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Hearing Aid Systems, Inc


FUNNY BONE cheerful heart heart is is good good ““ AA cheerful medicine ...” ...” medicine A funny funny thing thing happened happened on on A the the way way to to better better hearing... hearing...

RIDE RIDE YOUR YOUR BIKE BIKE TO TO WORK? WORK? Mike, Mike, aa colleague, colleague, aa vibrant vibrant go-getter go-getter who who is is both both aa health health and and fitness fitness guru guru and and an an avid avid environmentalist, environmentalist, was was talking talking about about his his participation participation in in last last year’s year’s “National “National Bike Bike to to Work Work Day” Day” (May (May 20th 20th this this year). year). Mike Mike was was enthusiastically enthusiastically going going on on about about both both the the health health and social benefits of riding and social benefits of riding or or walking walking to to work, work, as as opposed opposed to to driving. driving. Another Another colleague, colleague, Thom, Thom, had had joined joined the the conversation conversation just just in in time to hear Mike’s summation of time to hear Mike’s summation of the the reasons reasons why why “National “National Bike Bike to Work Day” is so important to Work Day” is so important to to him. him. Thom, Thom, the the exact exact opposite opposite of of Mike had soda in hand, his Mike had soda in hand, his shirt shirt working working its its way way out out of of his his oversized waistband, chimed oversized waistband, chimed in, in, ”Well, ”Well, II only only work work to to make make aa living, I don’t live to work.” living, I don’t live to work.”

It’s It’s aa Family Family Affair Affair When When hearing hearing loss loss affects affects one one family family loss lossand andthe theperson(s) person(s)speaking speakingto tothem. them. member, member, in in actuality actuality itit affects affects everyone. everyone. That Thatmakes makeshearing hearingloss loss“a “afamily familyaffair”. affair”. How many times do we hear about the How many times do we hear about the ItIt can can be be as as simple simple as as trying trying to to have have aa frustration frustration of of hearing, hearing, but but not not clearly clearly phone phone conversation conversation with with your your son son or or understanding understanding the the words? words? We We actually actually daughter. If you are not hearing them daughter. If you are not hearing them hear hear the the same same complaint complaint from from both both clearly, clearly, the the conversation conversation can can quickly quickly sides: sides: the the individual individual with with the the hearing hearing become aggravating for both sides. become aggravating for both sides. Cont. Cont. pg pg 33

Better Better Hearing Hearing Month Month For For aa Whole Whole Better Better Life Life Cont. Cont. pg pg 22

she she lost lost her her life life for for eight eight years – until 2014, when years – until 2014, when hearing hearing aids aids gave gave itit back back to her. to her.

Confused, Mike queried, Confused, Mike queried, “What’s that got to do with “What’s that got to do with riding riding aa bike to work?” bike to work?”

Finishing Finishing aa big big gulp gulp of of soda, soda, Thom snorted, “Oh! I Thom snorted, “Oh! I thought thought you you were were talking talking about about ‘National ‘National Like to Work Day’!” Like to Work Day’!”

Time Timeto tohave haveyour yourears earschecked, checked, Thom! Thom! At At least least for for wax! wax! How How ‘bout ‘bout you? you? Is Is itit time time to to have have your your ears ears tested? tested? CALL US TODAY! IT MAY BE CALL US TODAY! IT MAY BE JUST WAX. JUST WAX.

In In recognition recognition of of Better Better Hearing Month, this is the Hearing Month, this is the true story of Christine, true story of Christine,

who, who, in in 2006 2006 at at age age 49, 49, gradually started to lose gradually started to lose her hearing. In essence, her hearing. In essence,

In In Christine’s Christine’s own own words: words: “I’d “I’d been been aa professional professional all all my life. Besides modeling, my life. Besides modeling, II also also worked worked as as aa flight flight attendant on a private attendant on a private corporate corporate jet, jet, served served in in aa fine hotel, sold real fine hotel, sold real estate estate and and was was in in the the finance division of a major finance division of a major perfume company. Life perfume company. Life 1 was good. 1 was good.

Better Hearing Month For a Whole Better Life Cont. From pg. 1

hearing was deteriorating, I trusted the wrong people with my money, lost my job, lost my home. I stayed with one friend or relative after another. As my hearing continued to deteriorate, I could not find any work at all. I soon ran through all that I had left. I ran out of options and finally had to live in my car. I was desperate.

