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Wayside Women Services ECHO


Mothers First December 6th, 2018 11:55 am

to the ECHO session

12:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions

12:15 pm

Mothers First, Anne Eichmeyer and Cheryl Hanson

This presentation will describe Mothers First, a Ramsey County Human Services program for pregnant/parenting women at-risk for chemical use during and after their pregnancy. The program’s structure, process, and goals will be described and discussed, with response to questions as time allows. Learning Objectives/Outcomes:    

Attendees will be able to describe the general mission of the Mothers First program Attendees will be able to identify the multidisciplinary team and primary functions of the mothers First professionals Attendees will be able to identify the eligibility criteria for the Mothers First Program Attendees will be able to identify examples of goals a Mothers First client might work toward while in the program

12:40 pm

Questions, contributions, conversation

12:55 pm

Wrap-up Evaluations Attendance/Sign-in reminder Invite Community colleagues to join ECHO Volunteer to present a topic or present a case

1:00 pm

Adjourn Save the date for the next Wayside Women Services ECHO! Thursday, January 3, 2019, 12pm-1pm OutFront MN

Forthcoming WWS ECHO Sessions  January 17 – No Wrong Door  February 7 – State STR Opioid Campaign Update Your ECHO Session ideas are always welcome and encouraged. Please contact Lucia Diaz-French with questions or concerns.

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://echo.zoom.us/j/815234028 Reminders - Please use the chat function and enter your name, organization, professional title and email address – we will use this for attendance purposes. Mute yourself until you need to share with the group. Please mute cell phones and close doors allowing for a distraction free learning environment. HIPAA Compliance – All client health information will be de-identified during the session.

Thank you for using nonstigmatizing language in communicating client status. THIS SESSION MAY BE AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDED. YOUR PARTICIPATION CONFIRMS YOUR CONSENT TO THIS RECORDING – European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, requires that all EU members provide consent prior to recording. Please contact Rebecca Buller if you are an EU member. PLEASE NOTE: IF PARTICIPATING VIA AUDIO, PLEASE ANNOUNCE YOUR NAME AND YOUR LOCATION. THANK YOU.