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LESSON PLAN – PRESCHOOL & PRE-K September 23, 2018 JOYFUL NOISE CHOIR SINGS IN WORSHIP TODAY! The children will sing in both the 9:15 and 11:00 worship services today. Your entire class must leave together. Try to encourage all of the children to participate (even if they do not know the song). The congregation loves seeing the children come sing. Children who will not or cannot sing should remain in the Gathering Space with an adult teacher. - Be sure to have all children checked in on your class roster and count how many children you have. Bring your roster with you! - Make sure children who need to use the bathroom, go right away. - Leave your classroom at 9:20 or 11:05. Madison (intern) will stay to inform any late arriving children where to go. Your class must be outside the Sanctuary by 9:35 or 11:15. - Use the stairs to the 3rd floor and wait outside the Sanctuary main doors (look for your Choir Director, Mary Ann). You may use the elevator only if 2 teachers are present in the elevator. - Try to keep the children as quiet as possible outside the Sanctuary while you wait. Bring a short storybook if needed while you wait. - Mary Ann or an usher will let you know when it is time to enter the Sanctuary. Children and teachers should walk to the front chancel area steps. A teacher or 4:10er should lead the children in. - Have fun singing. - After singing, leave the Sanctuary and return to your classroom. - Do a head count and check your roster to make sure you have everyone. - Add in any late arriving children if necessary. TODAY IS A FIRE DRILL  The fire drill will take place at approximate 10:05 and 11:50. When you return from singing, have a short circle time (as time allows).  Be sure you know your evacuation route (posted in your classroom) and the meeting point (check your Class Basket for the map).  Use the green/red card in your Roster Clipboard to signal “all present” (green side) or “problem” (red side).  The fire drill announcement will come through the black phone speakers in your classrooms (listen for Kelly’s voice making the announcement on the black phone). We will NOT activate the building fire alarm or lights.  Ring holders are provided to help line up the children and keep them moving together. Page 1

TODAY’S SCHEDULE (NEW SCHEDULE) 9:00-9:20 10:45-11:05 Children arrive/check-in, Opening Activities 9:20 11:05 Leave classrooms to go to the Sanctuary 9:45-10:05 11:30-11:50 Return to classrooms for Circle Time/Bible Story/Craft 10:05 11:50 Fire Drill (approximate time) 10:10 12:00 Playground, Classroom Playtime A very short lesson and simple craft is provided today due to worship singing and the fire drill. TODAY’S GOALS  Have fun singing in the worship service.  Successful fire drill.  Review: The Bible has 66 books, the first book is Genesis.  Read the story of Abraham with a simple craft. WELCOME CHILDREN  One teacher (or two) will greet each child by name (look at their nametags). Introduce yourselves to the parents.  Confirm each child is in your class (check nametags).  If the child is not in your class grade, direct them to the correct grade classroom  Invite the children to participate in opening activities. **If there is an error on a child’s nametag, please indicate the error on your CLASS ROSTER.** OPENING ACTIVITIES Set out coloring pages and crayons, on the tables. Invite the children to enjoy the opening activities and play with toys as they arrive. **Do not put out too many activities since the class will leave for the Sanctuary at 9:20 or 11:05.** JOYFUL NOISE SINGS IN WORSHIP 9:20 or 11:05 – Leave classrooms to sing in worship services. Return to classrooms after singing. CIRCLE TIME Items to have for Circle Time: Bible, Class Stuffed Animal, Abraham Bible Story Sheets. Have the children sit together in a circle.  Fire Drill Welcome the children and explain that today we will participate in a Fire Drill. Has anyone done a fire drill before? Fire drills help us practice what everyone will do if there’s ever a fire or smoke in the church building. We want to make sure everyone is safe outside. It is very unlikely that we would have a fire at church because we have many responsible adults who know how to use fire safely. We use fire in the church like your parents use fire at home (cooking food in the kitchen or on a grill, candles). The adults at church are very careful when they use fire for all these good things. But, if a fire or smoke becomes unsafe, God wants us to be prepared for an emergency. Here’s how we will practice,

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-We will hear an announcement on the black phone. We will NOT hear a loud alarm or see flashing lights. - We will quickly and quietly stand up and get in a line to walk outside. - We want to all stay together, so we have a special rope with rings so everyone can hold a ring. - We must remember to bring our class pet (stuffed animal) with us too. (Have a 4:10er hold the class stuffed animal.) - We must keep walking, quietly, and quickly to get all the way outside. Then we will stand outside and wait until Ms. Kelly or Ms. Renee tell us it’s okay to come back inside. - Any questions? If time before the drill, continue with the Bible story. 

Bible Story What is this book called (the Bible) Remember the Bible has lots of little books inside. How many books are in the Bible? (66) What is the name of the very first book? (Genesis) We’ve been reading some amazing stories in the Bible together. Who remembers a Bible story we’ve read? (creation, Adam & Eve, Noah) All of these stories come from the book of Genesis. Genesis is the 1st book of the Bible. Today, let’s read another story from Genesis. It’s about a man we call “Father Abraham.” We call him “Father Abraham” because God blessed him with a very big family. (Read the story cards provided) Let’s Review - What was the man’s name in our story today? (Abram, Abraham). - What did God tell Abraham to do? (Look at the stars and count them). - What did God promise Abraham? (that he would have a big family, as many children as stars in the sky). - Did Abraham believe God? (yes). - Did God keep his promise to Abraham? (yes). - God is a very good and looking God. He is our Heavenly Father and we are all his children. God created our world, God gave Adam and Eve a beautiful home, God still loved Adam and Eve after they made a mistake, God took care of Noah and the animals when there was a flood. And now we learn that God keeps his promises and gave Abraham a big family, a very important family. - Let’s all say, “God is good!” (children shout). “God keeps his promises.” (children shout). Closing Prayer Dear God, Thank you for being so good to us, taking care of us, giving us everything we need, and keeping your promises. We learn about your promises in the Bible. Help us to learn more about you every day. Amen.

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CRAFT TIME This is a very simple craft to do if time. If not, you may send the sheet home with the children. Class Supplies Needed: Crayons, Markers Basket Supplies: Abraham cardstock sheets, star stickers 1. Place crayons, markers on the tables. 2. Give each child a cardstock sheet and star stickers. 3. The children color the picture and stick stars in the sky. Have the children count how many stars they put on their pictures. Remind the children that God told Abraham to look up in the sky and count the stars. God promised Abraham that he would have a big family, as many children as stars in the sky. God kept his promise! We call Abraham, “Father Abraham” because he is the father of God’s special family. 4. The children take the craft project home.

PLAYGROUND TIME Take the children outside on the playground to play (if time allows)

PICK UP TIME & CHECK-OUT Adult Teachers: Check parent pick up stickers carefully. Thank the children for coming. Be sure the children take home their craft project, coloring pages, and other belongings. NOTE: PLEASE SEND HOME FLYERS. CHILDREN MAY ALSO TAKE ANY UNUSED COLORING PAGES HOME TO WORK ON AT HOME THIS WEEK. 11:00 TEACHERS: PLEASE RETURN SUPPLIES IN CLASS BASKET & TIDY CLASSROOM.

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