May 2016

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Trinity United Methodist Church, Sarasota, FL

May 31, 2016

Trinity UMC Summer Reading Fun Trinity UMC will host a summer reading enrichment opportunity for local children who have completed Kindergarten through 6th grade. The program will begin on Wednesday, June 22 and run through Wednesday, July 27. For an hour and a half, children will be engaged in a variety of reading and reading related exercises including at least thirty minutes of time with a reading partner. Many Trinity folks have responded to be reading partners for the children and donations are being collected. Donation baskets are placed in Haley Hall and we are collecting the following items: 

Art supplies: construction paper, plain paper, markers, colored pencils, play-doh, post-its, index cards (both sizes), yarn, and puppets

Bean bag chairs, large pillows

Healthy snacks, bottled water

Book donations: We do need books –however we are limited on space and choosing the best books can be a challenge. I have encouraged you to look for authors and books your children and grandchildren have enjoyed. If you are in doubt about what to get then maybe you should just go with donating art supplies. We will use picture books and chapter books for kindergarten through 6th grade in mind. We do want to share Bible stories and Biblical concepts with the children( for example, Runaway Bunny is wonderful to share prevenient Grace). We will be trying to encourage reading at home so we will be sending books home with the children. Some suggested authors: Beverly Cleary, Kate DiCamillo, Laura I Wilder, Magic Schoolbus, Pinterest is filled with book lists according to grade levels or ask a children’s librarian.

15 minutes per day of independent reading can = 1,000,000+ words in a year Reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by over 6 points Daily reading to children puts them almost 1 year ahead of those who are not being read to We will begin registering students after June 1st and continue through Vacation Bible School. Please consider those children who would benefit from an opportunity that will encourage them to become better readers or more enthusiastic readers. Susan Royston will be the coordinator for this program, assisted by Ruth Hubbard. Please contact Susan by phone 941-497-0709 or by email: [email protected]

Let’s Read, Trinity!

June Worship Services June Sermon Series: H2O, Help to Overcome

July 3 Independence Weekend

Our June messages come from three of the Bible stories highlighted in this year’s Vacation Bible School, Surf Shack.

Celebration- Combined Service and Meal

Please note the two upcoming combined worship services, June 19 and July 3.

10:00am Combined Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:30am Coffee Time in the Courtyard

Prayers for our Nation, Holy Communion Open to all. June 5

Sermon Title: Praying for those who Govern

Holy Communion at all services


1 Timothy 2:1-4

No Promiseland, children in worship Sermon Title:

A basket on the Nile

Community Meal following the service


Exodus 2:1-10

We’ll supply Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Drinks, Plates and Utensils Bring a large side dish or dessert to share

June 12 Blessing the VBS Volunteers in both worship services Sermon Title:

A boat on the sea


Luke 8:22-25

June 19 - One Combined Worship Service VBS Sunday - Combined Service 9:30am Coffee Time in Haley Hall 10:00am Worship Service in the Sanctuary Surf Shack VBS Celebration Plus blessing all the men and boys in honor of Father’s Day Additional Coffee Time following the service

June 26


Sermon Title:

A Breakfast on the Beach


John 21:1-17

Trinity 101 If you are considering making a public commitment to Christ and the ministries of Trinity United Methodist Church, join us on Thursday, June 9th, 5 pm - 8 pm in Haley Hall for orientation. Please let us know if you will attend so that we have time to prepare materials. Call church office 924-7756, etc. 154 or email [email protected].

PRAYERS…. PRAYER PROMPTORS Please contact the Coordinator, Phyllis Pritchett with any special prayer request. Your request will be relayed through 60 prayer partners. Contact her by cell phone at 356-6943 or email [email protected] Please lift extra prayers for: Eddie Aguilera, Enos Allen, Ken Beck, Arlaine Bower, Bobbie Bruce, Carol Carey, Helen Cihlar, David Cipoletti, Vicki Davis, Gerrie Degrenia, Leah Dukes, Dot Gifford, Flo Goldner, Carol Lee Griffin, Dorothy Kendig, Helen Krotec, Luis Laborde, Revella Lee, Dave Masterson, Maryalice McIntyre, Marilyn Miller, Lois Olmsted, Ruth Payne, Wendall Pritchett, Steven Puhaly, Tom Robertson, Sharon Sanders, Janet Sandman, Harry Shannon, Grace Stimson, Bill Timms, Jack Turgeon, Debbie Utter, Joan Utter, Jerry Voyles, Steve Wicker, Pat Woodyard, Janene Young

