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Response Due Date: All responses shall be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, August 12, 2013 to: ATTN: Kathy Kim 6053 West Century Boulevard 3rd Floor, 314-J Los Angeles, CA 90045 Or e-mail to: [email protected]

Workforce Scheduling & Management System


Los Angeles World Airports Workforce Scheduling Software Project System Mandatory Requirements Document Introduction The City of Los Angeles (City), Department of Airports, also known as Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), seeks information from qualified firms to provide a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for an enterprise workforce scheduling system. The service must be capable of a full range of enterprise workforce scheduling functionalities. LAWA in its entirety has over 3,500 employees. About 2,000 employees are each assigned a desktop computer to perform daily duties. The other 1,500 employees, primarily public security and safety personnel and maintenance workers, perform work functions in the field and do not have desktop computers assigned to them. If your software meets LAWA’s minimum mandatory requirements and you wish to participate in our software evaluation process, please send an e-mail or letter to the address on the cover page.

1.0 Workforce Environment 1.1 Airport Operations LAWA’s Operations and Emergency Management Group (OEMG) has over 350 employees, under a variety of job classifications. Personnel maintain a presence on a 24-hour/day, 7day/week basis. Specific schedule variations include 5/40 (8 hours per day and 5 days a week); 9/80 (9 days of work for a total of 80 hours per every two week pay period); 10/40 (10 hours per day and 4 days a week); and part time (20 or 32 hours per week). 1.2 Facilities Management Group LAWA’s Facilities Management Group (FMG) has more than 1,500 employees. FMG maintenance personnel work on a 24-hour/day, 7-day/week basis. Collectively, FMG schedule variations include 5/40, 9/80, and 10/40. Other schedule considerations include facility maintenance requirements, facility incidents, labor union contracts, overtime codes, training, certificates, skill sets, and medical limitations. 1.3 Airports Development Group LAWA’s Airports Development Group (ADG) has over 150 employees. LAWA employees are augmented by contracted personnel as needed. While the majority of staff (LAWA and consultants) work on 5/40 and 9/80 schedules, construction management personnel schedules Workforce Scheduling & Management System


typically match those of construction contractors and could be two (2) 10-hour shifts/day, 6 days/week.

1.4 Airport Police LAWA Airport Police Division employs over 1,000 sworn officers, security officers, traffic officers, and administrative personnel. Officers work around a 24/7 schedule, including variations as mentioned above. Other schedule considerations include deployment requirements, security events, union contracts, holiday bonus pay, and various governmental regulations.

2.0 LAWA Desktop Environment The software must be able to operate efficiently on the LAWA technical environment described below: Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows 7 •

Typical desktop computer configuration: Intel Pentium 4-processors, minimum 512 MB RAM

Productivity software: Microsoft Office 2010

Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

LAWA is in the process of refreshing the desktop computer environment with a migration to Microsoft Windows 7 and Intel Core microprocessor based workstations. This desktop and desktop OS refreshing project is expected to be completed in 2015 at the latest.

3.0 Mandatory Functions The software shall have the ability to perform all of the following functions in order to meet the minimum requirements: • • • • • • • • •

Ability to assign shifts based on user-defined codes according to job classification, to comply with policies on variable overtime and bonuses paid. Shift deviations include special overtime, training, holidays, and days off Ability to revise current or future schedules Ability to assign work shifts to individual full and part time employees as well as work teams. Shifts include normal business hours and 24-hour per day/7-day per week schedules, so the system must provide a balanced approach for scheduling 24/7 staff Accommodate split shifts and shifts that cross midnight Ability to run what-if scenarios in scheduling functions Ability to make schedule assignments in consideration with training, certification, and other credentials Ability to assign and schedule next-in-line staff with automatic contact information Ability to set and accommodate consecutive day and shift schedules Ability to accommodate seniority considerations

Workforce Scheduling & Management System


• • • • • •

Access to automated scheduling from a desktop computer Ability to print monthly and daily deployment sheets for posting Ability to allow multiple permission levels Ability to set visual indicators (colors, highlighters, etc.) to differentiate preset schedules and changes Ability to produce reports on labor statistics based on location, project, date and/or time range, incident, etc. Ability to access and annotate information such as absence, attendance, holiday time, tardiness, etc.

4.0 Optional Functions The following functions are desirable, when available without substantial software modification: •

• • • • • • • • •

Ability for entry of employee data to record actual dates and times worked. The Proposer may recommend any variety of devices for the entry of the data, including prox readers/ magnetic cards, use of the existing LAWA identification badge, or keypad entry. Ability to provide dynamic count of staff on duty Production of management reports that display all variances between scheduled and actual time as documented in employee schedules. Notify authorized personnel when time thresholds are met to comply with overtime limitations Manage shift bidding scenarios and shift trades between employees, including automatic updates to schedules Ability to view and edit functions on a smartphone Automatic notification of upcoming certification renewal (i.e., commercial driver’s license or LAWA security badge renewal) Ability to set and maintain minimum daily staffing levels per physical location from available resources, and generate an alert when staffing drops below pre-determined minimum staffing level Allow staff to request vacation time electronically on an hourly, daily, weekly or annual basis and provide date/time stamp on approved requests Ability to make schedule assignments for a subset of employees by language skills that need to be coordinated with flight schedules

Workforce Scheduling & Management System