whose story you hear. Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 5

Know This: Allow kids time to interact with one another. Feel free to ask a few of them what their answer is, but you don’t have to have them share with the whole group.

I think you’d all make great toy inventors. It can be a lot of work, making toys that are fun to play with. If you want others to enjoy a toy or game, you have to think about what they like or don’t like. We’re going to be thinking about other people quite a bit today. We’ll start by working together on a group activity!

Group Activity


Game Title Slide: “Beach-Ball Volley”

It’s time for Beach-Ball Volley! You will be facing off in a game of extreme volleyball, but instead of regular volleyballs, you’ll be using beach balls! Just like regular volleyball, if a ball hits the ground on the other team’s side, your team gets a point. What makes this different, though, is that you can catch the ball, but as soon as you hit or throw a volleyball, you have to sit down! You can still hit or catch a ball if it comes near you, but you have to stay sitting down until the leader says to stand back up. Now it’s time to split into your teams! Once you’re ready, we’ll start the game! Do This: You can divide by grade or make this a boys vs. girls game. Divide this however works best for your space. Make sure you have the net ready to go, either set up ahead of the hour or able to easily take out at this point. Do This: When one team scores, mark a point on their side of the whiteboard, and start the ball in the middle again. Once they have the hang of it, start adding beach balls! Try to let everyone stand back up each time a team scores a point. 6:00 Countdown and Fun Game Music! (Auto-Advance) Worship Slide and clear audio

Alright, time is up! Congrats __________ team, you got the most points! You can all find a place to sit. Did you know that one of the words used a lot in volleyball is “service”? When they toss the ball up and hit it to start the game, it’s called “serving” the ball. Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 6

We’re going to be talking about another type of service today, that can be just as fun as a game of volleyball! You’ll have to keep listening to find out what it’s all about.



Next, it’s time to get moving and worship God! Let’s stand and get ready to dance! Song 1: Movin Me (Auto advance) Worship Slide

Worshipping God with you is awesome. You can sit down, but let’s take a moment to worship in another way. You see, the word worship means showing God that we love him. When we spend time thinking about him, learning about him, or just spend time talking to God, those are ways to worship him, just like singing is. Let’s talk to God now! God, you are wonderful. Thank you for giving us this awesome life, and this awesome mission. Help us to show others your love this week. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Media: Part 1


I’m ready to find out what’s going on at the Light Force headquarters this week! Let’s check it out. Light Force: Part 1 (4:00) (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Uncharted

That is a super important choice. We’ll have to find out what they do in a few minutes.

Lesson Intro

1:00 Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 7

Have you ever wanted to help someone, but not been sure what to do? Maybe you’ve tried to be nice, or to help them, and it didn’t work, or they shut you down. Maybe you just can’t think of a way to help. That’s a problem the Light Force is having, too. How could they help someone that used to be their enemy? Should they even help him? The question you get to answer today is “How can I help others?” That’s a tough question, because your answer might not be the same as everyone else’s. You’ll get to talk about that with your groups. You can meet your group leader by your team’s flag, so head there now! I’ll see you again in a few minutes.

Group Time


(Optional) 15:00 Group Time Countdown Do This: Make sure each kid finds their group. Help group leaders if there is a need. Encourage kids as they work to answer the question. Know This: This is a time for kids to search for answers in the Bible, and see how they can use the Bible to investigate and better understand life. This time is designed for kids to interact and deepen their understanding. They won’t get all the answers, but allow them to question and discover as much as possible. Be ready to support group leaders in any way needed. Do This: Give the groups a warning about one minute before this time is up. When this time ends, transition into the memory verse challenge. Bumper Video (1:00)

(Auto-Advance) Memory Verse Slide: Acts 1:8 “You will be my witnesses from one end of the earth to the other.”

Memory Verse Challenge


If you’ve been here over the past few weeks, you’ve heard this verse once or twice. It’s a mission that Jesus gave to his followers, just before he went to live with God in heaven. I’ll read it for us. Do This: Read the verse from the screen.

Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 8

There are so many ways we can be Jesus’ witnesses. To “witness” means to tell other people about someone or something. When we witness about Jesus, it means we are telling others about him, or showing them that he loves them. One of the ways Jesus showed others that God loved them was by serving them. When we serve, we are witnessing about Jesus! Let’s say the verse again. Do This: Read the verse together.

This time, I’ll say a team’s color, and every person in that team has to say the verse at the same time. I might say your team, even while a team is going, so pay close attention! Do This: Call on teams to say the verse. Make sure each team gets to say it once, but feel free to start teams while others are halfway through.