Also please pray for our military family: Justin Chivas, Ed Degrenia, Kevin Gifford, Tanner Holly, David Huston, Michele Isbell, Seth Isbell, Brandon Oberkamp, Leo Puhlay, Audrey Santana, Craig Scott, Greg Sutton, John Turley, Aaron Utter, Dylan Youngblood. If you have someone you would like on the Acorn prayer list, or if you wish to be removed, call the church office at 924-7756 or email [email protected]

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1 It’s hard when so many of our beloved friends leave us so close together. Even so, we remain an Easter people, for we have faith in the everlasting promises of Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life. Hold on to hope dear ones, and support one another with your prayers and presence.

Our prayers are with the family and friends of Naomi O’Mahoney who died on May 13th, 2016. Our prayers are with the family and friends of Lois Hopkin who died on May 16, 2016. A Life Celebration Service was held on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at Trinity. Our prayers are with the friends and family of Anna Mae Batch. Anna died on May 16 and a private graveside service was on Monday, May 23rd, at Sarasota Memorial Park. Our prayers are with JoAnn Rall and family on the death of Jack Rall. Jack died on May 11th. A graveside service with military honors took place on May 13, at the National Cemetery. A celebration of life memorial service was at Trinity UMC on Thursday, May 26th. Our prayers are with the family and friends of Dom Monge – A Celebration of Life Service was held at Trinity on Saturday, May 28th. A reception followed in Haley Hall.


Finance Report Finance Team Update Offered by Richard Hicks, Chair of the Finance Team Sunday, May 15, 2016 at both worship services Good Morning! I'm Richard Hicks, and I am the Chair of the Finance Team here at Trinity. The Finance Team is only one of several teams of volunteers and staff whose goal is to diligently assist in administering the business of the church. From time to time, you can expect to hear from each of these teams. Announcements at the beginning of the worship services are one of several ways that your church leadership is reaching out to communicate to you on important matters. Other ways include monthly articles in the Acorn and weekly notes in the church bulletin. So I'm here this morning to provide you with a brief update on the church finances through the first four months of 2016. Some of the information that I'm sharing with you was recently published in the Acorn, and we want to make sure that the information reaches everyone. It is said that you can never communicate too much. We know that you make your best decisions when you have the all of the information, and it is our goal to provide you that. Thank you for your faithful and generous giving, whether it be through your pledged or unpledged offerings placed in the offering plate, the collection boxes in the back of the sanctuary, or some other means. Your tithes and offerings provide the funds to operate the church -- paying the programming expenses, salaries and benefits, insurance, and utilities -- and we are frugal stewards of your gifts. It is important for you to know that year-to-date giving through April totals about $172,000. Our giving exceeds our operating expenses by the thin margin of about $600. The church does have reserve funds, comparable to a household savings account, sufficient to cover any temporary shortfall (should that occur). And like household savings, these reserve funds were gathered in prior years when our income exceeded our expenses. It’s also important for you to know all our bills are paid and up to date. Additionally, you and other saints have blessed Trinity with testamentary gifts (donations made by remembering the church in your will), memorial gifts (donations made in honor of a deceased friend or family member), and other monetary gifts designated for specific uses. It was these designated funds for example, not Sunday offerings to the operating budget, that were used to replace the piano and to provide new pew Bibles and hymnals. A recent Acorn listed many such projects that the Trustees have been able to complete because someone left funds to Trinity earmarked for those purposes. The Trustees dutifully honor those benefactors' requests. Please remember, designated funds are not available to pay church operating expenses. What’s the plan to cover operating expenses? Minor adjustments early can avoid larger corrections later. If you hear the sound of highway lane reflectors thumping under your tires, you probably shouldn't wait to adjust your steering! The Finance Team believes it is prudent to adjust our spending now and to develop a contingency plan in case our expenses at some point exceed our collections. This will help ensure that we can avoid using the church's reserve funds to pay monthly operating expenses, instead of the "rainy day" for which reserve funds are intended. Continued next page


Cont’d Finance Report

United Methodist Women

1. Apportionments: W e are part of a large connection of United Methodist congregations all over the world. We believe we can do more for Christ’s Kingdom together than any congregation can do separately. As such, we pay $4,285 per month for ten months of the year to support district, conference, and denominational mission projects and administrative costs. We will redistribute this expense by making half payments ($2,142 per month) for May- August. The plan is to make full payments again starting in September, fulfilling our obligation by the end of the year.

