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LESSON PLAN– PRESCHOOL & PRE-K September 9, 2018 CHOIR STARTS TODAY! Both Preschool & PreK meet for choir together in Room 103. Your Choir Director is Mary Ann. 9:15 Class Choir Time: 10:10 a.m. 11:00 Class Choir Time: 11:10 a.m. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW SCHEDULE BELOW! TODAY’S SCHEDULE (NEW SCHEDULE) 9:00-9:25 Children arrive/check-in, Opening Activities 9:30-9:40 Circle Time 9:40-9:50 Craft Time 9:50-10:05 Playground or Classroom Play 10:10-10:30 Choir ** Note-Circle Time, Craft Time and Play Time may be done in any order BEFORE choir.** 10:45-11:05 Children arrive/check-in, Opening Activities 11:10-11:30 Choir 11:30-11:40 Circle Time 11:40-11:50 Craft Time 11:50-12:10 Playground or Classroom Play ** Note-Circle Time, Craft Time and Play Time may be done in any order AFTER choir.** TODAY’S GOALS  Review The Creation Story.  Review that the Bible is one book with 66 little books inside.  Review that the first book of the Bible is Genesis.  Tell the story of Adam & Eve: Genesis 3 Note to teachers: We will cover a basic Bible fact and a story from the book of Genesis on September 2, 9, 16, and 23. WELCOME CHILDREN  One teacher (or two) will greet each child by name (look at their nametags). Introduce yourselves to the parents.  Confirm each child is in your class (check nametags).  If the child is not in your class grade, direct them to the correct grade classroom  Invite the children to participate in opening activities. **If there is an error on a child’s nametag, please indicate the error on your CLASS ROSTER.** Page 1

OPENING ACTIVITIES Set out coloring pages, crayons, playdoh, and puzzles on the tables. Invite the children to enjoy the opening activities and play with toys as they arrive. CIRCLE TIME Items to have for Circle Time: Bible, Class Stuffed Animal, Creation Story Cards, Bag of Candy, A 4:10er or adult to convince the class to eat the candy. IMPORTANT: THE BAG OF CANDY IS FOR THE LESSON ONLY. IT SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN TO THE CHILDREN TO EAT. Have the children sit together in a circle.  Welcome the children and explain the morning activities: o We all come to church to learn about God and the Bible. o God loves everyone. o Every Sunday we will play, sing, hear a Bible story, pray, and have fun together. o Remember our story last week how God made the world? Today we will read another story in the Bible! o o Review – Hold up the Bible for the children to see. What is this book called? (the Bible) What letter does the word Bible start with? (B) Who does the Bible teach us about? (God) How does God feel about us? (He loves us) Does God love just a few people? (no, God loves everyone) What kind of stories does the Bible have? (true stories) What do we call the Bible? (God’s word) How many little books are in the Bible? (66) What is the name of the first book in the Bible? (Genesis) o Today’s Bible Lesson (During the Bible Lesson, have the 4:10ers set up the craft on the tables) o Today we will read another story from the Bible in the book of Genesis. Who remembers last week’s story? Remember how long ago there was not an earth or anything in the world. There was only God. Everything was darkness. What did God do? (made the whole world, created the heavens and the earth). Let’s see if you can remember how God created the world. (Give each child an envelope of story picture cards, have the children spread out and put their cards in order of the Creation Story on the floor. After the children are done, give them the answers and let them rearrange their cards. You may also sort the cards together as a group if needed. Collect the cards back in the envelopes for the next class.) o God made everything in our world. Let’s open our Bible and read what happened next. Remember that the Bible tells us true stories. (Read from the Children’s Bible in your Class Basket: Preschool - pages 26-31; PreK – pages 1627). Page 2

