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LESSON PLAN – PRESCHOOL & PRE-K October 7, 2018 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Kelly and Renee will not be at Kid Nation today. Please contact Bill Gray with questions or urgent matters. Bill Gray’s speed dial number is 620.

LESSON NOTE Our Bible book for today is Leviticus. However, since the book of Leviticus is too advanced for the preschool and preK classes, these classes will have an alternate lesson from Exodus (the 10 Commandments). NORMAL SCHEDULE TODAY Please meet for choir in Room 102 at approximately 10:10 and 11:10. Class Activities for today: - Children arrive, Opening Activities - Circle Time/Bible Story - Craft - Playground, Classroom Play TODAY’S GOALS  Review Bible Facts.  Hear the story of Moses & The Ten Commandments. (Exodus 19-20)  Learn that we must obey God’s rules. WELCOME CHILDREN  One teacher (or two) will greet each child by name (look at their nametags). Introduce yourselves to the parents.  Confirm each child is in your class (check nametags).  If the child is not in your class grade, direct them to the correct grade classroom  Invite the children to participate in opening activities. **If there is an error on a child’s nametag, please indicate the error on your CLASS ROSTER.** OPENING ACTIVITIES Set out coloring pages and crayons, on the tables. Invite the children to enjoy the opening activities and play with toys as they arrive. JOYFUL NOISE CHOIR 10:10 or 11:10 – Meet in Room 102 for choir with Mary Ann. Page 1

CIRCLE TIME Items to have for Circle Time: Bible, Class Stuffed Animal, Pictures of Signs. Have the children sit together in a circle.  Review  What is this book called (the Bible)  Remember the Bible has lots of little books inside. How many books are in the Bible? (66)  What is the name of the very first book? (Genesis)  We’ve been reading some amazing stories in the Bible together. Who remembers a Bible story we’ve read? (creation, Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Baby Moses)  Rules  Today we will talk about rules. What rules do you have in your house? (children share)  What rules do you have at school? (children share)  Why do we obey rules? (children share)  God wants us to obey rules. When we obey the rules, we show God we love him.  What do these rules tell us? (show the children the picture signs & talk about the what the sign tells us to do).  The Bible tells us about God’s rules. It is important for everyone to read the Bible and come to church to learn about God’s rules. God’s rules are very important and we must obey God.  Moses & The 10 Commandments.  Last week that we learned about Baby Moses. Baby Moses’ story is from the Bible in the book of Exodus. Can you say Exodus? (children repeat) Who remembers the Baby Moses story? (Moses was an Israelite born in Egypt, the Pharaoh was mean and wanted to get rid of all of the Israelite baby boys, Moses mommy wanted to keep him safe so she put him in a basket and floated him down the Nile River, God kept Moses safe).  Moses grew up to be a very important man because he loved God and obeyed God. God made him the leader of all God’s people. Moses led the people out of Egypt when they were in danger and got them to safety. God told Moses to take his people to special new home. They had to walk a long way. They walked around for 40 years! One day they camped near a mountain called Mount Sinai and God gave Moses his special 10 rules. Let’s read the story from the Bible (Read from the Bible in your Class Basket).  Did you hear all the special rules that God gave Moses? They did not have notebook paper like we do today, so God wrote the rules on stone tablets, similar to big flat rocks. God told Moses to go tell all the people about these 10 special rules. Moses obeyed God.  One very special rule on the list is for children: Obey your mommy and daddy. We must choose to obey even if we do not want to or feel like it. When we obey our parents, we are obeying God. How do we obey our parents? (children share) Let’s Review - What was the man’s name in our story today? (Moses). - What did God give Moses on the mountain? (God’s rules). - How many rules did God give Moses? (10). Practice counting to 10. - What did God tell Moses to do with the rules? (tell the people). - What is one special rule for children? (obey parents). - Do we only obey God’s rules when we feel like or want to? (No, we obey always). - Let’s all count to 10 and say, “I will obey God’s 10 rules” (children shout). Page 2

Closing Prayer Dear God, Thank you for giving us rules to obey. Your rules keep us safe and happy. Help me to obey you all the time. Help me to obey my parents every day too. Amen. CRAFT TIME Class Supplies Needed: Crayons, Markers, Glue Sticks Basket Supplies: Mount Sinai Pictures, Moses cut-outs, 10 Commandments cut-outs, green and brown crayons, project labels. TEACHER PREP: Cut out the 10 Commandments stones. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Place crayons, markers, glue sticks on the tables. Give each child a Mount Sinai picture to color. Give each child a Moses cut out to glue on the picture. Give each child the 10 Commandments stones to glue in Moses’ hands. Give each child a project label to stick on the picture. Ask the children how many special rules did God give Moses? (10). The children use a marker to write the number 10 on the stone picture. Teachers help as needed. 7. The children take the craft project home. PLAYGROUND TIME Take the children outside on the playground to play. CLASSROOM PLAYTIME Play class games about following rules: - Mother May I - Red Light/Green Light (no running – children can hop, crawl, jump) PICK UP TIME & CHECK-OUT Adult Teachers: Check parent pick up stickers carefully. Thank the children for coming. Be sure the children take home their craft project, coloring pages, and other belongings.


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