Trinity UMW ladies participated in a District Baby Shower on May 21st. Our ladies purchased baby items to fill a basket at the event at Grace UMC Venice. The items were given to one of the UMW's Ministries... Cornerstone Family Ministries in Tampa. Over 29 baskets were filled by UMW women from the Southwest District. It was a fun event and I am pleased that our Trinity ladies participated so generously! Margot Stanton, Ginny Lints, Evelyn Miller and I took all the donated items to the event and enjoyed preparing our basket to donate! United Methodist Women are blessed to be in ministry for women, children and youth!

2. Spending: W e are asking the leadership teams at Trinity to identify other spending that could be postponed until later, if necessary. We hope that it does not become necessary to postpone any other spending, as we believe we are already frugal stewards and that any spending reductions would be immediately felt in our congregation and our community. I'm sure you are asking yourself what you can do to help! We simply ask that you continue your regular, faithful and generous giving, even as your summer travel plans may cause you to miss services occasionally, and that you prayerfully consider additional ways in which you can help Trinity fulfill its mission- Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Young Adult Small Group New Small Group Tuesdays at 6:45 pm, Heritage Stage. Modern Lessons from Ancient Men. Contemporary Christians are blessed with the opportunity to learn from thousands of years of human history and struggle. The people of God have been striving to live their lives to the glory of God for millennia, and today we have the opportunity to learn from the failures and success’ of our predecessors. These ancient men have a very modern message for us to hear. 5

UMW Reading Program United Methodist Women who are participating in the Reading Program: Please complete the Blue Reading Program sheet and return to Evelyn Miller (or blue book shelf) on or before Sunday, June 19th. If you need a form, there are some in the bookcase in Haley Hall.

Savanah Grande Savannah Grande continues to have church service, but with a modification. As John Wesley taught us, if they don’t come to church, then the church needs to go to them. With Pru’s continued support we are continuing to minister. I’ve been going in at 7:30 and sitting at tables as they have breakfast and giving a more personal message at each table and group that sits at the table. If you play an instrument, we can get the residents to come and listen to your musical talent. God did NOT give me the music talent! - Hank

Vacation Bible School

Surf Shack! Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Love Dates and Time: June 13 - 17 9am - Noon Ages: 4 - 12

Cost: Free if registered before June 6 online at Surf Shack's energetic, interactive adventures include Bible story fun, creative crafts, hands on serving opportunities, science experiments, and great music. God Creates, Helps, Loves, Calms, and Sends.

Remember that the Lord is great and awesome! (Nehemiah 4:14) Questions? Feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] or call 941-924-7756

VBS After Care Program - are you interested in enrolling your child in an aftercare program until 3:30 pm during the week of VBS? Cost is $100 for the week. Please call church office to be placed on waiting list or register online. A minimum number of children needed to offer program. We will confirm by June 6th. Sunday, June 19th – One Combined Worship Service @ 10 am VBS Celebration Sunday and Father’s Day Join us as our Vacation Bible School Leaders and Children share in song and story about their VBS adventures at the SURF SHACK! Children’s Ministry News: Promiseland continues through June 12. June 19th will be a combined service and the SURF SHACK CELEBRATION in which our kids will give the men in their live – Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, etc. the gift of sharing their VBS experience in the worship service for Father’s Day. Beginning June 27th through Labor Day, our Sizzling Summer Sundays for kids 4 years old through 5th grade will begin. We will be using a video based message with fun summer activities.

One way you can help is to help create a fun beach atmosphere. Let us know if we can borrow or have any of the following items:  Surfboard  beach towels  beach chair  beach umbrella  boogie boards  sea shells  beach toys,  tiki torches (no lighter fluid). Bring to Heritage Hall week before VBS. If you need the item returned, be sure to let us know. 6



This is one of Trinity's Passion Projects. It is our community outreach event to serve the children in our neighborhood elementary school (Phillippi Shores) who are homeless or in great need with the basics to begin the first day of school on an even playing field. This includes a medical exam, dental checkup, vision screening, haircut, photos, gift cards for new clothes and shoes, backpack filled with school supplies, and a bag of personal care items. Trinity will be serving 100 students.

In the courtyard on Sundays and in Haley Hall during the week, you will see a bulletin board suggesting volunteers for each area of our Day of Hope. Your name is probably there you check the board and see where you are being asked to serve? Next to your name, please mark whether you can or cannot serve there.