Nice work. Jesus’ mission is so important, it’s awesome that he wants all of us to be a part of it!

Media: Part 2


I wonder how __________ and the Light Force team are doing? Let’s see what they decided to do. Light Force: Part 2 (8:00) (Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Uncharted

Serving others can be a way to show them God’s amazing love! That is a great way to make a big difference.



When you think of someone who is working for God, you might think of a pastor, or a teacher, or even one of your group leaders. Those things are awesome, but they’re not the only ways you can do good things for God. Lydia was such a great example of that. She didn’t speak to hundreds of people or perform amazing miracles. She showed God’s Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 9

love in another way: by serving others. She had a home, and welcomed other people to share it. She offered food, and helped people who needed it. How did Lydia do it, though? Serving other people sounds great, and when we do it, there are super cool results, but where do we start? Lydia used her home and her job to help people, but most of us don’t own a home, or have a job. Some of us go to big schools, some go to small schools, and some of us are homeschooled. Some of us live close to our families, and others of us have family members around the world. We are all different, but all of us have chances to serve the people around us every day. There’s one thing you can do today to discover ways you can change the world by serving. It’s something that Lydia did, and something Jesus did. To show you what to do to find ways to serve, I’ll need one volunteer. Do This: Choose one kid to help with the object lesson. Choose someone who can walk and hold a spoon.

Alright. Hold onto this spoon, and I’ll pour in some water. Do This: Pour water into the spoon, right to the top.

Your mission is to walk all the way across this stage, and not spill any water from this spoon. Can you do that? Everyone in the audience, you get to do something, too. Follow the instructions on the screen. Ready? Go! Go through the next slides as the kid walks across the stage. When they finish, go to the series title slide. Act like a giant bird!

Act like a ninja! Do This: Encourage the kid as they walk across the stage. Congratulate them when they finish.

Great job! That’s tough. Now, tell me, did you notice anything that everyone in the audience was doing while you walked across the stage? Probably not. That’s ok, but we’re going to try it again. This time, walk across the stage, and don’t look at your spoon at all, only look at everyone in the crowd. Do This: Pour water into the spoon, right to the top. Encourage the kid as they walk across the stage. Congratulate them when they finish. Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 10

Go through the next slides as the kid walks across the stage. When they finish, go to the series title slide. Act like a T-Rex!

Act like you are throwing a huge party! Do This: Encourage the kid as they walk across the stage. Congratulate them when they finish.

Good job! How much water is left in the spoon? That’s really interesting, a lot more spilled out this time. Did you see what was going on in the audience, though? Do This: Allow the kid to answer.

You can sit down, thanks for helping me out! What does that have to do with serving? You might have already figured it out. The first time he or she walked across the stage, they were only focused on themselves. They weren’t looking at anything but the spoon and the water. They kept the water, but didn’t notice anyone else. The second time, they looked at all of you, but didn’t keep as much of the water. If we want to serve others, we have to start thinking about them sometimes. We can notice when other people are sad, need help, or are having a bad day, and we can do something about it. You can try that this week! Think about the people around you. Write their names down if you have to. It could be your family, but it could be the janitor at school, the person who picks up your trash from home, a teacher, or your mail man or woman. Once you think of someone, think about things you could do that would be good for them. Would your mailman or woman like to have water or Gatorade on a hot day? Could you offer to do an extra chore for your parents today? It can be a lot of fun to think of new ways to serve, because every time you serve, you’re making the world a better place for someone else! Lydia didn’t serve like everyone else did, because God had prepared a special way for her to help others. There are things that only you can do. You can help your family, friends, and the other people around you in ways that no one else can. That’s part of why God made you to be you! Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 11



All of us can serve in amazing ways, and it starts when we think about the people around us. God has put you right where you are for a reason. He has an amazing plan for you. Let’s stand, and sing this song about the best part of God’s plan, how he made a way for us to have a relationship with him. Let’s sing! Song 2: God Made a Way

(Auto advance) Series Title Slide: Uncharted



We’re almost done, but when you leave, remember to grab our Family Connection Card. Do This: Show kids the Family Connection Card and the serving handout on the back.

These questions can help you think of ways to serve your neighbors, friends, and family. You can answer them whenever you’d like a serving idea. The more you look for ways to serve others, the more you’ll find them! Let’s finish up today by praying. To help us stay focused on God, let’s close our eyes and bow our heads while we talk to him. God, thanks for making serving others super exciting. Help us to see ways to serve everywhere we look this week. In Jesus’ name, amen. I’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with you all today, I hope to see you next week! Elevate Slide

Start hangtime music videos Uncharted Lesson 5 March 5/6 12