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LESSON PLAN– PRESCHOOL & PRE-K “Look, I am setting a plumb line among my people of Israel; I will spare them no longer”. Amos 7:8 March 10, 2019 NORMAL SCHEDULE TODAY: Class Activities for today: - 9:15 Children arrive, Opening Activities 11:00 AM Service - 9:25 Sing Songs 11:10 Sing songs - 9:35 Circle Time/Bible Story 11:20 Circle Time/Bible story - 9:50 Craft 11:35 Craft - 10:10 Playground (If time), 11:55 Playground (if time) TODAY’S GOALS  Learn about the prophet Amos.  Learn a memory verse NEW! “ Rise up and pray.” Luke 22:46. We will do this in music room.  Word for the week: BIBLE. We will do this in music room.  What is a prophet? They are special messengers who give God’s message to his people. God talks directly to the prophets and tells them what is going to happen in the future that hasn’t happened yet!  BE BRAVE TRUST GOD. It is hard to be brave sometimes but if it is the right thing to do or say we need to have courage to speak up and be kind to one another.  What is a plumb line? (A weight that is on the end of a string. It is used to measure if something is straight, like walls and buildings. God uses this as a symbol to show his people that they are not straight. They are crooked. What happens if a wall or building is crooked? It falls over. When people do not listen and obey God’s rules , they will become crooked and bad things will happen. WELCOME CHILDREN  One teacher (or two) will greet each child by name (look at their nametags). Introduce yourselves to the parents.  Confirm each child is in your class (check nametags).  If the child is not in your class grade, direct them to the correct grade classroom  Invite the children to participate in opening activities. **If there is an error on a child’s nametag, please indicate the error on your CLASS ROSTER.** OPENING ACTIVITIES: Amos coloring pages, play dough, MUSIC IN ROOM 109 (Miss Sara) Memory Verse : “Rise up and Pray”. Luke 22:46. Word of the week Bible. Spell it. Who wrote it? How many books? There are 2 sections. Old Testament and New Testament.

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Review of prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel ,Daniel. Isaiah told about the birth of someone very special over 700 years before it really happened! Jeremiah was very young and still brave to give the warning to the people to stop worshipping fake Gods. Ezekiel was so brave to eat the scroll and go to The Valley of the Bones. What did God ask Ezekiel to do to the bones? Talk to them, and then what did God tell him to do? Breathe on the bones. What happened after Ezekiel breathed on the bones? They came to life!!!! And that was God’s message of hope, God would bring his people back to life again and they would be able to return to their home. Daniel had the special gift of dream interpretation. He was a very important ruler in the kingdom. The other rulers became jealous and asked the king to make a new rule. What was the rule? People could only worship the king. Did Daniel obey the new law/rule? No, he kept worshipping only God and prayed 3x a day. What did the king do to Daniel because he did not follow the new law? He threw him in the lions den. Did the lions eat Daniel? No, God sent an angel to the lion’s den and the angel shut all of the lion’s mouths! God kept Daniel safe and the king worshipped God too! Yeah! Whisper around the circle or Simon says. (Lets be special messengers from God! God says tell the people, freeze bones! etc . ) God made me song. CIRCLE TIME: (AFTER MUSIC) -Items to have for Circle Time: Bible, Class Stuffed Animal. Opening prayer: Dear God, Thank you for this day. Help me to listen and obey. Help me to be brave and trust you. Let’s have a great Sunday! Amen -Items to have for Circle Time: Bible, Class Stuffed Animal. -Have the children sit together in a circle. - Read story that is in basket . Amos was a minor prophet in the Old Testament of the Bible. This does not mean he was not as important as the major prophets, it just means this book is shorter than the other major prophets. Big take away: Amos was an ordinary person, he was a shepherd and a fig farmer. (Do you know what a fig is? )God uses all kinds of people, like Jeremiah was very young but God still used him to tell the people God’s messages. Daniel was famous and a ruler in the kingdom but he still only worshipped God. He uses all of us. We each play an important part in God’s world. !!!! CRAFT TIME: A GIFT FROM THE HEAVEN’S ABOVE! NO GLUE, NO GLITTER, NO SHARPIES, NO CUTTING, NO DRAWING!!!! Supplies: Black Chord, pony beads, star cut outs, plumb line (gold spike beads) . Directions: Ea. 1.child receives black cord .2. String star on first. 3. String on gold spike bead that looks like plumb bob (not shown) 4. String pony beads on either side of star. ( I used 34 beads, 17 on ea. side, 5. Tie and voila! Inspirational necklace! Star reads Trust the Lord with all your heart, He will make your path straight”. Other side reads Proverbs 3:5-6. Outside playtime weather permitting . Make sure children are in classroom before pickup. - PICK UP TIME &CHECK-OUT Adult Teachers: Check parent pick up stickers carefully. Thank the children for coming. Be sure the children take home their craft project, coloring pages, and other belongings. 11:00 TEACHERS: PLEASE RETURN SUPPLIES IN CLASS BASKET AND TIDY CLASSROOM. PLEASE MAKE SURE BINS ARE ORGANIZED ACCORDING TO TYPE OF TOY. CARS, LEGOS, ETC.

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