Our Day of hope also includes a meal for the family, free Bibles and Christian books, a prayer room where prayer warriors bless the children and their families, children's activities, Child IDs, visits with EMT, Firemen and Sheriff, display tables from the library, goodwill, reading programs, and more! Even though August 6th seems far off....we have been busy planning and recruiting volunteers and invitations to the Phillippi Shores families are out. Last year 212 volunteers & professionals served at Trinity's Day of Hope. I am again the volunteer coordinator and am praying that just as many will help this year! There is something everyone can do to help...either before the event or on the day of. Sunday, June 5th there will be a "Where can you serve?" Board in the courtyard which will have the descriptions of all the areas where volunteers are needed. Please check that out and see where you have been asked to serve or to sign up. And say “Yes”! Thank you,

Sherrill Carr, DOH Volunteer Coordinator

Take The Joy Dare - June Use the daily joy dare prompts — to help you count your own One Thousand



Or....maybe you would prefer to serve in another area. Just write your name in that area instead. Don't find your name anywhere???? I try to include everyone, but do miss a name or two sometimes...please forgive me! But we need you!!! Please just put your name wherever you feel led to serve! So what does saying yes involve??? Each area has a brief explanation of what is required to serve in that area, and we will be offering information/training sessions before the event that can help prepare you for serving. But the most important requirement is a smile, a helpful spirit and a love of serving these special children that will come to our campus on August 6th. Thank you for “checking the board”!! And praise God for all the volunteers!

Trinity Passion Projects What is our Mission? What do we do?

Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

What is our Vision? Why do we do what we do?

God is Love. We are called to share that love and the hope we’ve found in Jesus Christ.

How do we accomplish this? Sarasota Passion Projects

Projects Beyond Sarasota

Fish of Sarasota Free transportation to medical appointments

Florida United Methodist Children’s Home Our Easter offering supports ministry with abused and neglected children and teens. FUMCH’s main campuses are in Enterprise and Madison, Florida.

The transformation of the world begins in our own backyard. Neighbor to neighbor with the light and love of Jesus

Gideons of Sarasota Free Bibles in every home In the hands of every person In the language of every person Trinity Preschool Creative, high-quality Christian education for 2-5 year olds. Now registering for the 2016-2017 school year Trinity Scholarships Helping college students fulfill their calling to the common good The Pines Rehab and Senior Care of Sarasota Supporting low income seniors spiritually and emotionally Phillippi Shores Elementary Supporting the faculty, administration, staff, students and their families through: Day of Hope Back to School Event School event sponsorship and event volunteers Faculty/staff appreciation gifts Providing for needy students/families Tutoring for students (reading/math) and their families (ESOL)

The transforming the world also means reaching beyond our neighborhood. We’re especially powerful for God when we join with others.

Connie DiLeo, Missionary Connie was assigned to the Dominican Republic in 2001. There she’s been engaged in a range of ministries from new church starts, to education, to disaster recovery, to community development, to healthcare. Operation Christmas Child In November, we fill boxes with school supplies, hygiene items, and gifts which are used by missionaries to share the gift of Jesus Christ. Pahokee We're honored to partner with this challenged Florida community to build understanding, relationships, and local homes. Come with us on our next trip, June 23-25! Apportionments (Connectional Giving) We join with all the other United Methodist congregations to support international, state, district projects. This is so important; it’s part of our operating budget. Projects include funding colleges and campus ministries, missionaries, camping ministries, and new congregations.

Trinity Groups which support local and out of area mission projects Crop Walk The March walk raises funds for All Faith’s Food Bank here in Sarasota and feeding projects around the world Rummage Sale Team The January sale raises funds for numerous projects United Methodist Women Local projects plus projects in over 100 countries around the world, including school sponsorships for children in the Dominican Republic through COPA 8

