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McHenry Junior Warriors Cheer & Dance PO Box 1503, McHenry, IL 60051

MJW is very excited to announce that we will be choosing to participate in the following Cheer/Pom Competitions:  March 12, 2017 Spring Ahead – Dundee Crown High School, Carpentersville  April 15, 2017 Spring Break – Jacobs High School, Algonquin  April 23, 2017 Cheer Madness – Oswego East High School, Oswego (competitions are not scheduled over Spring Break) You must be available to compete in all competitions. You are not able to compete in only one competition. Practices will be scheduled between January 9th – April 23rd and can be up to 9 hours per week. Practices will be scheduled for any day of the week or weekend (including Saturday and Sunday). Times, days and locations for these practices may change due to limited indoor space availability. All practices are considered closed door. Attendance is crucial for the safety of all athletes, Coaches and Directors. By completing the online registration you are agreeing to this Competition Agreement, you agree to the MJW practice policy as outlined in the Athlete Code of Conduct. The Squad Director and MJW Executive Board have the right to dismiss any athlete (without refund) from MJW for repeated tardiness and/or absences from practices. Ample notice is provided for competition dates to ensure a commitment is made and vacations are not planned during the competition season. All athletes are held responsible for ensuring that they have their complete uniform and/or costume including but not limited to bows, socks, shoes and poms on competition day. By signing below you agree to follow the MJW competition agreement. __________________________________ Athlete Name

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