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Grace Point Church

May 1, 2018

Children’s Ministry Newsletter Spring Musical: Danny & the Shacks

Mark your calendars for our Spring Musical performance on Sunday Night at 5:30pm on May 6th. Bring a friend!

VBS: Shipwrecked

“It’s Just a Phase, So Don’t Miss It!” School is a crisis. Your now-elementary-school kid is adjusting to big changes, whether it’s bus rides or lunch lines or new routines. But the stress of change can also be a platform for discovery and growth. The way you answer their questions, listen to their stories, and show up consistently will help them improve their abilities. Registration is now open for our VBS on June 25th-29th. Parents download registration forms online or pick them up at KidsPoint. Children must be 4 years old by June 25th. Invite a friend & experience the best week of the summer!

Early Childhood, KidsPoint & Ignite


Grace Point Church

Check It Out: New Themes for Early Childhood, KidsPoint & Ignite

May 1, 2018

How To Widen Your Family Circle Sometimes it takes another voice to say the same things you are saying to your kids about the most important things in life - just in a different way.

That’s what we call “widening the circle”. Acknowledge Who’s Already There Ask yourself this question: If my child won’t/can’t talk with me about something, which adult in their lives would they go to that represents our same family values?

Early Childhood This month, we teach our preschoolers that God has a plan for them. And that God’s plan is always best!

Invite Others Into Your Circle Think about additional people to add to your support system. Inviting someone to be in your circle is as simple as inviting them to be part of your family’s life. Encourage Those In Your Circle What’s one thing you can do to support or encourage each person in your child’s circle?

KidsPoint & Ignite God wants what is best for us. He has called us His children, and given us great things. Because we know that God is good, WE CAN BE HONEST. Lying and cheating are a response to fear. They are what people do if they think no one else will take care of them. But when you trust in God, when you know His love, you have a different response. You can be truthful. Early Childhood, KidsPoint & Ignite