Hank Lunsford “LION OF THE YEAR” AWARD TO SARASOTIAN, HANK LUNSFORD Hank Lunsford of the Sarasota Lions Club was awarded LION OF THE YEAR by Florida District 35I Governor John Grear. Lunsford has been the project coordinator for the Sarasota Lions Diabetes and Eye Education and Screening Project for the past 4 years. The Sarasota Club has received the outstanding club award for 3 years by providing free diabetes and eye screening. Sarasota Lions provide free diabetes and eye screening for more than 1,000 each year, in addition to providing eye glasses, collecting used eye glasses and hearing aids. LIONS INTERNATIONAL: The World's Largest Service Club Organization 46,000 clubs and 1.4+ million members make the Lions Club the world's largest service club organization. Also one of the most effective. The members do whatever is needed to help their local communities. Everywhere they work, they make friends. With children who need eyeglasses, with seniors who don’t have enough to eat and with people we may never meet. In 1925 Helen Keller addressed the Lions Clubs International Convention in Cedar Point, Ohio, USA, and challenged Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness." Since then, they have worked tirelessly to aid the blind and visually impaired. Sarasota Lions may be contacted at 941-953-2658 or going to their website: The club meets on the 1st Monday of each month at the Shrine Club on Beneva, and the 3rd Monday of each month at Denny’s on Bee Ridge Road. Please call ahead for schedule changes of meetings.

Cell Phones for Soldiers Cell Phones For Soldiers began in 2004 as the idea of two patriotic kids who wanted to give back to the men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting us each and every day. To date the charity has provided more than 220 million Minutes That Matter to our troops serving around the world, and it continues Helping Heroes Home via emergency funds that so far has assisted more than 2,800 veterans and their families. To date Margot Stanton collected 288 old, broken, unneeded cell phones and delivered them to the cell phones for soldiers office. Just leave your donation in the basket in Haley Hall (under Mission Bulletin Board). They also accept donations of smartphones and tablets. 9

Thank you Notes My sincere thanks for all the prayers and support for the past eight months after my spinal surgery. God bless you all. - Pat Woodyard

These folks came out and served the students of Phillippi Shores at the Spring Fling. What a great time - truly a blessing to serve Phillippi Shores in this way. Margie Aukland, Amanda Dumas, Carol Harris, Phil Harris, Philip Jorgensen, Diane Ladny, John Lopez, Brad Pritchett, Taylor Rader, Melissa Stalo, Susan Stowe, Owen Woodyard, and Pastor Lisa - Buddy Royston.

Trinity Youth We have some awesome events and activities planned for the summer and we would love to reconnect with you! It is a great way to make friends, have fun, and grow with God. Upcoming Events June 3– Laser Tag June 5– Night of Prayer at Trinity for Consecrate Conference June 10– Casey Key Cookout June 12– Small Group 6-8 pm Summer 2016 June 13-17 VBS at Trinity

June 16-18 Consecrate Conference June 23-26 Pahokee Mission Trip

Feel free to contact us!

(330) 466-8507 trinityyou[email protected] Or follow us on: Instagram: @trinityumc_youthsrq

July 8-9 Mystery Trip July 18-23 Warren W. Willis Summer Camp August 6 Day of Hope

From Kayla Wagler - Today I begin my journey as a camp counselor at Warren Willis UM camp, so I will not have phone or Internet access for a large portion of my workday. I am so excited to see where God takes me this summer, and thank you for prayers and support! If you'd like to write me a letter, my address is: Kayla Wagler Summer Leadership Team Warren Willis UM camp 5050 Picciola Rd, Fruit land Park, FL 34731 (Packages are the same, but 4990 instead of 5050)

Pahokee Mission Multi-Generational PAHOKEE Mission Trip: We will be going to Pahokee on 9 am Thursday, June 23rd and returning on Saturday afternoon, June 25th. You are also welcome to come over whenever you wish. It's a 3-hour trip each way. This mission will combine repairs and compassion service in the community. This is Trinity Youth's summer mission trip, with adults going along to set an example.

No special skills are needed. There are SO many things to do in Pahokee, we can find a place for you to serve. We sleep in the educational rooms with couches, sleeping bags, and air mattresses. Meals are prepared in the church's kitchen. Chef Ingrid cooks "heavenly" meals. "Poor" is one word. "Pahokee Poor" has a whole different meaning, even below poverty. You have to walk it to understand "Pahokee Poor". Come and see! If you want to see photos of the last mission trip, send me your e-mail address: [email protected] PLEASE PRAY FOR Glades Area Pantry, school, thrift shop, and church. There was a fire in the building next to them and it has caused their building to be declared structurally unsafe. Pahokee Missions has spent many hours repairing and improving the facility that feeds more than 3,000 individuals each month in Pahokee. 10

