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ROUTE 66 – A ROADTRIP THROUGH 66 BOOKS OF THE BIBLE! “Listen to your father’s advice. Don’t forsake your mother’s teaching. What they teach will be like a beautiful crown on your head and a chain around your neck”. Proverbs 1:8-9

LESSON PLAN– PRESCHOOL & PRE-K February 3,2019 NORMAL SCHEDULE TODAY: Class Activities for today: - 9:15 Children arrive, Opening Activities 11:00 AM Service - 9:25 Sing Songs 11:10 - 9:35 Circle Time/Bible Story 11:20 - 9:50 Craft 11:35 - 10:10Playground (If time), 11:55 (if time) TODAY’S GOALS  Learn about the book of Provebs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs  Learn a memory verse NEW!  Review Job and Psalms, practice our praise meditations.  Receive February prayer chart if not given one yet WELCOME CHILDREN  One teacher (or two) will greet each child by name (look at their nametags). Introduce yourselves to the parents.  Confirm each child is in your class (check nametags).  If the child is not in your class grade, direct them to the correct grade classroom  Invite the children to participate in opening activities. **If there is an error on a child’s nametag, please indicate the error on your CLASS ROSTER.** OPENING ACTIVITIES Coloring sheets, etc. CIRCLE TIME (PLEASE DO CIRCLE TIME BEFORE MUSIC, DO OPENING PRAYER, SHARE TIME, REVIEW JOB, THEN LINE UP FOR MUSIC) -Items to have for Circle Time: Bible, Class Stuffed Animal. Opening prayer: Dear God, Thank you for this day. Help me to listen and obey. Let’s have a great Sunday! Amen NEW: MEMORY VERSE: “Rise up and pray. “ Matthew 22:46. With hand motions ( I will demonstrate!) -Items to have for Circle Time: Bible, Class Stuffed Animal. -Have the children sit together in a circle. Review Job. Last week we learned about a man named Job. He was a good man who always listened and obeyed God. He loved God very much and always praised his name. He lost everything and still praised God, sometimes we just have a bad day. We can learn to praise God in the good times and the bad. What did Job lose? Did his friends and wife encourage Job or did they say he must have done something wrong because God was punishing him? How can we encourage our friends ? What happened to Job after Page 1

everything was taken away? Did he still praise God? How did God reward Job for enduring this trial? Job always trusted God and loved him through his very bad times. Psalms are poems, prayers and songs to God. We can pray and praise God in many different ways. Last week we praised God by being very quiet, still and doing praise postures. SING SONGS ROOM 109 -Story: I will be telling the story this week. I have picked out a few proverbs that we will read. One will include an activity demonstrating using kind words . (cotton balls and styrofoam balls we will distribute to ea child. )I will give different scenarios with kind and unkind words, children will hold up cotton ball or rough Styrofoam ball to determine if the words were kind or not!) Depending on size of classes I will do individual class or combine. The 11 am service I will tell the story after we do music in the same classroom with both groups. CRAFT TIME: We will make paper plate crowns and paper chain necklaces to demonstrate Proverbs 1:8-9. Supplies: Paper plates, stamps, Heart stickers, and jewel stickers, construction paper strips, glue sticks or staples to assemble chain. I used 14 strips to make a necklace. Weather permitting . Make sure children are in classroom before pickup. - PICK UP TIME &CHECK-OUT HAND OUT FEBRUARY PRAYER CHARTS. IF CHILDREN BRING IN THEIR PRAYER CHART FROM JANUARY THEY RECEIVE A PRIZE(PROBABLY CANDY) NOW, SOME CHILDREN WEREN’T HERE FOR JANUARY PRAYER CHART , GIVE PIECE OF CANDY TO EA. CHILD AND JUST ENCOURAGE THEM TO PRAY. Adult Teachers: Check parent pick up stickers carefully. Thank the children for coming. Be sure the children take home their craft project, coloring pages, and other belongings. 11:00 TEACHERS: PLEASE RETURN SUPPLIES IN CLASS BASKET AND TIDY CLASSROOM. PLEASE MAKE SURE BINS ARE ORGANIZED ACCORDING TO TYPE OF TOY. CARS, LEGOS, ETC.

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