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CHALLENGE In 2007, Track What Matters was researching technology solutions to enable their GPS-based tracking products. The company was investigating satellite technology as a basis for their products when they were introduced to Enfora.

According to Track What Matters’ CEO, Steven Van Ooyen, using Enfora’s expertise and middleware allowed him to cut development time, giving him an early market advantage, while providing higher margins than would have been available with satellite-based products.

About Track What Matters provides GPS tracking-based services for small-to-medium sized businesses around the world. The company prides itself on developing products that are easy to use and provide the customer with important information about assets and resources to save valuable time and money. BENEFITS OF USING ENFORA Products

“Our partnership with Enfora allowed Track What Matters to shorten our development cycle by at least 6 months” Steven Van Ooyen Chief Executive Officer Track What Matters

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• Shortened development cycle by at least 6 months • Wide range of products for various types of applications – installed, vehicle-powered to batteryoperated • Long battery life on the Spider AT of up to 3 years for specific applications • Higher margins than with a satellite-based product • Broad coverage – assets can be tracked and monitored most anywhere with cellular coverage

Customer Information Track What Matters, LLC Flower Mound, TX www.trackwhatmatters.com


Enfora Solutions Series

Today, the company’s entire product line is built around Enfora’s N4A Communications and Management platform and the Spider® product family.



Transportation/Logistics Enfora Solutions Series


Theft Recovery According to FreightWatch International, truckloads containing $487 million of goods were stolen in the U.S. in 2009, a 67% increase over the $290 million worth of products lost due to theft a year earlier. Track What Matters provides systems that track assets and can assist in the recovery of stolen property. When a customer realized that a trailer was missing, the Track What Matters system was able to follow the trailer’s movement across three states. Because of the real-time data provided by the Track What Matters device installed in the trailer, the customer and local authorities were able to track the trailer to its exact dock bay, even though the license plates had been changed, recovering the trailer and its contents the same day.

Labor Cost Savings and Recovery Time equals money. This adage rings especially true for service organizations, as every call or wasted hour costs precious time and resources. A Texas-based services company estimated its costs at $47 per man-hour. By monitoring the location of its trucks, the company realized that over a short period of time, a 3-person crew had 60 hours of on-the-clock nonproductive hours, costing the company $8,460. Because of the data provided by the Track What Matters system, the owner was able to make the necessary changes to minimize future waste of this sort. A Las Vegas limousine company had Track What Matters develop a special report mapping the location of the opening and closing of the driver and passenger doors. By analyzing this data, the company determined that a specific driver had underreported his fares, pocketing money that rightfully belonged to his employer. Other customers have been able to more accurately identify and dispatch the closest service personnel to make a call, and to make better business decisions to improve employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

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Enfora, a leading provider of intelligent wireless asset management solutions, enables enterprises to access, analyze and leverage information from distributed assets. The N4A Wireless Asset Management Solutions™ consist of edge devices, asset communications and management software, and customization services to provide valuable communications between enterprises and their remote assets.


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