June Birthdays

TGIWednesday Summer Dinner Out 5:30 pm*

Elyse Degrenia 6/2 Pauline Everett 6/5 Alex Newsome 6/5 Brad Pritchett 6/5 Carol Willette 6/5 Jacob Zeman 6/5 Christine Ayala 6/6 Gordon Sheldon 6/6 Jake Logan 6/7 Kim Maynard 6/7 Zack Stalo 6/8 Kathy Morse 6/12 Leon Newsome 6/12 Jan Boardman 6/13 Nancy Harter 6/13 Dorothy Capen 6/14 Thomas Easterday 6/15 Owen Woodyard 6/15 Karen McGuirt 6/16 Tony Lewis 6/18 Kevin Wilhelm 6/20 Bob Carr 6/22 Tom Robertson 6/23 Jennifer Means 6/24 Carly Ellsworth 6/26 Mary Lou Schnathmann 6/26 Chuck Swart 6/26 Joan McCaw 6/27 Diane Ladny 6/28 Harry Scott 6/28 Phyllis Turley 6/28 Miriam Williams 6/28 Laurie Ward 6/29 Walter O’Loughlin 6/30

Anniversaries Jerry & Joy Voyles 6/1 Fritz & Joyce Springer 6/3 Leon & Rebecca Milner 6/7 Royce & Evelyn Miller 6/9 Tom & Ruby Welsh 6/17 Steve & Jane Cook 6/20 Nelson & Carole Pearson 6/22 11

Everyone Welcome! During the Summer months, we gather together for Dutch-Treat meals at nearby restaurants at 5:30 - 6:30 pm. *This earlier time enables those wanting to attend TGIW small groups at 7 pm on campus, will have time to do so. Each week will be a different restaurant. Please sign up before noon the Tuesday before, so we can let the restaurant know how many will be attending. The sign up sheet is in Haley Hall or call the church office 924-7756 ext 154. We’ll have a reserved area and a Trinity host will greet you. Everyone orders and pays for their own meal. Schedule will be posted in Haley Hall. Questions? - see Betsy Bundy 366-8470 RESTAURANT SCHEDULE for June: June 1: Demetrios, 4410 S. Tamiami Trail June 8: Walt's Fish Market, 4144 S. Tamiami June 15: Harry’s Sports Grill, 6606 S. Tamiami June 22: New Dynasty, 6131 S. Tamiami Trail June 29: Red Lobster, 6747 S. Tamiami Trail

Food Drive for Pahokee The goal is to take 1,000 cans of food to Pahokee for the Glades Area Food Bank. GAP feeds 3000 individuals each month. Watch for the "BOGO" offers, buy one get one. OR, buy a gift card and we will buy the food for you (prefer Publix to have only one store to go to). Last year's Pahokee 500 can drive netted 800 cans. 1,000 is the new goal. Please bring donations to Haley Hall before June 22nd.

SPRTeam A Letter from Jennifer Means Dearest Trinity Family, God is good. God is very good and alive at Trinity. God is mercy and grace, giving and caring. God is compassion and God is in action through his faithful servants here at Trinity. God has blessed me and my family abundantly through our involvement at Trinity UMC. My husband and I grew up in the Methodist church in Illinois. I have fond memories of VBS, church musicals, youth lock-ins, and canoe trips. We had lost touch with the church when we moved to Florida and were married. It was our desire for our children to experience God’s love through Jesus Christ that brought us to Trinity in 2000. We attended the contemporary service, held at the time in Heritage Hall, and felt at home right away. Soon I became involved with VBS, the preschool, and Wednesday evening programs. My husband connected with other dads in pickup basketball games in the gym. Our family has many treasured friendships made through attending this church. Our children have grown up at Trinity, shepherded by caring leaders and adults who shared God’s love and planted the seeds of faith in their hearts. Several years ago, I felt God’s call to leave a 25 year banking career and was blessed with the opportunity to come on staff. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for the opportunity to grow and serve in this role, and for the support I have received from our Trinity family. As was announced in service on May 22, I will be transitioning out of my staff position as Director of Children and Family Ministry and back into a volunteer role later this summer. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on staff with such amazing, compassionate and capable people as our Pastor and the entire staff at Trinity. These are dear people, as you know, with hearts of gold. Their friendship along with the friendship and support of such a giving group of volunteers has blessed me beyond measure. I am excited to be a part of God’s continuing plans for Trinity. May we have the courage and compassion to share the love of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our world. Together in Christ, Jennifer Means

Staff Parish Update SPRT would like to thank Jennifer for her faithful and effective ministry, especially for the ways she’s bridged the gap between our neighborhood and congregation. We extend our love and blessing to her as she’s now able to focus on her family’s hotel business on Casey Key. Jennifer and her family will continue to worship with us and serve in a volunteer capacity. Staff Parish has decided to combine the part-time Director of Children’s Ministry position with the part-time Director of Youth Ministry position into a full-time Director of Children and Youth Ministry position. Thank you for your prayers as we begin the hiring process. When is Jennifer leaving the position? Jennifer will remain our paid children’s ministry director for the next few months. Her departure date is flexible and will be coordinated with the hiring process. She will be taking some time off in July and August.