Then, about eight years ago, I noticed I was having trouble hearing. At first I was diagnosed with ‘surfer’s ear’ and was told it would clear up. It didn’t. Damage to my hearing is now permanent, 80% in one ear; 90% in the other. I simply cannot even hear people talking. Throughout the time my

Here are a few of Christine’s comments following her hearing aid fitting: “I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. When he fitted the hearing aids and turned them on, I started crying. I could hear the doctor’s voice! I could understand him! It was almost like winning the lottery!

The next day was so wonderful. I took a walk along the ocean, listening to the wind and seagulls for the first time in As for hearing aids? I had no years. I am so happy for what these money to buy them. My self- generous people did for me!” esteem hit bottom.” We understand Christine did find work Fortunately for Christine, she was and was able to get an apartment. directed to a transitional program Once again, Christine says, “Life is for homeless women. Through the good.” organization and the kind assistance of a local hearing aid dispenser who Please keep in mind, donation of your donated his time and professional old hearing aids helps makes stories care, Christine received the hearing like Christine’s possible. Ask us how aids she so desperately needed to YOU can help change a life. Here’s to Better Hearing (Month)! start her life over.

Hey Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! Universally, every child believes that every mother, everywhere, has attended the same “Mother’s School”. It must be true. There can be no other explanation for the “Mother-isms” that every child has heard since time began. These pearls of wisdom have been passed down through the generations, across all continents and cultures. Regardless of what language you first heard them in, I’m sure you all will recognize these: Top Eight All-Time Mother’s Favorites’ 1. “Would you jump off a cliff just because 2

everybody else does?” 2. “It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out.” 3. “You’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached.” 4. “Do you think I was born yesterday?” 5. “Clean up your room! It looks like a tornado came through here!” 6. “Close the door. You weren’t born in a barn!” 7. “Don’t run in the house!” 8. “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

And Boy! Are These Familiar! • “Chew with your mouth closed.” • “Have you brushed your teeth yet today?” • “Don’t make me come in there!” • “Don’t forget your jacket!” • “Take your elbows off the table.” • “Don’t run with scissors in your hand!” • “What. You think we have a money tree in the backyard?” • “There are starving children in China who would love to have this meal!”

Long before you wore hearing aids, your mother wondered if you could hear her. Just like you wondered if your kids could hear you! So, to every mother – and beloved grandmother – we say “thank you!” for repeating, and repeating again, all the phrases that come with mothering, and which have taken us all from childhood to adulthood for generations.

It’s a Family Affair — LOONEY LAW —

Cont. From pg. 1

won’t pick up the words clearly—even with hearing aids. And while hearing technology is constantly improving, there is still no perfection in hearing aids.

In Richmond, VA, it is illegal to toss a coin in any eating establishment to see who will pay for a cup of coffee.

Until that happens, here are some tips to improve communication:

— POTPOURRI — LOL Stories from Moms: My 4-year-old son was cuddling his new puppy and exclaimed, “If I squeezed him as hard as I love him, he’d explode!” Lisa, my 4-year-old daughter, observed, “Is that make-up so you won’t look old? ‘Cause you don’t look old; your face is still straight.” My 3-year-old son and I were talking on the phone but I couldn’t make out all that he was saying. I kept asking, “What?” until finally, exasperated, he said, “Mommy, you’re not listening loud enough!”

— FUN FACTS — In the U.S., Frisbees outsell footballs, baseballs and basketballs combined.

When patients come in for their initial hearing evaluation, they often mention that they struggle with conversations on the phone. At times, this has developed into such a difficult situation that their children just don’t call them anymore. Instead, to avoid frustrating repeats or misunderstanding of information, the kids choose to use text messaging or email to communicate. That’s all fine and good for practical purposes, but we all know that’s not a replacement for a regular or spontaneous conversation with a friend or family member. The phone is one situation, but the more obvious issue is day-today conversations at home. Simple conversations such as, “What time do you want to leave for our appointment?” or, “What do you want for lunch?” may sound like easy things to hear and understand, but often they’re not. The person with the hearing loss is only half the answer to the problem. The person without the loss often believes the common fallacy: if a person is wearing hearing aids, they should be able to hear perfectly!

• Get the attention of the hearing impaired person before you speak to them. • Don’t talk with your mouth covered by your hand, newspaper, coffee cup, etc. • Turn down the TV, radio, or other background sounds before speaking. • Gentlemen: trim or shave your moustache to help the hearingimpaired person in your life read your lips. • Try not to talk with your head in a closet, or from another room or with your back turned to the person who’s hearing-impaired. I know it’s not always possible or easy to remember to follow these procedures. However, if and when you can do these things, it will help to avoid the necessity and exasperation of having to repeat—or asking the speaker to repeat—what’s being said. For more helpful tips to keep your family ties tight, call us today for a complete list.

