May 2016 Newsletter FINAL

May 2016 Newsletter FINAL -

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May 2016


Saturday Workshops: May 7, 14, 21, and 28 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. (Call or stop by the office if you wish to register or to get details.)

! Closed: May 30 (Memorial Day) and May 31 (5th lesson day closure) STUDENT SHOWCASE

Once again, the Student Showcase was a great success. Thank you to all of the students who performed and to their families and friends for attending the Showcase and showing their support. We had two separate video contests connected with the April Showcase. The winner of the raffle for posting a performance video on NSM's Facebook page is Andre Muteba. He won one month of free music lessons. The winner of the most viewed video is Sandiv Wijesiriwardane with 444 views of his performance video. He also wins one month of free music lessons. Congratulations to you both!

STUDENT PHOTO DAY Copies of the professional student photos that were taken by Inner Vision Images before and after the Showcase are now available to students and parents of students. If you or your child had a photo taken, please contact the office and we’ll e-mail copies in .jpg format to you. Again, these are free to you as a “thank you” for being a student at NSM.

NSM's 10th ANNIVERSARY & OPEN HOUSE CELEBRATION In April Natomas School of Music celebrated our 10th Anniversary with a week-long Open House party. The festivities included a raffle drawing for four prizes. The winners were Howard Cho (who won two free lessons), Ivy Grace Hacinas (who won two free lessons), Mirina Kushner (who won a professional grade music stand), and Nancy Tran (who won a professional grade music stand). Congratulations!

4440 Duckhorn Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95834 • 916-801-3331 Web: • Facebook:

Do you think your child could use some motivation to practice ? We are now offering The Musical Ladder System. Students will work with their instructor to work their way up the musical ladder system. Their rewards will be different colored wristbands, trophies, and certificates for certain milestones. This new and exciting program is free to all NSM students. To learn more about how the system can help your child to get better grades, improved confidence and self-esteem, please speak with any office staff member or your instructor.

Saturday Workshops The Saturday workshops are an additional musical activity that NSM offers to our students. Students can register to participate in any workshop by purchasing a spot on the schedule through the Administration Office. Also, if a student misses their private lesson for any reason, they may register to participate in a workshop at NO CHARGE. Workshops may be attended to offset missing lessons while on vacation as well.


Welcome to Our Newest Students March Andre guitar Arjun guitar Austin guitar Beth piano Bob bass guitar Chelsie piano Danielle voice Desiree piano Jayna guitar Julia piano Lily piano Malichi drums Michaella piano Mickenzie drums Sanika voice Sophia piano Swetha voice Treypac piano

APRIL Aalaya Piano Allison Piano Andrew Piano Andrew Piano Azaria Piano/Voice Brooklyn Piano Chloe Piano Cynthia Guitar Dylan Guitar Elijah Piano Ella Guitar Emma Piano Esteban Voice Hayden Piano Jason Guitar John Piano Luke Guitar NaeylaMae Piano Natasha Guitar Ria Guitar Riya Voice Sean Drums Sommer Voice Stephnie Voice Taveer Guitar Tyler Drums

Is Your Teacher Sold Out? Some of our teachers have sold-out schedules on certain days and have limited openings on other days. If you need a schedule change, or would like to be added to the waiting list for a particular teacher, please talk to someone in the administrative office or call the school at 916-801-3331.






May 2016 Newsletter

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April 2016 Student Showcase