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LifeGroup Questions John 6: More Than Enough 1. Have you ever had an experience where God multiplied your resources to meet a need? Like the ice-cream money or the young boy’s lunch?

2. Dan made a distinction between having compassion and being moved with compassion, how does that distinction work out in your life? Jesus had gut-wrenching compassion that led him to action. When has that happened for you?

3. Where do you wrestle with a mindset of scarcity? What would it look like to live your life and approach your problems and opportunities with an attitude of abundance?

4. A scarcity mindset will blind our eyes and drain our compassion for our neighbors. Have you experienced that? How do we change that? What would it look like in your neighborhood to see and love in a whole new way?

5. In the story who do you identify with best? Philip being tested? The disciples asking Jesus to send people away? The young boy being asked to give up his lunch? Or the crowd wanting a piece of Jesus? Who do you want to be? How do you change that if it needs to be changed?

6. Small acts of generosity can become the seeds of awesome…but we can’t expect all-in benefits with a casual commitment. Where are you hedging on your commitment? What might Jesus be asking you to give him, so that he can multiply?

7. Dan closed the message by talking about the fact that Jesus himself is more than enough. How does that encourage you as you seek to love your neighbors?

8. Finally, how can this story be applied to loving your neighbors?