Don’t we all wish that were true! There are still times when the human ear just

Favorite TV Moms of the Past Answers 1. G — Morticia

7. F — Carol

We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.

2. I — Elyse

8. E — Marge

3. J — June

9. C — Lucy

~ Francis A. Walker

4. A — Marion

10. B — Samantha

5. H — Marie

From pg. 4

6. D — Peggy 3

Hearing Aid Systems, Inc

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Now Now ‘Ear ‘Ear This This from from the the Expert Expert WE WE WANT WANT IT IT ALL! ALL! Many patients Many patients come come in in to to the the Here Here are are some some tips tips to to maximize maximize office office asking asking for for everything. everything. the the power power of of better better hearing. hearing. Small Small hearing hearing aids aids that that no no one one •• Wear Wear the the hearing hearing aids aids from from can can see. see. Completely Completely automatic automatic the time you get up the time you get up until until the the hearing time hearing aids aids that that help help in in every every time you you go go to to bed. bed. situation. situation. Hearing Hearing aids aids that that don’t don’t •• Learn Learn and and understand understand how how need batteries and many other need batteries and many other to use the different to use the different settings settings requests. requests. to to help help in in different different situations situations The fantastic truth is, with the The fantastic truth is, with the •• Always Always keep keep fresh fresh batteries batteries technologies in your hearing aids. technologies that that are are available available in your hearing aids. Keep Keep to us today, we can handle extras to us today, we can handle extras in in your your purse purse or or pocket. almost pocket. almost everything everything that that patients patients ask for from all of the top hearing ask for from all of the top hearing •• Change Change the the wax wax guard guard aid (usually a white aid manufacturers. manufacturers. (usually a white tip tip covering covering the part that goes into the the part that goes into the Another truth is, after we do all Another truth is, after we do all ear canal) often. ear canal) often. the the fitting fitting and and programming programming of of the aids, you have you’re not not hearing hearing clearly, clearly, the aids, you have to to actually actually •• IfIf you’re tell us! We can’t help you wear them to receive the tell us! We can’t help you wear them to receive the if we don’t know you’re benefits they offer. Every week if we don’t know you’re benefits they offer. Every week struggling. struggling. we we have have patients patients who who come come to to the Keep your your scheduled scheduled checkcheckthe office office and and when when we we check check •• Keep up appointments. the “data log”, we find that, on up appointments. the “data log”, we find that, on average, these simple average, they’re they’re only only wearing wearing Following Following these simple their hearing aids a few hours suggestions will give you their hearing aids a few hours suggestions will give you years years aa day. benefits to hear better. Call day. This This can can drive drive spouses spouses of of benefits to hear better. Call us us crazy! “Why did you get them crazy! “Why did you get them today today ifif you you have have stopped stopped using using ifif you’re you’re not not going going to to use use them?” them?” your your hearing hearing aids, aids, or or ifif you you are are they ask. not they ask. not wearing wearing them them every every day, day, all all day long. We can help! day long. We can help! 4 4

FAVORITE FAVORITE TV TV MOMS MOMS OF OF THE THE PAST PAST Match Match These These TV TV Spouses Spouses 1. 1. Gomez Gomez Addams Addams Addams Addams Family Family 2. 2. Steve Steve Keaton Keaton Family Family Ties Ties 3. 3. Ward Ward Cleaver Cleaver Leave Leave itit to to Beaver Beaver 4. 4. Howard Howard Cunningham Cunningham Happy Days Happy Days

Answers Answers on on pg. pg. 33

A. A.Marion Marion B. B. Samantha Samantha C. C. Lucy Lucy D. D. Peggy Peggy E. E. Marge Marge F. F. Carol Carol

5. 5. Frank Frank Barone Barone Everybody Everybody Loves Loves Raymond Raymond

G. G.Morticia Morticia

6. 6. Al Al Bundy Bundy Married Married with with Children Children

I.I. Elyse Elyse

7. 7. Mike Mike Brady Brady Brady Brady Bunch Bunch 8. 8. Homer Homer Simpson Simpson The The Simpsons Simpsons 9. 9. Ricky Ricky Ricardo Ricardo The Lucy The Lucy Show Show 10. 10. Darrin Darrin Stevens Stevens Bewitched Bewitched

H. H. Marie Marie

J. J. June June