How will this change summer children’s ministry plans? All of the summer plans are still in place, including VBS and the new Summer Reading Program. Promiseland continues through June 12. June 19th w ill be a com bined service and the SUR F SHACK CELEBRATION in which our kids will give the men in their lives – Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, etc. the gift of sharing their VBS experience in the worship service for Father’s Day. Beginning June 27th through Labor Day, our Sizzling Summer Sundays for kids 4 years old through 5th grade will begin. We will be using a video based message with fun summer activities. When will you start looking for the new Director of Children and Youth Ministries? We’ve already begun. You can find the advertisement and ministry description on the church website, I have more questions We’re here for you. Feel free to speak with Jennifer, Pastor Lisa, or anyone on SPRT. 12

Our Graduates Name

High School

Future Plans

Anthofer, Chip


University of Florida

Badgley, Josh Hicks, Elizabeth

Riverview Riverview

Florida Southern College

Marks, Hannah


Gulf Coast University

Rader, Ashley


University North Florida

Rader, Taylor


University of Florida

Stelmashenko, Zack


University of Florida

Lewis, Nick


University of Florida

Beattie, Carson


University of Florida

Swank, Hunter


State College of Florida

Univ. South Florida Masters in Hospitality State College of Florida Occupation Therapy degree Univ. Central Florida BS in Health Sciences Univ. Central Florida BS in Chemistry

Hyatt International

COLLEGE Miller, Edwina Milner, Rebecca Newsome, Brittany Newsome, Wesley

Employment in field of degree Graduate school Graduate school

Meet Amanda We welcome Amanda Dumas as our summer youth intern. Amanda attends the University of Central Florida and brings tremendous gifts in the areas of prayer, Biblical insight, and spiritual leadership.


Acolytes and Crucifers:

June 5: 9:00 am: Richard and Susan Hicks 10:30 am: Ethel Paki, Kay Anthofer

June 5: Elizabeth Hicks, Ryan Hicks Crucifer: Marguerite Hankins June 12: Chip Anthofer, Jared Anthofer Crucifer: Owen Woodyard

June 12: 9:00 am: Mark and Julie Calmes 10:30 am: Betsy Bundy, Sandy Thayer

June 19: Addisyn Schwied, Maren Schwied Crucifer:

June 19: 9:00 am: Henry and Revella Lee 10:30 am: Pauline Everett, Patricia Hunte

June 26: Joey Tippen, Jordan Means Crucifer: Marguerite Hankins

June 26: 9:00 am: Don and Ginny Lints 10:30 am: Anne Riviere, Carol Swart

CENTER June 5: 9:00 am: Buddy Royston 10:30 am: Becky Carlin June 12: 9:00 am: 10:30 am:

Buddy Royston Barbara Hunt

June 19: 9:00 am: Need Host 10:30 am: Steve and Jane Cook June 26: 9:00 am: Need Host 10:30 am: Ethel Paki

Sanctuary Teams:

Coordinator: Barbara Smith 351-4219 June 2: Steve Cook, Ethel Paki Sharon Sanders, Barbara Smith June 9: Ann Riviere, Barbara Smith Diane Freestone June 16: Karen McGuirt, Barbara Smith, Pru Beishline June 23: Charlotte Bryner, Ginny Lints, Margot Stanton, Barbara Smith

June Communion Preparation: 9:00 am Service: Mary Raymond 10:30 am: Tom and Jan Robertson

Liturgist: Diane Freestone

How Can I Serve..... Serve Communion? (9am or 10:30am); Bring in the Cross (10:30am); Give Announcements? (9am or 10:30 am); Hand out Bulletins?; Coffee Hour Host?... Put a note on your Communication Card or email [email protected] We will put you in touch with someone who will train you.


