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Subject: Ellis Family Furlough Update Merry Christmas! Keep reading to see where we will be next and about the adventures we've had so far while being back in the US!

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Merry Christmas from the USA! December 2015

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Furlough Update We have so much to share with you about how God is working in our lives. We have been back in the US for just over two months, and it has been a whirlwind of activity. Vacation We enjoyed a couple of weeks of vacation in New Zealand on our way back to the States, which allowed us to rest and just have fun as a family before hitting the ground running. There was plenty of hiking, ziplinig, sheep, caving, adventures, and even some shopping. We even met a family that will be in PNG when we return! We are so grateful for the opportunity to see this beautiful country. (Click on the link to see a few pictures) Furlough Activities We have had a very busy time since we landed in the US and have enjoyed reconnecting with many of you. We spent several days in Snellville which included reconnecting with many of you and getting braces for Bekah. Tim & Tara enjoyed being on the team for the Check-IT-Out conference at JAARS in Waxhaw, NC. We attended a reentry seminar called Wycliffe Connect in Orlando. Tara completed her MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) certification. We've shared at several churches and just recently returned from a week visiting Tim's family in

South Carolina. Urbana15 After Christmas Tim & Tara will be headed to St. Louis to join the Wycliffe team for Urbana15! Urbana

is one of the largest student missions conferences in the world and is held every three years. Since 1946, Urbana has been a catalytic event that brings together a diverse mix of college and graduate students, faculty, recent graduates, pastors, church and ministry leaders, and exhibitors. We are looking forward to sharing about Bible Translation and God's work in PNG with thousands of students from the US and Canada. Where is Home?

We have been so thankful for the home that we've been able to stay at in Plant City, Florida, during the first part of our furlough. We've enjoyed having grandparents close by. The kids are thoroughly spoiled rotten! We have enjoyed the warm weather and all the fun at Christmas of living in a "small" town. On January 4th, we will move to our home in Snellville. The renters moved out at the end of November leaving a LOT of work to be done. We are so thankful for our friends who have come together to get the house ready for us to move into! We will be in Snellville until the first of July. The kids will be homeschooled and attending additional classes at Summit Academy and Scholar's Guild. They are looking forward to reacquainting with their friends and making new friends.

Thankfulness! 

For the first time the people of the Middle Watut Language in Papua New Guinea will be able to read the Story of Christmas in their language!

  

A relaxing and enjoyable time in New Zealand! A place to call home while we are in Plant City!

  

So many people have come together to furnish and prepare our house in Snellville for our arrival. We are humbled and stand in amazement at the people that have been God's hands and feet for us! Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family. And enjoying the incredible food prepared by Tara's cousins was a nice bonus! A chance to share with so many people in the short time we've been home. Andrew's broken arm healed beautifully. The cast came off our first day back in the States, much to his relief!

Prayer Points 

 

Tim injured his back last week. We are thankful for the Urgent Care facility that was able to see him Friday to get him some medicines. We are seeing some improvement. Please pray for complete healing. We will be travelling on Saturday, December 26th to St. Louis. Urbana15! Pray for the many logistics that need to come together. Pray for the hearts of the thousands of people that will be attending. Pray for us as we pack up our house before we leave for Urbana. Although we've

  

done far bigger moves, this one is just a bit more stressful. Bekah started Phase I of braces just a few days after we returned. She is doing great so far. Pray we will be able to finish Phase I before returning to PNG. Continue to pray for transition and good friendships for all of us during our furlough. Now that we are back in the States, our cost of living is much higher. We have a lot of one-time costs, too. We need additional monthly and one-time support while we are here. We have several medical appointments and visits that we need to schedule. Even with our insurance, we are going to have some pretty steep medical costs while we are home on furlough.

Practical Helps These are a few ways that you can assist us practically as we our back in the US. We'll update this need as we go along. 

The renters in our house in Snellville moved out at the end of November. The house work before we move in and additional work before we leave. If you can help, let us know. The immediate need is for a washing machine and an electric range to replace the damaged ones. We need to sit down with a financial and tax advisor. Do you know someone that would be willing to meet with us?

Calendar Here is a list of where we'll be over the next few months. We'd love to meet with you over coffee or share with your small group or church. Contact us at [email protected]. 2015 Dec 27- January 1- URBANA '15 in St. Louis, Missouri 2016 January- speaking in various classes at FBC Snellville February 7- Destiny Church, Mauldin, South Carolina February 7-12- Global Focus Week at Liberty University February 21- Hopewell Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA March 4-5 - Check-IT-Out Conference at JAARS in Waxhaw, NC

New Zealand We were so blessed to be able to enjoy free lodging and a reliable, inexpensive rental vehicle while in New Zealand. We used the money saved to do some fun adventures as a family. It was a bit chilly during our time there, but it didn't prevent us from having a great vacation. We enjoyed ziplining, visiting Hobbiton, visiting Narnia (aka Cathedral Cove), playing with sheep, and making new friends!

Furlough Pictures Our time in Florida has given us the opportunity to do things we don't normally get to do. Here are just a few shots of what we've been doing.

Click here to watch the video about our ministry in PNG.

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