o God gave Adam and Eve a beautiful world to live in with everything they could need or want. God’s only rule was to not eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil. Do you think that would be easy or hard to do? Adam and Eve did not obey God. Has there been a time that you didn’t obey your mommy or daddy or an adult taking care of you? (children share) Why is it hard to obey rules? (children share). God wants us all to obey him all the time. When we obey God, we show him how much we love him. We do not live in the Garden of Eden like Adam and Eve and God did not tell us to not eat the fruit from his special tree, but God wants us to obey our parents. God wants us to be kind to others. God wants us to be good listeners. o Remember in our story how a snake (Satan) appeared and told Eve it was OK to eat from the tree. Eve knew God told her no, but she really wanted the fruit and the snake (Satan) talked her in to it. Sometimes we just want what we want. We can’t see that it might not be good for us. But, God knows what is best for us. Look at what I have (show the children a bag of candy). This candy looks so yummy? These are my favorite lollipops. I really want to give all of you a piece and we could eat the candy right now, but I was told not to. What should I do? (children answer, have the 4:10er or other teacher say things to convince you it’s OK to give out the candy. Keep saying things back and forth so the children can see how hard it is to resist temptation). Sometimes other people or things try to convince us to do the wrong thing. Who told Eve to eat from the tree in our Bible story? (the snake, Satan). Satan, the snake, was very sneaky and mean. He wanted Adam and Eve to make a mistake. Now, let’s see what I should do. No one will probably know that I gave you candy if we hurry and eat it now, right? It will taste so good! I bet your parents won’t mind that you had a little treat today. But….it would wrong for me to give you the candy. I would disobey the rules. When we think of reasons to disobey, we are listening to Satan (sneaky snake) just like Eve did. Instead, we need to follow the rules, do what is right and obey God. We can say “Go away Satan!” (have the children repeat). I want to do what is right. So, I will put the candy away and wait for another time when I have permission to eat candy (put away the candy). Sometimes it is hard to do what is right and obey. But, we can do it. You can obey too. We do not want to be like Adam and Eve. We do not want to let anyone tell us to do the wrong thing. Say “Go away Satan, I will obey God!” (children repeat) o Let’s Review What was the man and woman’s names in our story? (Adam & Eve) Where did Adam & Eve live? (Garden of Eden, beautiful garden) Did God give Adam & Even everything they needed? (yes) What rule did God give Adam & Eve? (do not eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil) Who came to convince Eve that it was OK to disobey God? (snake, Satan) What did Eve do? (eat the fruit, disobey God) What did Adam do? (eat the fruit, disobey God)

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What did God do after Adam & Eve disobeyed him? (God told them to leave the Garden of Eden) How did Adam & Eve feel? (sad, God was sad too) Does God still love Adam & Eve? (Yes! Even though Adam & Eve did wrong, God loves them very much and has a plan to save them). o Closing Prayer Dear God, Thank you for teaching us how important it is for us to obey you. We know that you love us and will give us everything we need. Help us to obey our mommies and daddies and teachers so that we can learn to do the right thing. Help us to be strong and not listen to others who tell us to disobey. Thank you that you always love us even though we make mistakes. Amen. CRAFT TIME Have the children move to the tables. During the craft, continue to talk about the story. Today the children will make a snake to help them to remember how Adam and Eve disobeyed God and that we should obey. Class Supplies Needed: None Basket Supplies: Snake Craft Kits, Labels 1. 2. 3. 4.

Give each child a craft kit to make a snake. Give each child labels for the snake. Have the children hold up their finished snakes and say: Go away Satan, I will obey God! The children take the craft project home.

PLAYGROUND TIME Take the children outside on the playground to play. CLASSROOM PLAY/GAME Allow the children to play with the classroom toys or play group games until pick up time. - Hide the apple Game or Hot/Cold (Plastic apples will be in the class basket for you to hide in the classroom). Hide one or more apples and let the children try to find them. PICK UP TIME & CHECK-OUT Adult Teachers: Check parent pick up stickers carefully. Thank the children for coming. Be sure the children take home their craft project, coloring pages, and other belongings. NOTE: PLEASE SEND HOME FLYERS. CHILDREN MAY ALSO TAKE ANY UNUSED COLORING PAGES HOME TO WORK ON AT HOME THIS WEEK. 11:00 TEACHERS: PLEASE RETURN SUPPLIES IN CLASS BASKET & TIDY CLASSROOM.

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