June 2016 SUN







Every Sunday: 9:00 am & 10:30 am Worship

Every Monday:

Every Tuesday

Every Wednesday: 8:00 am: 40 minutes of hymns, a devotion and communion in the Sanctuary

Every Thursday:

(Other weekly small groups available -

11 am: Pastor’s Bible Study and Soup lunch in Haley

10:00 am Al Anon, Mary Hill Room

Every Friday: 8:00 am Breakfast Group at Tasty Home Cookin’

5:15 pm Kidz Chorus

6:30 pm Chancel Choir

9:00 am & 10:30 am Adult Small Groups

8 am Prayer Group, Sanctuary

6:00 am Breakfast Group at Denny’s

8:45 am Gentle Yoga, Heritage

Nursery Hours 9 -11:30 a.m. Kids Promiseland 9 - 10:15 a.m. Kidzone 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Middle School 10:30 am Youth Small Group 6 - 7:30 pm

6:45 pm Young Adults Small Group

9:00 am Trinity Vocal Band

5:30 pm TGIW Dinner 7:00 pm

10:15 am Program Staff

7 pm ESOL Class

8 am Communion 11 am Pastor’s Bible Study/Lunch 5:15 pm Kidz Chorus 5:30 pm TGIW Dinner Out Demetrio’s 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm x-Claim! Rehearsals



9:00 am XClaim! Contemporary Worship 10:30 am Traditional Worship

10 am - 4 pm VBS Decorating team

6 pm Trustees

2-4pm Graduation Party Open House, Haley 6 pm Night of Prayer

6:45 pm Young Adults Small Group

7 pm DOH Team Leaders Meeting, Haley Hall



12 9:00 am XClaim! Contemporary Worship 10:30 am Traditional Worship 12:30 VBS Decorating 6pm Youth Group


6:45 pm Young Adults Small Group

20 12 noon: Women’s Lunch Lift, Hillview Grill

6pm Youth Group





6:45 pm Young Adults Small Group




15 8 am Communion


VBS Decorating Team

2 pm Daniel Plan

5 pm Trinity 101 6:30 pm VBS Decorating Team 6:30 pm Choir 17

18 8:30 am Roll-Up-YourSleeves

2 pm Daniel Plan 6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal



29 ACORN Published


9:30 am Arts & Crafts Group, Haley

8 am Communion 11 am Pastor’s Bible Study/Lunch 1 pm Summer Reading Fun 5:30 pm: TGIW Dinner Out Red Lobster 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm x-Claim! Rehearsals

5:30 pm Finance Team

3 Last Day of School

6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

22 8 am Communion 11 am Pastor’s Bible Study/Lunch 1 pm Summer Reading Fun 5:30 pm: TGIW Dinner Out New Dynasty 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm x-Claim! Rehearsals


for more information.)

2 pm Daniel Plan

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - 6/13 - 6/17 9 am - 12 noon

6:30 pm Preschool Board 6:45 pm Young Adults Small Group

9:00 am XClaim! Contemporary Worship 10:30 am Traditional Worship 4 pm Leadership Council 6pm Youth Group


8 8 am Communion 11 am Pastor’s Bible Study/Lunch 5:15 pm Kidz Chorus 5:30 pm TGIW Dinner Out Walt’s Fish Market 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm x-Claim! Rehearsals

11 am Pastor’s Bible Study 5:30 pm: TGIW Dinner Out Harry’s Sports Bar & Grill 7:00 pm ESOL class 7:00 pm x-Claim! Rehearsals

11am Book Study at Der Dutchman Sun Porch Church Office Closed

X-Claim Rehearsal


5 Communion

9:00 am Sanctuary Team



2 pm Daniel Plan 6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

PAHOKEE Summer Mission Trip

Trinity United Methodist Church

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Tuesday Prayer Group 8 am in the Sanctuary Wednesday Communion: 8 am in the Sanctuary Trinity UMC Sarasota

Pastor: Rev. Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia Traditional Worship Director: LaTerry Butler Director Community Connection: Buddy Royston Children/Family Ministry Director: Jennifer Means Youth Ministry Director: Laura Gehman Director of X-Claim!: Jan Potter Director Congregational Care: Tammy Barnett Custodial Staff: Barbara Smith, Wendall Pritchett

Director Technical Arts: Leon Milner Childcare Coordinator: Rebecca Milner Kid Zone: Marci Chambless Preschool Director: Pam Rader Preschool Teachers: Glenna Schrock, Wanda Butler Business Administration: Shona Burtner Secretary: Karen Remfrey

The Mission of Trinity United Methodist Church: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS Monday thru Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Closed Friday